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As Once the Winged Energy of Delight
Rainer Maria Rilke
As once the winged energy of delight carried you over childhood's dark abysses, now beyond your own life build the great arch of unimagined bridges...Rate it:

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A Love For Winged Things.
Victor-Marie Hugo
[XXXVII., April 12, 1840.] My love flowed e'er for things with wings. When boy I sought for forest fowl, And caged them in rude rushes' mes...Rate it:

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All Winged Creatures I Have Loved
Victor Marie Hugo
All the winged creatures I have loved! And when, a child, I 'neath the thicket roved, I from their nests the little birds conveyed— At first, of re...Rate it:

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Light-Winged Smoke
Henry David Thoreau
LIGHT-WINGED Smoke, Icarian bird, Melting thy pinions in thy upward flight, Lark without song, and the messenger of dawn, Circling above the hamlet...Rate it:

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Love Is Winged For Two
George Meredith
Love is winged for two, In the worst he weathers, When their hearts are tied; But if they divide, O too true! Cracks a globe, and feathers, feather...Rate it:

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Sonnet XXV: Winged Hours
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Each hour until we meet is as a bird That wings from far his gradual way along The rustling covert of my soul,—his song Still loudlier trilled thro...Rate it:

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The Plight Of The Four Winged Canvas
Nikhil Parekh
The painted strand of fiber is held rigid, as its variegated counterpart clings to the air, the cocoon of sapphire mist encroaches upon, the sun...Rate it:

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The Winged Mariners
Ada Cambridge
Through the wild night, the silence and the dark, Through league on league of the uncharted sky, Lonelier than dove of fable from its ark, The fiel...Rate it:

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What the Gray-Winged Fairy Said
Vachel Lindsay
The moon's a gong, hung in the wild, Whose song the fays hold dear. Of course you do not hear it, child. It takes a FAIRY ear. The full moon is a ...Rate it:

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Winged Man
Stephen Vincent Benet
The moon, a sweeping scimitar, dipped in the stormy straits, The dawn, a crimson cataract, burst through the eastern gates, The cliffs were robed...Rate it:

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Winged Words
Robert Crawford
The winged words, they pass Still everywhere, Seeds of the spirit-grass The dream-winds bear From that heart-field to this, Wh...Rate it:

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