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Henry Clay Work
so one day, Bill took his colt named Lilly Willy Woken, And whipp'd him till his stubborn will And Rate it:

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Willy Wet-Leg
David Herbert Lawrence
I can’t stand Willy Wet-Leg, Can’t stand him at any price. He’s resigned, and when you hit him he lets you hit him twice. Rate it:

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The Grandmother
Alfred Lord Tennyson
I. And Willy, my eldest-born, is gone, you say, little Anne? Ruddy and white, and strong on his legs, he looks like a man. And Willy's wife has wri...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
been sich a help; she 'as indeed. Some more tea, Willy? 'Ave another cup.' Willy! O 'ell! 'Ere wuRate it:

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Coptic Song
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
less silly! Play then the fool with the fool, willy-nilly,-- Children of wisdom,--remember the worRate it:

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Rose The Red And White Lily
Andrew Lang
frae ony town; And the tane o them hight Sweet Willy, And the tither o them Roge the Roun. BetweenRate it:

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Willie and Helen
Hew Ainslie
bright, An' to busk ye like a leddy.' 'O Willy, I can caird an' spin, Se ne'er can want fRate it:

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Alphabet Poem
Edward Lear
a little iguana, Igy, Wigy, Ligy, Igy, Silly willy, Little iguana! J was once a little juke box, BRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the speech with phrases frilly, Trouncing foemen willy nilly, Waving arms, gesticulations, PosturinRate it:

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A Nervous Governor-General
Andrew Barton Paterson
waked in the dead of night From Melbourne to go willy-nilly, To live in the Federal Capital site Rate it:

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Anglicised Utopia
William Schwenck Gilbert
city we have beautified - we've done it willy-nilly - And all that isn't Belgrave Square is Strand Rate it:

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Galloping Horses
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
they seek it for profit or pleasure, They all, willy-nilly, must dance to the measure. The mood ofRate it:

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Girls Spinning
Padraic Colum
that sings upon the tree, And here's to the willy-wagtail that goes the road with me! Here's a healRate it:

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Hawk And Buckle
Robert Graves
the ostler of old Hawk and Buckle, And what of Willy Jakeman this hot summer weather? He is rubbingRate it:

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Charles Lamb
the sad day I lost my mother, Is nursing her own Willy boy, My little orphan brother. Rate it:

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George Wither
into air, Leaving it unblemished fair? So, my Willy, shall it be With Detraction's breath on thee: Rate it:

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Romance Moderne
William Carlos Williams
out--agh. Love you? It's a fire in the blood, willy-nilly! It's the sun coming up in the morninRate it:

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The Loehrs And The Hammonds
James Whitcomb Riley
an' Jake wuz there Both in the wagon;--yes, an' Willy, too; An' Mary--Yes, an' Edith--with bran-newRate it:

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The Mellowing Of Joe
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the bellows of his following, While the howls of Willy Kelly smite his ear, While the Fusion in conRate it:

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The Shepheardes Calender: August
Edmund Spenser
August: Ægloga Octaua. Willye. Perigot. Cuddie. Willye. Ell me Perigot, what shalbe the game, Wherefore with myne thou dare thy musick matche? O...Rate it:

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The Song Of The Banjo
Rudyard Kipling
the rear-guard to a walk! With my "~Pilly-willy-winky-winky popp!~" [Oh, it's any tune thaRate it:

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