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Veronica's Napkin
William Butler Yeats
THE Heavenly Circuit; Berenice's Hair; Tent-pole of Eden; the tent's drapery; Symbolical glory of thc earth and air! The Father and His angelic hie...Rate it:

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Fair Annie
Andrew Lang
'It's narrow, narrow, make your bed, And learn to lie your lane: For I'm ga'n oer the sea, Fair Annie, A braw bride to bring hame. Wi her I will ge...Rate it:

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Fair Elanor
William Blake
The bell struck one, and shook the silent tower; The graves give up their dead: fair Elenor Walk'd by the castle gate, and lookèd in. A hollow groa...Rate it:

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The Broomfield Hill
Andrew Lang
There was a knight and lady bright Set trysts amo the broom, The one to come at morning eav, The other at afternoon. 'I'll wager a wager wi' you,'...Rate it:

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From “Torrismond” - In A Garden By Moonlight
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
Veronica. COME then, a song; a winding gentle song, To lead me into sleep. Let it be low As zephyr, telling secrets to his rose, For I would ...Rate it:

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In London
Dora Wilcox
When I look out on London's teeming streets, On grim grey houses, and on leaden skies, My courage fails me, and my heart grows sick, And I remem...Rate it:

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The Deserted
Katharine Tynan
Thou Who wert kindest of the kind -- Since out of sight is out of mind -- There's none to do Thee kindnesses In Thy last anguish and distress. Thou...Rate it:

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Henry David Thoreau
Low-anchored cloud, Newfoundland air, Fountain head and source of rivers, Dew-cloth, dream drapery, And napkin spread by fays; Drifting meadow...Rate it:

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Easter Even
Christina Georgina Rossetti
There is nothing more that they can do For all their rage and boast; Caiaphas with his blaspheming crew, Herod with his host, Pontius Pilate in hi...Rate it:

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Boris Pasternak
A ghost is roaming through the building, And shadows in the attic browse; Persistently intent on mischief A goblin roams about the house. He gets ...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
DREAMS. What is a dream ? that transient power That cometh near the midnight hour To carry me to pastures new And bid my anxious fears adieu. To ...Rate it:

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Black Slippers: Bellotti
Ezra Pound
At the table beyond us With her little suede slippers off, With her white-stocking'd feet Carefully kept from the floor by a napkin, She converses:...Rate it:

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A Lay of St. Nicholas
Richard Harris Barham
'Statim sacerdoti apparuit diabolus in specie puellæ pulchritudinis miræ, et ecce Divus, fide catholica et cruce et aqua benedicta armatus, venit, ...Rate it:

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A Lover's Complaint
William Shakespeare
FROM off a hill whose concave womb reworded A plaintful story from a sistering vale, My spirits to attend this double voice accorded, ...Rate it:

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Audley Court
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Audley Court ‘The Bull, the Fleece are cramm’d, and not a room For love or money. Let us picnic there At Audley Court.’ I spoke, while Audley fe...Rate it:

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Clerk Saunders
Andrew Lang
Clerk Saunders and may Margaret Walked ower yon garden green; And sad and heavy was the love That fell thir twa between. 'A bed, a bed,' Clerk Sau...Rate it:

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Immaculate Tie
Nikhil Parekh
It dangled freely from my collar; gently caressing my belly as it cascaded down, It fluttered vivaciously in the rustic breeze; voluptuously tingl...Rate it:

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Jackaw of Rheims, The
Richard Harris Barham
The Jackdaw sat on the Cardinal's chair! Bishop, and abbot, and prior were there; Many a monk, and many a friar, Many a knight, and many a squire, ...Rate it:

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Low-Anchored Cloud
Henry David Thoreau
Low-anchored cloud, Newfoundland air, Fountain-head and source of rivers, Dew-cloth, dream-drapery, And napkin spread by fays; Drifting meadow...Rate it:

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Marching Song
Robert Louis Stevenson
Bring the comb and play upon it! Marching, here we come! Willie cocks his highland bonnet, Johnnie beats the drum. Mary Jane commands the part...Rate it:

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Morituri Salutamus: Poem for the Fiftieth Anniversary of th
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Tempora labuntur, tacitisque senescimus annis, Et fugiunt freno non remorante dies. Ovid, Fastorum, Lib. vi. "O Cæsar, we who are abo...Rate it:

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Noonday Grace
John Crowe Ransom
MY good old father tucked his head, (His face the color of gingerbread) Over the table my mother had spread, And folded his leathery hands and said...Rate it:

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On The Steamer
Boris Pasternak
The stir of leaves, the chilly morning air Were like delirium; half awake Jaws clamped; the dawn beyond the Kama glared Blue, as the plumage of ...Rate it:

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William Ernest Henley
You are carried in a basket, Like a carcase from the shambles, To the theatre, a cockpit Where they stretch you on a table. Then they bid you clos...Rate it:

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Elizabeth Daryush
Through the open French window the warm sun Lights up the polished breakfast-table, laid Round a bowl of crimson roses, for one - A service of Worc...Rate it:

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