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Adam Lindsay Gordon
so soon, Must you travel unassoiled and, aye, unshriven, With the blood stain on your hand, and theRate it:

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Ave Maria
Alfred Austin
land it hath wondrous fame, And it bears the unshriven idiot's name, Ave Maria. Hunchbacked, gibbeRate it:

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Ballade Against The Jesuits
Andrew Lang
hall - Thou keeper of the courts of souls unshriven! To shun thy shafts, to 'scape thy hellish thraRate it:

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Charles Stuart Calverley
all forgot! 85 If his own grandmother had died unshriven, 86 In two short seconds he'd haveRate it:

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Cathair Fhargus
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
midnight psalm Chant over one, who passed away unshriven. 'I am the Resurrection and the Life.',Rate it:

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From an Outpost
Leslie Coulson
Somerset and Sussex way. But though my bones, unshriven, rot In some far distant alien spot, whaRate it:

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I think just how my shape will rise
Emily Dickinson
my long bright—and longer—trust— I drop my Heart—unshriven! Rate it:

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The Dread Voyage
William Wilfred Campbell
outdriven, 30 Fateless, friendless, dread, unshriven, 31 For some race-doom unforgiven, 32 Rate it:

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The Harpy
Robert William Service
loathed jade, I ply my trade, unhallowed and unshriven. I paint my cheeks, for they are white, andRate it:

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The Massacre of the Bards
Mary Hannay Foott
Edward's godless minions poured The blood of the unshriven! - - - - - - Ill fare we when the treeRate it:

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The Scapegoat
Andrew Barton Paterson
on his back: Of thirst let him perish alone and unshriven, For thus shall your sins be absolved aRate it:

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Wanderers Lost
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
waiting women, 'tis vain to pray! We dies unshriven, as rovers die, And no man knows where our whitRate it:

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