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Evening Song
Jean Toomer
of my heart, Lakes and moon and fires, Cloine tires, Holding her lips apart. Promises of slumber lRate it:

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Ode to Duty
William Wordsworth
of thought. Me this uncharter'd freedom tires; I feel the weight of chance-desires; My hopes no Rate it:

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A Death-Bed
Rudyard Kipling
weak! " [Let him write what he wishes to say. It tires him out if he tries to speak.] Some die quiRate it:

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A Lover's Envy
Henry Van Dyke
whose love requires Of her a gift, a task that tires: I only long to live to her, I only ask to givRate it:

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A Preface
Rudyard Kipling
hands and feet-- The Soul unbroken when the Body tires-- These are the things our weary world requiRate it:

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A salutation of his Majesties Ship the Soveraign
Henry King
fires, To usher forth the thunder of thy Tires. O never may cross wind, or swelling wave ConspirRate it:

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A Sculptor
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
and lent Great harmony by faith that never tires. Unfinished still, I must toil on and on, Till theRate it:

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An Epistle to a Lady
Mary Leapor
admires, Wit grates the Ear, and melting Music tires: Its wonted pleasures with each sense decay, BRate it:

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Anne Brontë
weary, Though tears no longer flow; My eyes are tires of weeping, My heart is sick of woe; My lifeRate it:

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James Thomson
you first ensure, O sage, Your dove that never tires With your message in a cage, Though a cage of Rate it:

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Before Parting
Algernon Charles Swinburne
twain to live on honeycomb Is pleasant; but one tires of scented time, Cold sweet recurrence of accRate it:

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Brahmā, Vişņu, Śiva
Rabindranath Tagore
to a mighty rhythm – At last the world-frame Tires in its body, Sleep in its eyes Slackens its strRate it:

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Brightness Breaches and the Beak
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
lagging. But not the Law, so far forgiving, Tires of its paternal nagging, Ill-content to look askaRate it:

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Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan
Vachel Lindsay
rolled, With the new tale of Bryan by the iron tires told. The State House loomed afar, A speck, Rate it:

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Fifth Sunday After Epiphany
John Keble
lore No darksome mazes prove; The desert tires no more They bathe where holy waters flow, ThRate it:

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Fingal - Book III
James Macpherson
after his defeat, to appear before Fingal re tires to the cave of Tura. Fingal engages the enemy, pRate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
An 'actors' cemetery'! Sure The devil never tires Of planning places to procure The sticks to feed his fires. Rate it:

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Friendship After Love
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
with haze. So after Love has led us, till he tires Of his own throes, and torments, and desires, Rate it:

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Hymn 158
Isaac Watts
gain this heav'nly land. The fearful soul that tires and faints, And walks the ways of God no moreRate it:

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Christopher Marlowe
not bore mine ear, To hang thy dirty silken shoe-tires there: Not for thy love will I once gnash a Rate it:

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La Femme stérile
Maurice Rollinat
Ses jupons troussés court comme sa devantière, Sous ses gros bas bleus bien tirés Laissant voir ses mollets cambrés À mi-chemi...Rate it:

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Le Maquignon
Maurice Rollinat
Ballonné de partout, englouti par la graisse Se façonnant en plis, fanons et bourrelets, Il portait gai, pesant ses trois cents bien complets, Le v...Rate it:

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Le Scieur de long
Maurice Rollinat
c’est l’martyre, De l’air si r’chigné q’tu la tires. Ton œil toujou’ r’levé voudrait Voir plus vitRate it:

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Les collines
Guillaume Apollinaire
Au-dessus de Paris un jour Combattaient deux grands avions L'un était rouge et l'autre noir Tandis qu'au zénith flamboyait L'éternel avion solaire ...Rate it:

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Marriage Morning
Alfred Lord Tennyson
are you great enough For a love that never tires? O' heart, are you great enough for love? I have hRate it:

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