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Greedy Richard
Ann Taylor
stretching himself and yawning; So down he threw his slate and books, And saunter'd to the pastry-Rate it:

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Greedy Richard
Jane Taylor
stretching himself and yawning; So down he threw his slate and books, And saunter'd to the pastry-Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
do If they hadn't the stones that they one time threw?' But the Knight, Sir Stodge, and his mystic Rate it:

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Song Of A Mad Girl, Whose Lover Has Died At Sea
Sydney Thompson Dobell
that is starving to death. He was chill and they threw him to cold, He was dead and they threw him Rate it:

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The Boy and the Mantle
Thomas Percy
King Arthur, "I thinke thou be not true." Shee threw downe the mantle, That bright was of blee; FaRate it:

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The Carlysles
Franklin P. Adams
seemed to think that the fact that Mrs. Carlyle threw a teacup at Mr. Carlyle should be given to thRate it:

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The Fox
John Clare
barked and followed the pursuit. The shepherd threw his hook and tottered past; The ploughman ran bRate it:

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No Love / Just Fate
mike hayes
what is love, is it not the confusion we create threw the misconception of another four letter worRate it:

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Auld Maitland
Andrew Lang
to the wall, With mony a heavy peal; But he threw o'er to them agen Baith pitch and tar barrel. WiRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
a thoroughly lackluster performance. When I threw a rotund ball of solid stone on polished floor; Rate it:

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Helen Maria Williams
glare. "And yet erewhile, if night her shadows threw O'er the known woodlands of my native vale, FRate it:

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Felicia Dorothea Hemans
gorgeous gloom, And o'er a shadowy regal couch threw fitful gleams and red, Where a woman with longRate it:

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Macarius The Monk
John Boyle O'Reilly
saint A bunch of luscious grapes in pity threw. Most sweet and fresh and fair they were to view, Rate it:

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My Friend has fled
Shams al-Din Hafiz
toils she drew, My heart into a sea of sorrow threw, Bound up her camel loads and fled away. Fain hRate it:

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James Brunton Stephens
in fresh fields and pastures new. Then Dick threw off his boots, undid his belt, Doffed—here we shRate it:

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Ode to Valour
Mary Darby Robinson
drew; Enamell'd verdure o'er the landscape threw; HE taught the scaly host to glide Sportive, amRate it:

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Old heltberg
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
and now bowed by his pain, Strong thoughts he threw out, and he threw not in vain. If the sufferingRate it:

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Pan the Fallen
William Wilfred Campbell
and lied, and snatched what bones 12 Men threw him from their feast; 13 Who seemed in sin sRate it:

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
he placed them, Shook and jostled them together, Threw them on the ground before him, Thus exclaimiRate it:

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Songs of Education
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
HISTORY Form 991785, Sub-Section D The Roman threw us a road, a road, And sighed and strolled awaRate it:

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Sword Blades And Poppy Seed
Amy Lowell
a cricket's chirp filled all the room. My host threw pine-cones on the fire And crimson and scarletRate it:

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The Book of Urizen: Chapter IV
William Blake
limbs of Los 4. And Los formed nets & gins And threw the nets round about 5. He watch'd in shuddRate it:

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The Death of Nicou
Thomas Chatterton
were the warriors, as the ghost of Cawn, Who threw the Hill-of-archers to the lawn; When the softRate it:

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The Ghosts
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
shoulders. At the feet of Laughing Water Down he threw his lifeless burden; Nobler, handsomer she tRate it:

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The Gypsy Girl
Ralph Hodgson
kind gentlemen, A penny for three tries!' Some threw and lost, some threw and won A ten-a-penny Rate it:

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