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Harry Crosby
Like mutilated skulls they roll Across the soul's white sand And only she can make a wall And only she can understand Let my experience be a lamp d...Rate it:

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Here They Trysted, And Here They Strayed
William Ernest Henley
Here they trysted, here they strayed, In the leafage dewy and boon, Many a man and many a maid, And the morn was merry June. 'Death is fleet, Life ...Rate it:

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If They Meant All They Said
Alice Duer Miller
Charm is a woman's strongest arm; My charwoman is full of charm; I chose her, not for strength of arm But for her strange, elusive charm. And h...Rate it:

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for they had things to say
Charles Bukowski
the canaries were there, and the lemon tree and the old woman with warts; and I was there, a child and I touched the piano keys as they talked — bu...Rate it:

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They called me to the Window, for
Emily Dickinson
They called me to the Window, for " 'Twas Sunset"—Some one said— I only saw a Sapphire Farm— And just a Single Herd— Of Opal Cattle—feeding far Up...Rate it:

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'Tis true—They shut me in the Cold
Emily Dickinson
'Tis true—They shut me in the Cold— But then—Themselves were warm And could not know the feeling 'twas— Forget it—Lord—of Them— Let not my Witness...Rate it:

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And They Obey
Carl Sandburg
Smash down the cities. Knock the walls to pieces. Break the factories and cathedrals, warehouses and homes Into loose piles of stone and lumber and...Rate it:

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They Part
Dorothy Parker
And if, my friend, you'd have it end, There's naught to hear or tell. But need you try to black my eye In wishing me farewell. Though I admit ...Rate it:

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What did They do since I saw Them?
Emily Dickinson
What did They do since I saw Them? Were They industrious? So many questions to put Them Have I the eagerness That could I snatch Their Faces That ...Rate it:

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Oh, They have Robbed Me of The Hope
Anne Brontë
Oh, they have robbed me of the hope My spirit held so dear; They will not let me hear that voice My soul delights to hear. They wi...Rate it:

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where did they go
Denys Dokis
the daze are turning and the mind is at play with the nite nite's are longer and the stars are nowhere to be seen the seconds seem to be ticking a...Rate it:

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To The Leaven'd Soil They Trod
Walt Whitman
TO the leaven'd soil they trod, calling, I sing, for the last; (Not cities, nor man alone, nor war, nor the dead, But forth from my tent ...Rate it:

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What They'll Never Escape
Kurt Philip Behm
People are afraid of what they can’t understand themselves most often assured In the depths of their wandering a voice cries out a voice t...Rate it:

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'They Have Not Chosen Me,' He Said
Emily Dickinson
'They have not chosen me,' he said, 'But I have chosen them!' Brave—Broken hearted statement— Uttered in Bethlehem! I could not have told it, But ...Rate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
The Bishop tells us: 'When the boys come back 'They will not be the same; for they'll have fought 'In a just cause: they lead the last attack 'On A...Rate it:

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A Medley: Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead (The Princess)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Home they brought her warrior dead: She nor swoon'd nor utter'd cry: All her maidens, watching, said, "She must weep or she will die." Then they pr...Rate it:

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A Sleepy Song That Grania Used To Be Singing Over Diarmuid The Time They Were Wandering And Hiding From Finn
Augusta, Lady Gregory
Sleep a little, a little little, for there is nothing at all to fear, Diarmuid grandson of Duibhne; sleep here soundly, Diarmuid to whom I have giv...Rate it:

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All Blest Are They
Sant Tukaram
All blest are they whose heart with pity grows. Who left Vaikuntha.their home,to serve mankind; Who slight their person's needs ( it is not myth) W...Rate it:

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And Do They So?
Henry Vaughan
'Etenim res creatoe exerto capite observantes expectant revelationem Filiorum Dei.' 'For created things, watching with head erect, await the revel...Rate it:

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Artists Are Not Taught; They Are Born
Nikhil Parekh
The bird didn't need to be taught how to catch fish; its astounding ability to dive; its lanky beak and the hunger in its dainty stomach; were simp...Rate it:

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As they begin to rise again
Matsuo Basho
As they begin to rise again Chrysanthemums faintly smell, After the flooding rain Rate it:

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As They Come
William Henry Ogilvie
Right and left the leaders wheel, Seeking gap and gate, Catch his head and give him heel! Ride your country straight! Fences are by fortune mad...Rate it:

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Brave Boys Are They!
Henry Clay Work
Heavily falls the rain; Wild are the breezes tonight; But 'neath the roof, the hours as they fly, Are happy and calm and bright. Gathering round ou...Rate it:

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Do They Know?
Andrew Barton Paterson
Do they know? At the turn to the straight Where the favourites fail, And every last atom of weight Is telling its tale; As some grim old stayer...Rate it:

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He had served eighty masters. They'd have said
Lesbia Harford
He had served eighty masters. They'd have said He 'worked for these employers' to earn bread. And they, if they had heard him, would have sneered...Rate it:

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