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Here They Trysted, And Here They Strayed
William Ernest Henley
Here they trysted, here they strayed, In the leafage dewy and boon, Many a man and many a maid, And the morn was merry June. 'Death is fleet, Life ...Rate it:

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We and They
Rudyard Kipling
people like us are We, And every one else is They. And They live over the sea, While We live ovRate it:

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They Shall Come Home
Roderic Quinn
ALTHOUGH they sleep in alien graves afar, Where, restlessly, chill winds we know not roam, When Peace has laid the cruel waves of war They shall co...Rate it:

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They Loved One Another
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
THEY loved one another! young Edward and his wife, And in their cottage-home they dwelt, apart from sin and strife. Each evening Edward weary came ...Rate it:

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They May Rail at this Life
Thomas Moore
They may rail at this life -- from the hour I began it I found it a life full of kindness and bliss; And, until they can show me some happier pla...Rate it:

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They Shall Not Win
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
have been, This is our slogan, and this our vow- They shall not win, they shall not win. Though ouRate it:

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Do They Know?
Andrew Barton Paterson
Do they know? At the turn to the straight Where the favourites fail, And every last atom of weight Is telling its tale; As some grim old stayer...Rate it:

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See they come, post haste from Thanet
Jane Austen
See they come, post haste from Thanet, Lovely couple, side by side; They've left behind them Richard Kennet With the Parents of the Bride! Canterb...Rate it:

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So they begin. With two years gone...
Boris Pasternak
So they begin. With two years gone From nurse to countless tunes they scuttle. They chirp and whistle. Then comes on The third year, and they start...Rate it:

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Take Them Away! They'll Drive Me Crazy
Henry Clay Work
this way, beautiful girls! Oh, take them away, they'll drive me crazy! Oh! the saucy, pretty, winnnRate it:

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They Didn't Spare Me Even After My Death
Nikhil Parekh
with intricate bells jingling over my forehead, they asked me whether I wanted honey or frosty milRate it:

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They'll None of 'Em Be Missed
William Schwenck Gilbert
persons who on spoiling TETE-E-TETES insist - They'd none of 'em be missed - they'd none of 'em be Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
A Gyges ring they bear about them still, To be, and not seen when and where they will; They tread on clouds, and though they sometimes fall, They f...Rate it:

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Not they who soar
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Not they who soar, but they who plod Their rugged way, unhelped, to God Are heroes; they who higher fare, And, flying, fan the upper air, Miss all ...Rate it:

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O, Time And Change, They Range And Range
William Ernest Henley
O, Time and Change, they range and range From sunshine round to thunder! - They glance and go as the great winds blow, And the best of our dreams d...Rate it:

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And Do They So?
Henry Vaughan
the revelation of the Sons of God.' And do they so? Have they a sense Of aught but influence? Can Rate it:

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They Were Naked
Devil Poet
They were naked They embrace each other through the sound of kiss They are now beyond time Nothing can touch them They have returned to their origi...Rate it:

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Oh, They have Robbed Me of The Hope
Anne Brontë
Oh, they have robbed me of the hope My spirit held so dear; They will not let me hear that voice My soul delights to hear. They wi...Rate it:

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They put Us far apart
Emily Dickinson
They put Us far apart— As separate as Sea And Her unsown Peninsula— We signified "These see"— They took away our Eyes— They thwarted Us with Guns—...Rate it:

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They Were Still Alive - Tribute To America, Part 3
Nikhil Parekh
flooded with bonquet's of bruised flowers which they had been just rewarded for their achievements,Rate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
The Bishop tells us: 'When the boys come back 'They will not be the same; for they'll have fought 'In a just cause: they lead the last attack 'On A...Rate it:

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As They Come
William Henry Ogilvie
thumb. Lash him at them unafraid! Take 'em as they come! Hedges may be rough and rank, Thick anRate it:

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He had served eighty masters. They'd have said
Lesbia Harford
He had served eighty masters. They'd have said He 'worked for these employers' to earn bread. And they, if they had heard him, would have sneered...Rate it:

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Here They Lie
Robert Graves
Here they lie who once learned here All that is taught of hurt or fear; Dead, but by free will they died: They were true men, they had pride. ...Rate it:

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If They Dare!
Alfred Austin
and the base For the opulent and great, ``See,'' they whisper, ``did we band All against Her, hand-Rate it:

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