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The Ballad Of William Sycamore [1790-1871]
Stephen Vincent Benet
My father, he was a mountaineer, His fist was a knotty hammer; He was quick on his feet as a running deer, And he spoke with a Yankee stammer. ...Rate it:

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Young Sycamore
William Carlos Williams
I must tell you this young tree whose round and firm trunk between the wet pavement and the gutter (where water is trickling) rises bodily into ...Rate it:

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Evangeline: Part The First. I.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
side of a hill commanding the sea; and a shady Sycamore grew by the door, with a woodbine wreathingRate it:

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From a Window
Charlotte Mary Mew
Up here, with June, the sycamore throws Across the window a whispering screen; I shall miss the sycamore more I suppose, Than anything else on this...Rate it:

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American Feuillage
Walt Whitman
shadows, gleams, up under the leaves of the old sycamore-trees-- the flames--with the blacRate it:

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A Child’s Song
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
grew, Olive and aspen, oak and pine, Sweet sycamore and yew, But one dark Tree of all the seven Rate it:

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A Legend Of Christ's Nativity
Duncan Campbell Scott
in mute expectancy, Beneath a stunted sycamore, She added darkness utterly, To the dim light, the sRate it:

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Beautiful Crief
William Topaz McGonagall
there is charming and pretty; And there's a sycamore tree there that was planted 300 years ago, AndRate it:

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Bell Birds
Henry Kendall
and the ledges; Through brakes of the cedar and sycamore bowers Struggles the light that is love toRate it:

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Coole Park, 1929
William Butler Yeats
flight, Upon a aged woman and her house, A sycamore and lime-tree lost in night Although that westeRate it:

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Gerard Manley Hopkins
Fairyland; silk-beech, scrolled ash, packed sycamore, wild wychelm, hornbeam fretty overstood By.Rate it:

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Give Your Heart To The Hawks
Robinson Jeffers
while the cows lay in the stream-bed, large sycamore leaves dropped on their flanks; the yellow Rate it:

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I know some lonely Houses off the Road
Emily Dickinson
he Sun has got as far As the third Sycamore— Screams Chanticleer "Who's there"? And Echoes—Trains Rate it:

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In a Wood
Thomas Hardy
Show them to men akin— Combatants all! Sycamore shoulders oak, Bines the slim sapling yoke, Rate it:

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In A Wook
Thomas Hardy
them to men akin-- Combatants all! Sycamore shoulders oak, Bines the slim saplingRate it:

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In Memoriam A. H. H.: 95. By night we linger'd on the lawn
Alfred Lord Tennyson
to tremble o'er The large leaves of the sycamore, And fluctuate all the still perfume, Rate it:

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Inscription For A Fountain On A Heath
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
This Sycamore, oft musical with bees,-- Such tents the Patriarchs loved ! O long unharmed May all its agéd boughs o'er-canopy The small round basin...Rate it:

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Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey
William Wordsworth
come when I again repose Here, under this dark sycamore, and view These plots of cottage-ground, Rate it:

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No Man's Land
Katharine Tynan
to tender greens; He hears the wind in the sycamore Sing a low song by his mother's door. Such tenRate it:

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Nuit Blanche
Amy Lowell
beyond the lily-tank. A drunken moon ogling a sycamore, Running long fingers down its shining flaRate it:

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Our Canadian Woods In Early Autumn
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
like golden sheaves, the saffron leaves Of the sycamore strew the ground, ’Neath birches old, clad Rate it:

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Temps Perdu
Dorothy Parker
look of a laurel tree birthed for May Or a sycamore bared for a new November Is as old and as sadRate it:

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The Abbot Of Innisfallen
William Allingham
the hour that he was born. It sung upon a sycamore, it sung upon a briar; To follow the song and heRate it:

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The Book Of Hours Of Sister Clotilde
Amy Lowell
there. She looked across the garden to where A sycamore Flanked the garden door. She was restless,Rate it:

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The Caravan in the Deserts
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
the sunbeams pour, Through the tall palm and sycamore, And the rich date luxuriant spreads Its pRate it:

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