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Suffered Women in WW1
Julia Nastasi
My life is great, much better than before; I have a husband and two kids that I just adore. It’s a dream of mine to watch my kids grow, Into young ...Rate it:

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To know just how He suffered—would be dear
Emily Dickinson
To know just how He suffered—would be dear— To know if any Human eyes were near To whom He could entrust His wavering gaze— Until it settle broad—o...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
A FEW DAYS IN THE LIFE OF A WW1 GUARDSMAN. In the Belgian town of “Wipers” We were all held down by snipers The Germans were dug in along the roa...Rate it:

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A Turkish Mother To The Kaiser (WW1)
Kurt Philip Behm
How many sons have we lost How many demons have we found How many graves must we dig To make the ‘Fatherland’ proud (Villanova Pennsyl...Rate it:

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Two Women
Nikhil Parekh
O! Yes; there were definitely two women in my life; both of whom for me were the most ecstatically ravishing entities; on this fathomlessly encha...Rate it:

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The Women of the Town
Henry Lawson
It is up from out the alleys, from the alleys dark and vile— It is up from out the alleys I have struggled for a while— Just to breathe the breath ...Rate it:

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Women's Suffrage
William Topaz McGonagall
Fellow men! why should the lords try to despise And prohibit women from having the benefit of the parliamentary Franchise? When they pay the same t...Rate it:

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An Appeal to Women
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
O ye women! WIMMIN! WEEMIN!! See our tears repentant streamin'! See the pearly drops a-gleamin', Streamin' from our rheumy eye! Mark our weskits ...Rate it:

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Here Is To The Women Who Hurt!
Here is to the women who hurt! How their pain never told though their stories ever sold, intuitively resistant and bold. Their very dignity dra...Rate it:

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Mary, Pity Women!
Rudyard Kipling
You call yourself a man, For all you used to swear, An' leave me, as you can, My certain shame to bear? I 'ear! You do not care -- You done the...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
No fault in women, to refuse The offer which they most would chuse. --No fault: in women, to confess How tedious they are in their dress; --No faul...Rate it:

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Women Washing Their Hair
Carl Sandburg
They have painted and sung the women washing their hair, and the plaits and strands in the sun, and the golden combs and the combs of elephant tusk...Rate it:

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The Women of the West
George Essex Evans
They left the vine-wreathed cottage and the mansion on the hill, The houses in the busy streets where life is never still, The pleasures of the c...Rate it:

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Women Of The West
George Essex Evans
They left the vine-wreathed cottage and the mansion on the hill, The houses in the busy streets where life is never still, The pleasures of the cit...Rate it:

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Young men and women, strong and sound
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
Young men and women, strong and sound, Adorn with beautiful excess Of play and song and flower-dress Our fatherland's ancestral ground. They dream ...Rate it:

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How The Women Went From Dover
John Greenleaf Whittier
THE tossing spray of Cocheco's fall Hardened to ice on its rocky wall, As through Dover town in the chill, gray dawn, Three women passed, at the ca...Rate it:

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Spanish Women
Robert William Service
The Spanish women don't wear slacks Because their hips are too enormous. 'Tis true each bulbous bosom lacks No inspiration that should warm us; But...Rate it:

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The Separated Women
Henry Lawson
THE Separated Women Go lying through the land, For they have plenty dresses, And money, too, in hand; They married brutes and drunkards And blackgu...Rate it:

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Women And Roses
Robert Browning
I. I dream of a red-rose tree. And which of its roses three Is the dearest rose to me? II. Round and round, like a dance of snow In a dazzling ...Rate it:

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There's Wisdom In Women
Rupert Brooke
"Oh love is fair, and love is rare;" my dear one she said, "But love goes lightly over." I bowed her foolish head, And kissed her hair and laughe...Rate it:

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Henry Howard
WRAPT in my careless cloak, as I walk to and fro, I see how love can shew what force there reigneth in his bow : And how he shooteth eke a hardy he...Rate it:

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Beautiful Women
Walt Whitman
WOMEN sit, or move to and fro--some old, some young; The young are beautiful--but the old are more beautiful than the young. Rate it:

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EPISTLE II: TO A LADY (Of the Characters of Women )
Alexander Pope
NOTHING so true as what you once let fall, "Most Women have no Characters at all." Matter too soft a lasting mark to bear, And best distinguish'...Rate it:

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Give Me Women, Wine, and Snuff
John Keats
GIVE me women, wine, and snuff Untill I cry out "hold, enough!" You may do so sans objection Till the day of resurrection: For, bless my beard,...Rate it:

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Mahabharata, Book XI - Kuru Women Visit The Battle-Field
Veda Vyasa
Spake the ancient Dhrita-rashtra, father of a hundred sons, Sonless now and sorrow-stricken, dark his ebbing life-tide runs: 'Gods fulfil my life'...Rate it:

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