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Stoneman In Heaven
Ambrose Bierce
The Seraphs came to Christ, and said: 'Behold! The man, presumptuous and overbold, Who boasted that his mercy could excel Thine own, is dead and on...Rate it:

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Heaven Above, Heaven Below
Vyacheslav Ivanovich Ivanov
Night opens wide the burning Macrocosm,- And heaven's hierarchies come into view Lo, the spirit sings, and the elements dance Interwoven with snaky...Rate it:

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From Earthly Jail To Heaven
Nikhil Parekh
Freedom at last in the winds of triumphantly bountiful heaven; where there prevailed not the tiniest iota of blasphemous lies and treachery; with t...Rate it:

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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
William Blake
THE ARGUMENT RINTRAH roars and shakes his fires in the burdenM air, Hungry clouds swag on the deep. Once meek, and in a perilous path The j...Rate it:

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To Harriet -- It Is Not Blasphemy To Hope That Heaven
Percy Bysshe Shelley
It is not blasphemy to hope that Heaven More perfectly will give those nameless joys Which throb within the pulses of the blood And sweeten all tha...Rate it:

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Ode To Heaven
Percy Bysshe Shelley
CHORUS OF SPIRITS: FIRST SPIRIT: Palace-roof of cloudless nights! Paradise of golden lights! Deep, immeasurable, vast, Which art now, and which we...Rate it:

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Of Heaven
John Bunyan
Heaven is a place, also a state, It doth all things excel, No man can fully it relate, Nor of its glory tell. God made it for his residence, To si...Rate it:

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We pray—to Heaven
Emily Dickinson
We pray—to Heaven— We prate—of Heaven— Relate—when Neighbors die— At what o'clock to heaven—they fled— Who saw them—Wherefore fly? Is Heaven a Pla...Rate it:

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Heaven Has Shed A Tear
Friedrich Rückert
Heaven has shed a tear that meant to lose itself in the sea; but the mussel came and locked it in: you shall now be my pearl. You should not ...Rate it:

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Heaven Of GOD
Devil Poet
I do not desire a heaven of God I am unhappy with His world of war Planet is trembling, God is smiling Peace has no place, it is fugitive. I do no...Rate it:

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Heaven this Christmas
Art Ackerson
This is a time for tidings and cheer, missing a loved one is tough every year, we should keep in mind that they also miss us, I wish I could drive ...Rate it:

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In heaven there’s piannas
Joseph Mark Ippolito
In heaven there’s piannas, with keys a mile wide And I can hear them tinkling in that familiar style of stride In heaven there’s piannas, they’re t...Rate it:

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Lover's Gifts XLIV: Where Is Heaven
Rabindranath Tagore
Where is heaven? you ask me, my child,-the sages tell us it is beyond the limits of birth and death, unswayed by the rhythm of day and night; it is...Rate it:

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No sorrow drops down from Heaven
Entwined i feel loved Embraced by a stranger with warmth and passion The cockroach interrupts the ceremony and i kill him No sorrow drops from Heav...Rate it:

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O Intelligence Moving The Third Heaven
Dante Alighieri
O Intelligences moving the third heaven, the reasons heed that from my heart come forth, so new, it seems, that no one else should know. The heaven...Rate it:

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The Harps of Heaven
Sydney Thompson Dobell
On a solemn day I clomb the shining bulwark of the skies: Not by the beaten way, But climbing by a prayer, That like a golden thread hung by the gi...Rate it:

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The Hound of Heaven
Francis Thompson
I fled Him down the nights and down the days I fled Him down the arches of the years I fled Him down the labyrinthine ways Of my own mind, and in t...Rate it:

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Thus Be It Heaven Heavenly
Samuel Greenberg
In our Bible, the dream of Samuel is death, As the clouds consume his form and bare him to Heaven-- The song from colored birds so lyric and sweet ...Rate it:

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Abuse and heaven
Those who suffer from it know it. Those who watch it thinks it's some game they are playing. And for those who do it, act like they are a demon sen...Rate it:

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Take your Heaven further on
Emily Dickinson
Take your Heaven further on— This—to Heaven divine Has gone— Had You earlier blundered in Possibly, e'en You had seen An Eternity—put on— Now—to ri...Rate it:

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A Judgment In Heaven
Francis Thompson
Athwart the sod which is treading for God * the poet paced with his splendid eyes; Paradise-verdure he stately passes * to win to the Father of Par...Rate it:

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A Suplication For The Joys Of Heaven
Anne Kingsmill Finch
To the Superior World to Solemn Peace To Regions where Delights shall never cease To Living Springs and to Celestial shade For change of pleasure n...Rate it:

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For Heaven's Sake, Listen, Listen, O My Darling
Vidyapati Thakur
For heaven's sake, listen, listen, O my darling: Do not dart your cruel, angry glances at me, For I swear by the lovely pitchers of your breasts, A...Rate it:

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Going to Heaven!
Emily Dickinson
Going to Heaven! I don't know when— Pray do not ask me how! Indeed I'm too astonished To think of answering you! Going to Heaven! How dim it sounds...Rate it:

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Heaven & Hell
Mario William Vitale
Heaven & Hell She flirts with the desire beyond he means... to appease laughter in caged fear she sheds a tear to numb the inner pain ins...Rate it:

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