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Standing Alone
Kurt Philip Behm
Can you have without owning Can you embrace what’s on loan Can you give without taking Can your love —stand alone (Villanova Pennsylvania: Augu...Rate it:

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With Eternity Standing By
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
How shall I bid you good--bye, Dear, without tears? Only once in the years, The idle vanishing years, We met, with Eternity standing by, And loved,...Rate it:

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If any sink, assure that this, now standing
Emily Dickinson
If any sink, assure that this, now standing— Failed like Themselves—and conscious that it rose— Grew by the Fact, and not the Understanding How Wea...Rate it:

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On Chloris Standing By The Fire
William Strode
Faire Chloris, standing by the Fire, An amorous coale with hot desire Leapt on her breast, but could not melt The chaste snow there--which when it ...Rate it:

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Windsor Poetics : Lines Composed On The Occasion Of His Royal Highness The Prince Regent Being Seen Standing Between The Coffins Of Henry VIII And Charles I, In The Royal Vault At Windsor
George Gordon Lord Byron
Famed for contemptuous breach of sacred ties, By headless Charles see heartless Henry lies; Between them stands another sceptred thing-- It moves, ...Rate it:

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I Am Much Too Alone in This World, Yet Not Alone
Rainer Maria Rilke
I am much too alone in this world, yet not alone enough to truly consecrate the hour. I am much too small in this world, yet not small enough to ...Rate it:

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Leave Me alone.
Nikhil Parekh
Leave me alone; to battle my loneliness till the time I emerged irrevocably triumphant; sprinted forward in untamed exhilaration to bask in the ful...Rate it:

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You Alone Are The Beginning
Narsinh Mehta
You alone are the beginning, the middle, and the end! You alone, you alone, Sri Hari! You are the indivisiblebr ahman, Who even the likes of Brah...Rate it:

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All Alone
Mary Darby Robinson
I. Ah! wherefore by the Church-yard side, Poor little LORN ONE, dost thou stray? Thy wavy locks but thinly hide The tears that dim thy blue-eye's...Rate it:

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Alone I
Joy O' Pateng
I'm all alone..... Alone, I sat Alone, I cried Alone, I sleep Alone, I walk Alone, I eat Alone, I sing Alone, I write Alone, I love Alone, I die A...Rate it:

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Ehsan Sehgal
I came alone I was alone I am alone I will be alone I will go alone In my life I have to face Sorrow, grief And pain Alone I have to suffer Alone...Rate it:

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Helen All Alone
Rudyard Kipling
There was darkness under Heaven For an hour's space-- Darkness that we knew was given Us for special grace. Sun and noon and stars were hid, God ha...Rate it:

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She Cries Alone
For the missing... she cries alone drenched in tears of her own shame but not of her making he ascended from shadows and shadowed her shatter...Rate it:

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Hayyim Nahman Bialik
Wind blew, light drew them all. New songs revive their mornings. Only I, small bird, am forsaken under the Shekhina’s wing. Alone. I remain alone....Rate it:

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From “Phantasmion” - One Face Alone
Sara Coleridge
ONE face alone, one face alone, These eyes require; But, when that long’d-for sight is shown, What fatal fire Shoots through ...Rate it:

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Walter de la Mare
The abode of the nightingale is bare, Flowered frost congeals in the gelid air, The fox howls from his frozen lair: Alas, my loved one is gone, I a...Rate it:

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Since you left me I have felt alone, One day, God spoke. Upon hearing Him I knew I was not. I learned of the Holy Trinity Indwelling every Christ...Rate it:

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I am Not Alone
Gabriela Mistral
The night, it is deserted from the mountains to the sea. But I, the one who rocks you, I am not alone! The sky, it is deserted for the moon f...Rate it:

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Sara Teasdale
I am alone, in spite of love, In spite of all I take and give -- In spite of all your tenderness, Sometimes I am not glad to live. I am alone, as ...Rate it:

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Alone Again
Kurt Philip Behm
Do all relationships come to an end? Through death or disorder both stranger and friend What life doesn’t alter does dying reclaim? Alone ...Rate it:

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Alone I And You
Ehsan Sehgal
You are alone I am alone What was bad If we were together Life would become a life If we gave Hand in hand With each other Forever I wish if that w...Rate it:

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Alone in Crowds to Wander On
Thomas Moore
Alone in crowds to wander on, And feel that all the charm is gone Which voices dear and eyes beloved Shed round us once, where'er we roved -- T...Rate it:

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Euclid Alone
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Euclid alone has looked on Beauty bare. Let all who prate of Beauty hold their peace, And lay them prone upon the earth and cease To ponder on t...Rate it:

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How I Walked Alone in the Jungles of Heaven
Vachel Lindsay
Oh, once I walked in Heaven, all alone Upon the sacred cliffs above the sky. God and the angels, and the gleaming saints Had journeyed out into the...Rate it:

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She Sat Alone Beside Her Hearth
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
SHE sat alone beside her hearth— For many nights alone; She slept not on the pleasant couch Where fragrant herbs were strewn. At first she bound ...Rate it:

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