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Robert William Service
long alley bowls me down like a pin; I stagger and fall and stagger, crawl arm-deep in the snowRate it:

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After strokes
pat hursey
used to dance, and very well but now I only stagger. My brain is now so full of holes I wish it didRate it:

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lonely wanderer
beau ashley
from his homeland, in strange lands he must, stagger alone, in god only trust. until death like a lRate it:

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all will soon rule. Holy Scripture has begun to stagger about the Earth refusing to stride in step Rate it:

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The Rose did caper on her cheek
Emily Dickinson
fell— Her pretty speech—like drunken men— Did stagger pitiful— Her fingers fumbled at her work— HeRate it:

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A Funeral Fantasie
Friedrich Schiller
to gather All life's last strength to stagger to the bier, And hearken--Do these cold lipRate it:

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Amelia Jane
David McKee Wright
bread', And, after washing the dishes up, to stagger hungry to bed. Once in the week Amelia JaneRate it:

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Robinson Jeffers
axes bite the deep bone, The mountain suddenly stagger and be darkened. Generation on generation weRate it:

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At Delphi
Alfred Austin
bay, Where the yellow bees are busy, Till they stagger, drowsy, dizzy, From the honeyed wine that wRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
my vibrant life; rendering me to worthlessly stagger in disdainful winds of disappearing oblivion, Rate it:

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Edith Nesbit
by her or me. Bow the back beneath the cross, Stagger on a few steps more, Bear the doubt, the Rate it:

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Federico García Lorca
challenge of rootless science. And crowds stagger sleeplessly through the boroughs as if they had jRate it:

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Duval's Birds
Conrad Potter Aiken
brilliant outspread wings, And then returned to stagger on her finger. She bowed and smiled, elicitRate it:

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From The Wreck
Adam Lindsay Gordon
struggle won it ; straight up the steep bank We stagger'd, then out on the skirts of the plain. TRate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
looking upward to my goal, Left you to stagger down to hell. Accusing spirit of the dead, Your presRate it:

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William Wordsworth
crest, a heron's plume, is worn. O Liberty! they stagger at the shock From van to rear--and with onRate it:

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Hymn 29
Isaac Watts
around, Babel shall reel beneath my stroke, And stagger to the ground." Thy honors, O victorious KRate it:

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Idylls of the King: The Last Tournament (excerpt)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
hither side of that loud morn Into the hall stagger'd, his visage ribb'd From ear to ear withRate it:

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In The Night
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
brother Who so gaily sips to-day, May to-morrow stagger homeward, Jeered and scorned by sober men. Rate it:

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It's A Queer Time
Robert Graves
jump the Boches, rifles thump and click, You stagger, and the whole scene fades away: Even good CRate it:

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Kelly Of The Legion
Robert William Service
the way!" They saw him slip and stumble, Then stagger on once more; They marked him trip and tumblRate it:

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King Bibler's Army
Henry Clay Work
by and by, we shall see them together, As they stagger along on the pave, With their wives and theiRate it:

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King Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba
Vachel Lindsay
and free For ten thousand years. [They stagger forward as though carrying a yoke together.] Both LRate it:

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King Street
Arthur Henry Adams
rout— For things misfeatured, souls unknown, Stagger in blind amaze about. Along their glRate it:

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Madam La Maquise
Robert William Service
stare, and clutch his perfumed beard? Why did he stagger to a chair and murmur: "As I feared?" DilaRate it:

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