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Stafford Henry Northcote
Alfred Austin
Gentle in fibre, but of steadfast nerve Still to do right though right won blame not praise, And fallen on evil tongues and evil days When men from...Rate it:

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Stafford's Cabin
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Once there was a cabin here, and once there was a man; And something happened here before my memory began. Time has made the two of them the fuel...Rate it:

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An Ode to Master Anthony Stafford to hasten Him into the Country
Thomas Randolph
COME, spur away, I have no patience for a longer stay, But must go down And leave the chargeable noise of this great town: I will t...Rate it:

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An Ode to Master Anthony Stafford, to Hasten him into the Country
Thomas Randolph
1 Come, spur away! 2 I have no patience for a longer stay; 3 But must go down, 4 And leave the chargeable noise of this...Rate it:

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Henry the Seventh
Marriott Edgar
Henry the Seventh of England Wasn't out of the Royal top drawer, The only connection of which he could boast, He were King's nephew's brother-in-la...Rate it:

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Loving Henry
Robert Graves
Henry, Henry, do you love me? Do I love you, Mary? Oh, can you mean to liken me To the aspen tree. Whose leaves do shake and vary, From white to gr...Rate it:

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The Funeral of the Late Prince Henry of Battenberg
William Topaz McGonagall
Alas! Prince Henry of Battenberg is dead! And, I hope, has gone to heaven, its streets to tread, And to sing with God's saints above, Where all is ...Rate it:

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Young Henry
Julia A Moore
Air -- "Drummer Boy of Waterloo" Young Henry was as faithful boy As ever stood on the American soil, And he did enlist, without a doubt, When the ...Rate it:

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Henry And Emma. A Poem.
Matthew Prior
Upon the Model of The Nut-Brown Maid. To Cloe. Thou, to whose eyes I bend, at whose command (Though low my voice, though artless be my hand. I tak...Rate it:

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A Ioyfull medytacyon to all Englonde of the coronacyon of our moost naturall souerayne lorde kynge Henry the eyght.
Stephen Hawes
The prologue The prudent problems/& the noble werkes Of the gentyll poetes in olde antyquyte Unto this day hath made famous clerkes For the poe...Rate it:

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Henry George
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
(Melbourne) I CAME to buy a book. It was a shop Down in a narrow quiet street, and here They kept, I knew, these socialistic books. I entered. All...Rate it:

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Henry King
Hilaire Belloc
The Chief Defect of Henry King Was chewing little bits of String. At last he swallowed some which tied Itself in ugly Knots inside. Physicians of ...Rate it:

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Henry The Hermit
Robert Southey
It was a little island where he dwelt, Or rather a lone rock, barren and bleak, Short scanty herbage spotting with dark spots Its gray stone surfac...Rate it:

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Little Henry
Julia A Moore
Air -- "Minnie Lee" Oh! come listen to my story Of a little infant child -- His spirit is in glory -- It has left us for a while. Death has robb...Rate it:

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Love Elegy, to Henry
Amelia Opie
Then thou hast learnt the secret of my soul, Officious Friendship has its trust betrayed; No more I need the bursting sigh control, Nor summon prid...Rate it:

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The White Ship Henry I. Of England.—25th November 1120
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
By none but me can the tale be told, The butcher of Rouen, poor Berold. (Lands are swayed by a King on a throne.) 'Twas a royal train put forth to ...Rate it:

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To Henry
Amelia Opie
Think not, while fairer nymphs invite Thy feet, dear youth, to Pleasure's bowers, My faded form shall meet thy sight, And cloud my Henry's smiling ...Rate it:

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A Tribute to Henry M. Stanley
William Topaz McGonagall
Welcome, thrice welcome, to the city of Dundee, The great African explorer Henry M Stanley, Who went out to Africa its wild regions to explore, And...Rate it:

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Windsor Poetics : Lines Composed On The Occasion Of His Royal Highness The Prince Regent Being Seen Standing Between The Coffins Of Henry VIII And Charles I, In The Royal Vault At Windsor
George Gordon Lord Byron
Famed for contemptuous breach of sacred ties, By headless Charles see heartless Henry lies; Between them stands another sceptred thing-- It moves, ...Rate it:

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Henry Purcell
Gerard Manley Hopkins
The poet wishes well to the divine genius of Purcell and praises him that, whereas other musicians have given utterance to the moods of man’s mind,...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of Hard-Luck Henry
Robert William Service
Now wouldn't you expect to find a man an awful crank That's staked out nigh three hundred claims, and every one a blank; That's followed every fool...Rate it:

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Henry Layton
Edgar Lee Masters
Whoever thou art who passest by Know that my father was gentle, And my mother was violent, While I was born the whole of such hostile halves, Not i...Rate it:

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A dialogue between Sir Henry Wootton and Mr. Donne
John Donne
[W.] IF her disdain least change in you can move, You do not love, For when that hope gives fuel to the fire, You sell desire. Love is not love, b...Rate it:

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A Letter For My Son To One Of His School--Fellows, Son To Henry Rose, Esq;
Mary Barber
Dear Rose, as I lately was writing some Verse, Which I next Day intended in School to rehearse, My Mother came in, and I thought she'd run wild: ``...Rate it:

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A Poem Written By Sir Henry Wotton In His Youth
Sir Henry Wotton
O Faithless World, & thy more faithless part, a Woman's heart! The true Shop of variety, where sits nothing but fits And feavers of desire, and pan...Rate it:

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