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The Speed Of Life
Nikhil Parekh
I wanted the speed of life to be like swashbuckling blades of the ceiling fan, When I was bustling with euphoric fervor; in the prime of youth. I...Rate it:

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Faster Than The Speed Of Light
Nikhil Parekh
decades like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light. Every decade looked so long; thatRate it:

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Speed Breaker
Nikhil Parekh
obnoxious hazard prompting reduction of electric speed, repetitive squealing of brakes in close viRate it:

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The speed of Light over shadowed by an obscure brilliance The speed of Dark out shines within its enigmatic appearance The fact of matter that supp...Rate it:

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God-Speed to the Snow
Archibald Lampman
tell Half the kindly thought he had. Haste thee, speed thee, O kind snow; Down the dripping valleysRate it:

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The London Lackpenny
John Lydgate
proceed!' But for lack of money, I could not speed. And, as I thrust the press among, By froward cRate it:

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Fill A Bumper of Water
John Pierpont
our soul, Here's success to the cause and God speed it, God speed it-God speed it, Here's success tRate it:

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Antwerp To Ghent
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Is consciously beside us, and perceived. Our speed is such the sparks our engine leaves Are burnRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
upon the ground. I'll pick 'em up an' make full speed Soon as me 'orse 'as 'as a feed. Delays don'tRate it:

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The Creeds Of The Bells
Anonymous Americas
mind That leave the dusty paths behind. Speed well! speed well! speed well! speed well!' Pealed forRate it:

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The Chase
Anonymous Americas
curses of wrath are ascending to heaven. O, speed to thy footsteps! for ruin and death, Like the huRate it:

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Boulogne To Amiens And Paris (3 to 11 P.M.; 3rd Class)
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Strong extreme speed, that the brain hurries with, Further than trees, and hedges, and green grass Whitened by distance,—further than small pools...Rate it:

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Jock O The Side
Andrew Lang
has kilted up to her knee; And down the water wi speed she rins, While tears in spaits fa fast fraeRate it:

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Rural Morning
John Clare
meets him in his morning's rout. In hobbling speed he roams the pasture round, Till hunted Dobbin aRate it:

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The Civil Wars (excerpts)
Samuel Daniel
XXXVI The swift approach and unexpected speed The king had made upon this new-rais'd force, In the unconfirmed troops, much fear did bre...Rate it:

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The Hound of Heaven
Francis Thompson
chase and unperturbe d pace, Deliberate speed, majestic instancy, They beat, and a Voice beat, MoreRate it:

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The Iron Horse
James Whitcomb Riley
is of nobler blood, And cleaner limb and fleeter speed, And greater strength and hardihood Than eveRate it:

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The shut-eye train
Eugene Field
Town!" Over hill and over plain Soon will speed the Shut-Eye train! Through the blue where bloom tRate it:

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The Walker of the Snow
Charles Dawson Shanly
Speed on, speed on, good master! The camp lies far away; We must cross the haunted valley Before the close of day. How the snow-blight came up...Rate it:

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from: Shoemaker's Holiday, Or The Gentle Craft
Thomas Dekker
wind, and wet's the rain, Saint Hugh be our good speed ; Ill is the weather that bringeth no gain, Rate it:

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The Camel-Rider
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
wide the sand. No need had I to urge her speed with hand or heel, The creature I bestrode. She knewRate it:

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Ah, Silly Pug, Wert Thou So Sore Afraid
Queen Elizabeth I
rede, Ne she shall force me alter with such speed But if to try this mistress’ jest with thee. PRate it:

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Black Bess
Eliza Cook
the brushwood and gap were no checks to her speed. She dashed through the stream and she climbed thRate it:

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By Flood and Field 2
Adam Lindsay Gordon
square— A tower of strength, with a promise of speed (There was Celtic blood in the pair). I remeRate it:

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Cherrylog Road
James Dickey
and held her and held her, Convoyed at terrific speed By the stalled, dreaming traffic around us,Rate it:

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