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Jeanne Fiedler
I feel the coldness of my heart the heaviness of the day I see the sparrow fly so far and watch her float away She frees me as I watch her into t...Rate it:

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as the sparrow
Charles Bukowski
To give life you must take life, and as our grief falls flat and hollow upon the billion-blooded sea I pass upon serious inward-breaking shoals rim...Rate it:

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As Celia With Her Sparrow Playd
Thomas Parnell
As Celia with her Sparrow playd She took a glass unseen Her mouth she filld & while he billd She spirts ye liquor in Usd to such sweet such rosy li...Rate it:

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Hey, sparrow!
Kobayashi Issa
Hey, sparrow! out of the way, Horse is coming. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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Letter I. From The Magpie To The Sparrow. (The Bird And Insects' Post-Office.)
Robert Bloomfield
LITTLE JABBERER, I have many times thought of addressing to you a few words of advice, as you seem to stand in need of such a friend. You k...Rate it:

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Mr and Mrs Spikky Sparrow
Edward Lear
I On a little piece of wood, Mr. Spikky Sparrow stood; Mrs. Sparrow sate close by, A-making of an insect pie, For her little children five, In the ...Rate it:

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Mr. and Mrs.Spikky Sparrow
Edward Lear
I On a little piece of wood, Mr. Spikky Sparrow stood; Mrs. Sparrow sate close by, A-making of an insect pie, For her little children five, In the ...Rate it:

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Sparrow Hills
Boris Pasternak
Breasts beneath kisses, as though under a tap! Summer’s stream won’t run for ever. We can’t pump out the accordion’s roar night after night, in a d...Rate it:

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Sparrow singing
Yosa Buson
Sparrow singing-- its tiny mouth open. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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The Book of Phillip Sparrow
John Skelton
Pla ce bo, Who is there, who? Di le xi, Dame Margery; Fa, re, my, my, Wherfore and why, why? For the sowle of Philip Sparowe, That was late slayn a...Rate it:

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The Lonely Sparrow
Count Giacomo Leopardi
Thou from the top of yonder antique tower, O lonely sparrow, wandering, hast gone, Thy song repeating till the day is done, And through this valley...Rate it:

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The Owl And The Sparrow
John Trumbull
In elder days, in Saturn's prime, Ere baldness seized the head of Time, While truant Jove, in infant pride, Play'd barefoot on Olympus' side, Each ...Rate it:

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The Song Sparrow
Archibald Lampman
Fair little scout, that when the iron year Changes, and the first fleecy clouds deploy, Comest with such a sudden burst of joy, Lifting on winter's...Rate it:

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The Sparrow
Paul Laurence Dunbar
A LITTLE bird, with plumage brown, Beside my window flutters down, A moment chirps its little strain, Then taps upon my window-pane, And chirps aga...Rate it:

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The Sparrow And The Hen
Charles Lamb
A sparrow, when sparrows like parrots could speak, Addressed an old hen who could talk like a jay: Said he, 'It's unjust that we sparrows must seek...Rate it:

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The Sparrow's Fall
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Too frail to soar -- a feeble thing -- It fell to earth with fluttering wing; But God, who watches over all, Beheld that little sparrow's fall. ...Rate it:

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The Sparrow's Nest
William Wordsworth
BEHOLD, within the leafy shade, Those bright blue eggs together laid! On me the chance-discovered sight Gleamed like a vision of delight. I started...Rate it:

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The Turtle And Sparrow. An Elegiac Tale
Matthew Prior
Behind an unfrequented glade, Where yew and myrtle mix their shade, A widow Turtle pensive sat, And wept her murder'd lover's fate. The Sparrow ch...Rate it:

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To A Sparrow
Francis Ledwidge
Because you have no fear to mingle Wings with those of greater part, So like me, with song I single Your sweet impudence of heart. And when proude...Rate it:

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