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The House of Socrates
Anne Kingsmill Finch
FOR Socrates a House was built, Of but inferiour Size; Not highly Arch'd, nor Carv'd, nor Gilt; The Man, 'tis said, was Wise. But Mob despis...Rate it:

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Edward Young
Night is fair Virtue's immemorial friend. The conscious moon through every distant age Has held a lamp to Wisdom, and let fall On Contemplation's e...Rate it:

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The Dancing Socrates
Julian Tuwim
I roast in the sun, old wretch... I lie, and yawn, I stretch. Old am I, but full of pep: When I take a slug from the cup I sing. My ancient bones b...Rate it:

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A Poet's Voice XV
Khalil Gibran
Jesus listened, and crucifixion was his lot; Socrates heard the voice and followed it, and he too fRate it:

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The Base Of All Metaphysics
Walt Whitman
and Hegel, Stated the lore of Plato--and Socrates, greater than Plato, And greater than SocraRate it:

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Ballade adresse a Geoffrey Chaucer
Eustache Deschamps
. Grant translateur, noble Geoffrey Chaucier. O Socrates, filled with philosophy, Seneca in moralsRate it:

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A poem, on the rising glory of America
Hugh Henry Brackenridge
of mighty genius rise Smooth flowing Plato, Socrates and him Who with resistless eloquence reviv'Rate it:

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Hans Christian Andersen
— - I Ægteskabs-Sø skal der findes en Klippe, Af Socrates blev den betegnet Xanthippe. Y. YgdrRate it:

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Ad Astra
George Essex Evans
crest To Bruno’s flaming bier. “They gave to Socrates the poisoned bowl, They closed Hypatia’s noRate it:

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All the Hills and Vales Along
Charles Hamilton Sorley
that bore with joyful ease Hemlock for Socrates, Earth that blossomed and was glad 'Neath the crossRate it:

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An Ancient to Ancients
Thomas Hardy
their long last, Gentlemen. Sophocles, Plato, Socrates, Gentlemen, Pythagoras, Thucydides, HeRate it:

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An Ode - Inscribed To The Memory Of The Hon. Colonel George Villiers
Matthew Prior
and of men have died, Maecenas, Sackville, Socrates, and Hyde; And in their various turns the sons Rate it:

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Archibald MacLeish
Vergilius on bees, The nose and Dialogues of Socrates, Don Quixote, Hudibras and Trinculo, How wRate it:

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Eugene Field
years I've brushed thee every day- Could Socrates have better done? What though the fates would wreRate it:

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Alfred Noyes
you can. You must never, never, never Think that Socrates was clever. The cleverest thing I ever knRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Seventeenth
George Gordon Lord Byron
a consolation to his dust. Pythagoras, Locke, Socrates - but pages Might be filled up, as vainly Rate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Seventh
George Gordon Lord Byron
which is best, you know no more than I. Socrates said, our only knowledge was 'To know that nothiRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Thirteenth
George Gordon Lord Byron
riddle, Fame through thin and thick sought! And Socrates himself but Wisdom's Quixote? CervantesRate it:

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Epipsychidion: Passages Of The Poem, Or Connected Therewith
Percy Bysshe Shelley
be Reviewed, I hear, in the next Quarterly; And Socrates, the Jesus Christ of Greece, And Jesus ChrRate it:

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Epistle To John Hamilton Reynolds
John Keats
And Alexander with his nightcap on; Old Socrates a-tying his cravat, And Hazlitt playing with MiRate it:

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Geoffrey Chaucer
my socour, For fynally Fortune, I thee defye. O Socrates, thou stidfast champioun, She never mightRate it:

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Here I sit with my paper…
Percy Bysshe Shelley
the pun, Your writings may then with old Socrates vie, May on the same shelf with Demosthenes lie, Rate it:

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How Fortunate the Man with None
Bertolt Brecht
the man with none. You heard of honest Socrates The man who never lied: They weren't so grateful aRate it:

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L'Homme Moyen Sensuel
Ezra Pound
saccharine. The constitution of our land, O Socrates, Was made to incubate such mediocrities, TheseRate it:

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Neoclassoromanticisim Philosophy In Postmodernisim
Mustafa Kenj
finds a mother of tranquility a father of peace Socrates therefore I am, mere the conscious feels aRate it:

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