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Sixty to Sixteen
Victor James Daley
If I were young as you, Sixteen, And you were old as I, I would not be as I have been, You would not be so shy— We should not watch with care...Rate it:

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Advice To An Old Man of Sixty Three About To Marry a Girle of Sixteen
Thomas Flatman
Now fie upon him! what is Man, Whose life at best is but a span? When to an inch it dwindles down, Ice in his bones, snow on his Crown, That he...Rate it:

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Sixteen Dead Men
William Butler Yeats
O BUT we talked at large before The sixteen men were shot, But who can talk of give and take, What should be and what not While those dead men are ...Rate it:

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A Song Of Sixty-Five
Robert William Service
Brave Thackeray has trolled of days when he was twenty-one, And bounded up five flights of stairs, a gallant garreteer; And yet again in mellow vei...Rate it:

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Sixty Years Ago
Alice Guerin Crist
I The double-blossomed peach-trees with rosy bloom were gay When grandpa rode beneath them upon his courting way, From the white gate to the homest...Rate it:

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When The Sword Of Sixty Comes Nigh His Head
Hakim Abu'l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi Firdowsi
When the sword of sixty comes nigh his head give a man no wine, for he is drunk with years. Age claps a stick in my bridle-hand: substance spent, h...Rate it:

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After Sixty Years
Edith Nesbit
RING, bells! flags, fly! and let the great crowd roar Its ecstasy. Let the hid heart in prayer Lift up your name. God bless you evermore, Lady, ...Rate it:

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Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Four
Henry Kendall
I HEAR no footfall beating through the dark, A lonely gust is loitering at the pane; There is no sound within these forests stark Beyond a splash o...Rate it:

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Meditation Sixty-Two
Edward Taylor
Second Series Canticle 1: 12: While the king sitteth at his table, my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof. Oh! thou, my Lord, thou king of ...Rate it:

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Carl Sandburg
I am singing to you Soft as a man with a dead child speaks; Hard as a man in handcuffs, Held where he cannot move: Under the sun Are sixteen milli...Rate it:

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Sitting by the Fire
Henry Kendall
Barren Age and withered World! Oh! the dying leaves, Like a drizzling rain, Falling round the roof - Pattering on the pane! Frosty Age and cold, co...Rate it:

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Veni Vidi Vici
Alan Parry-Booth
VENI VIDI VICI The World Cup Competition 2015. All eyes were on New Zealand to lift the cherished prize World Champions and fighting fit in everyb...Rate it:

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Harvest Time
Charles Henry Souter
When the cranky German waggon, With its ten or fifteen bag on Comes a-jerkin’ and a-joltin’ down the dusty, limestone street, And the “Norther’s” b...Rate it:

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On The Death Of The Same Revered Nun...
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
In Memoriam. Grief reigns now within the convent walls, And sadly float through its silent halls The notes of a requiem—solemn, clear, Falling lik...Rate it:

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The Sheep-Washers' Lament
Andrew Barton Paterson
Come now, ye sighing washers all, Join in my doleful lay, Mourn for the times none can recall, With hearts to grief a prey. We'll mourn the washer'...Rate it:

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Death In A Ball-Room
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Oh many, many thus have died, alas, Children, poor things! The grave will have its prey. Some flowers must still be mown down with the grass, And i...Rate it:

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La Bouquetiere
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Buy my roses, citizens,-- Here are roses golden white, Like the stars that lovers watch On a purple summer night. Here are roses ruddy red, Here ar...Rate it:

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Life From 1835 to 1851
William Gay
And, now, a vacancy occurs, For very nearly sixteen years, In which I'd not the least desire, To strike the harp or tune the lyre. But having left ...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of The Irish Revolution
Liam Ó Comáin
Oh, let us recall the courage of the volunteers Of Nineteen and Sixteen who willingly gave Their lives for the freedom of Ireland. ~ Justified in t...Rate it:

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The Great Titanic
Anonymous Americas
It was on one Monday morning just about one o'clock When that great Titanic began to reel and rock; People began to scream and cry, Saying, 'Lor...Rate it:

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The Kerrigan Boys
Edward Harrington
By jove it’s hot on the track today, my flannel is soaked with sweat. I think I’ll sit in the shade a bit and wait for the sun to set. I know of a ...Rate it:

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An honest Valentine
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
Returned from the Dead-Letter Office THANK you for your kindness, Lady fair and wise, Though love's famed for blindness, Lovers--hem! for lies....Rate it:

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Daphne to Apollo. Imitated From The First Book Of Ovid's Metamorphosis
Matthew Prior
Apollo. Abate, fair fugitive, abate thy speed, Dismiss thy fears, and turn thy beauteous head; With kind regard a panting lover view; Less swiftl...Rate it:

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Charles Churchill
fifty Cupids, as in ambush, lie, Which can from sixty to sixteen impart The force of Love, and poinRate it:

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My Husbands
Robert William Service
My first I wed when just sixteen And he was sixty-five. He treated me like any queen The years he was alive. Oh I betrayed him on the sly, Like any...Rate it:

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