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Six Septets To Honor The Spring Of 1905
Franz Werfel
Maria Immisch was the springtime. With feeling and reverence I snatch her adored name from the underworld. When I was fifteen in '05, that year ...Rate it:

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October 21, 1905
George Meredith
The hundred years have passed, and he Whose name appeased a nation's fears, As with a hand laid over sea; To thunder through the foeman's ears Defe...Rate it:

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Sonnets of the Empire: Australia 1905
Archibald Thomas Strong
Careless she lies along the Southern Main, The lovely maiden, wanton with the spell Of sun and vastness and the ocean swell: Northward the great...Rate it:

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The Greatest Honor For Me
Nikhil Parekh
It was the greatest honor for me on this fathomless planet; to forever close my lids after sighting the whites of your majestically impeccable eyes...Rate it:

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Honor Among Scamps
Vachel Lindsay
We are the smirched. Queen Honor is the spotless. We slept thro' wars where Honor could not sleep. We were faint-hearted. Honor was full-valiant....Rate it:

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Faith & Honor
Kurt Philip Behm
All faith bestowed, —all honor secured (Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2016)Rate it:

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Honor To Woman
Friedrich Schiller
Honor to woman! To her it is given To garden the earth with the roses of heaven! All blessed, she linketh the loves in their choir In the veil of...Rate it:

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Love and Honor
William Shenstone
Sed neque Medorum silvae, ditissima terra Nec pulcher Ganges, atque auro turbidus Haemus, Laudibus Angligenum certent; non Bactra, nec Indi, Totaqu...Rate it:

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Lines In A Letter To His Lady Cousin, Honor Driden, Who Had Given Him A Silver Inkstand, With A Set Of Writing Materials, 1655
John Dryden
For since 'twas mine, the white hath lost its hue, To show 'twas ne'er it self but whilst in you, The virgin wax hath blushed it self to red Since ...Rate it:

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Tenets Of Honor
Kurt Philip Behm
Verbal contracts… commerce of indemnity Trading intention —marketplace sublime (Dreamsleep: February, 2020)Rate it:

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To my Honor'd Friend, Dr. Charleton (excerpt)
John Dryden
The longest tyranny that ever sway'd Was that wherein our ancestors betray'd Their free-born reason to the Stagirite, And made his torc...Rate it:

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Claude McKay
Merry voices chatterin', Nimble feet dem patterin', Big an' little, faces gay, Happy day dis market day. Sateday, de marnin' break, Soon, soon mar...Rate it:

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Aren't You Glad?: six feet under
Kenneth R. Jenkins
Aren't you glad you're here today? Instead of six feet underground Not hearing those sad slow songs Crying over you anyway. Don't trip that your d...Rate it:

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If I had six white horses
Lesbia Harford
If I had six white horses And six sturdy friends, I'd sell them into slavery, If that would gain your ends. I'd sell them into slavery, If you...Rate it:

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Six Feet Of Sod
Robert William Service
This is the end of all my ways, My wanderings on earth, My gloomy and my golden days, My madness and my mirth. I've bought ten thousand...Rate it:

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Song Of The Six Hundred M.P.'S
Ezra Pound
‘We are 'ere met together in this momentous hower, Ter lick th' bankers' dirty boots an' keep the Bank in power.’ We are 'ere met together ter gri...Rate it:

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I Keep Six Honest...
Rudyard Kipling
I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who. I send them over land a...Rate it:

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Depuis six mille ans la guerre
Victor Marie Hugo
Depuis six mille ans la guerre Plait aux peuples querelleurs, Et Dieu perd son temps à faire Les étoiles et les fleurs. Les conseils du ciel im...Rate it:

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Six Weeks Old
Christopher Morley
HE is so small he does not know The summer sun, the winter snow; The spring that ebbs and comes again, All this is far beyond his ken. A little...Rate it:

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Collection of Six Haiku
Matsuo Basho
Waking in the night; the lamp is low, the oil freezing. It has rained enough to turn the stubble on the field black. Winter rain falls ...Rate it:

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First Six Verses Of The Ninetieth Psalm Versified, The
Robert Burns
O Thou, the first, the greatest friend Of all the human race! Whose strong right hand has ever been Their stay and dwelling place! Before the moun...Rate it:

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Joseph’s Dreams and Reuben's Brethren [A Recital in Six Chapters]
Henry Lawson
CHAPTER I I cannot blame old Israel yet, For I am not a sage— I shall not know until I get The son of my old age. The mysteries of this Vale of Te...Rate it:

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On Six Cambridge Lasses Bathing Themselves
Thomas Randolph
1 When bashfull daylight now was gone 2 And night, that hides a blush, came on. 3 Sixe Pretty Nymphes to wash away 4 The sweatinge ...Rate it:

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William Cullen Bryant
What heroes from the woodland sprung, When, through the fresh awakened land, The thrilling cry of freedom rung, And to the work of warfare strung T...Rate it:

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Six O'Clock
Trumbull Stickney
Now burst above the city's cold twilight The piercing whistles and the tower-clocks: For day is done. Along the frozen docks The workmen set their...Rate it:

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