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Screaming Loud
Kurt Philip Behm
the verse carved through the silence, —until screaming loud (Haiku Alliteration: Villanova PenRate it:

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the tragedy of the leaves
Charles Bukowski
me to hell, waving her fat, sweaty arms and screaming screaming for rent because the world had Rate it:

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God's Judgment on a Wicked Bishop
Robert Southey
two eyes of flame On his pillow from whence the screaming came. He listen'd and look'd;... it was Rate it:

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In the Stable
Andrew Barton Paterson
tank. Go? She went mad! She went tearing and screaming with fear through the trees, While the cuRate it:

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they're having fun And to them, you're another screaming voice, you're no one They pretend not toRate it:

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Teapots and Quails
Edward Lear
and Beams, Thimbles and Creams, Set him a screaming and hark! how he screams! .. Houses and Kings, Rate it:

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The Battle Of Liège
Dana Burnet
cold moon’s hair! Man and beast lay hurt and screaming, (Men must die when Kings are dreaming!)— Rate it:

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The Santa-Fe Trail (A Humoresque)
Vachel Lindsay

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Passionate Love
Nikhil Parekh
shout more than necessary; as unprecedented screaming; foments the chords in your throat to wear ouRate it:

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Anna Akhmatova
. . [1938] V For seventeen months I have been screaming, Calling you home. I've thrown myself at Rate it:

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Saša Milivojev - LIFT
Saša Milivojev
pushed number two Afraid of unease and memories Screaming I was five On the third floor I saw A mulRate it:

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Saša Milivojev
bridges bleeding bloodstained wedding guests are screaming Little white coffins Maternal howls AboRate it:

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Struggle within
Kenny Honeycutt
I ran as fast as I could. Screaming that I'm not ready yet I have not lived.. I need more time. But there was no escaping It caught me Grabbed me...Rate it:

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The Spider
Jane Taylor
look at that great ugly spider!" said Ann; And screaming, she brush'd it away with her fan; "'TisRate it:

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To The Rock That Will Be A Cornerstone Of The House
Robinson Jeffers
the hilltop in December, sea-gulls following, Screaming in the black furrow; no one Touched you witRate it:

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sonja votolen
there alone and slippers under the bed are screaming your name My whisper's crying in the rain You Rate it:

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A Sybil
Rainer Maria Rilke
will grow too crowded to relieve. Flapping and screaming, words are flying all Around her. Then, Rate it:

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James Macpherson
the ocean is rolling near. My son looks on screaming sea-fowl, a young wanderer on the field. Give Rate it:

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Jennifer Juan
At 03:59, I am ravishing in rubble, screaming the house down, as you kiss me, kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me seven times...Rate it:

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A Dead Sea-Gull
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
across the main, Mocking the hurricane, Screaming with shrill delight When the great ship went dRate it:

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A Fairy Tale In The Ancient English Style
Thomas Parnell
and whistled loud, To warn them all to go. Then screaming all at once they fly, And all at once theRate it:

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A Million Dead Blades
Kurt Philip Behm
to know me As I tramped them down I heard screaming with each One I smashed “It’s always the grassRate it:

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Afton Water
Robert Burns
den, 7 Thou green-crested lapwing, thy screaming forbear, 8 I charge you disturb not my sluRate it:

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America, A Prophecy
William Blake
on high my spirit soars; Sometimes an Eagle screaming in the sky, sometimes a Lion Stalking upRate it:

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At Sea
Sara Teasdale
me, wild water under me, Whipped by the storm, screaming and calling. Earth is hostile and the seaRate it:

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