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Alfred Comyn Lyall
Mors Janua Vitae. I am the God of the sensuous fire That moulds all Nature in forms divine; The symbols of death and of man’s desire, The sprin...Rate it:

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Skeleton Group in the Ramedwur, Caves of Ellora
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Supposed to represent the nuptials of Siva and Parvati. He comes from Kilas, earth and sky, Bright before the deity; The sun shines, as he shone w...Rate it:

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Hurdwar * A Place of Hindoo Pilgrimage
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
I LOVE the feeling which, in former days, Sent men to pray amid the desert's gloom, Where hermits left a cell, or saints a tomb ; Good springs alik...Rate it:

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Ek Roj.
Ek Roj Juda Ho Jaungi.______
Ek roj Juda ho jaungi , Na Jane kahan kho jaungi , Tum lakh pukaroge mujhko, Awaz na main sun paungi , Jab Raat ko sone jaoge, Tasveer meri jab dek...Rate it:

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Maran-Milan (Death-Wedding)
Rabindranath Tagore
Why do you speak so softly, Death, Death, Creep upon me, watch me so stealthily? This is not how a lover should behave. When evening flowers droop ...Rate it:

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Tera Isqe Love POEM By KulDeep Sharma
KulDeep Sharma
Poem: Tera Isqe Poet: KulDeep Sharma सुखन ता-ब-लब तेरा नाम रहता है, तेरे सिवा, जिस्म रूह में कुछ नहीं रहता है। Sukhan Ta-B-Lab Tera Naam Rahta Hai...Rate it:

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What Happened
Rudyard Kipling
Hurree Chunder Mookerjee, pride of Bow Bazaar, Owner of a native press, "Barrishter-at-Lar," Waited on the Government with a claim to wear Sabres b...Rate it:

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