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Running On!
William Henry Ogilvie
of the light is almost gone, But hark! They're running! They're running on ! The count of the yeRate it:

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Green Fields And Running Brooks
James Whitcomb Riley
Ho! green fields and running brooks! Knotted strings and fishing-hooks Of the truant, stealing down Weedy backways of the town. Where the sunshine...Rate it:

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Running To Paradise
William Butler Yeats
Gap They threw a halfpenny into my cap. For I am running to paradise; And all that I need do is to Rate it:

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clouds're running past
Masaoka Shiki
clouds're running past running after clouds the Storm Day Rate it:

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Kurt Philip Behm
Running from who you are —the end closes in Where robbed of any more new beginnings The past and future now get to choose As time perpetual blin...Rate it:

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A Baby Running Barefoot
David Herbert Lawrence
When the bare feet of the baby beat across the grass The little white feet nod like white flowers in the wind, They poise and run like ripples la...Rate it:

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The Spring Running
Rudyard Kipling
Man goes to Man! Cry the challenge through the Jungle! He that was our Brother goes away. Hear, now, and judge, O ye People of the Jungle-- Answer,...Rate it:

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The Find
Charles Kingsley
Yon sound's neither sheep-bell nor bark, They're running-they're running, Go hark! The sport may be lost by a moment's delay; So whip up the puppie...Rate it:

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The Eumerella Shore
Andrew Barton Paterson
will never be impounded any more; For you're running, running, running on the duffer's piece of lanRate it:

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San Stefano
Sir Henry Newbolt
men and more, Nine and forty guns in tackle running free; And they cheered her from the shore for hRate it:

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The All Right Un
Andrew Barton Paterson
and he Is a all right un. "Just now we're running byes, But, sir, first time he tries I'll senRate it:

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The Bridge: Cutty Sark
Harold Hart Crane
gleaming of his mind; or are there frontiers—running sands sometimes running sands—somewhere—sanRate it:

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The Mylora Elopement
Andrew Barton Paterson
selection, looking for a station 'oss That was running in the ranges with a mob of outlaws wild. Rate it:

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A New Girl Up At White’s
Edward George Dyson
their chances are so slim— While they are running after Kitty, She is running after Jim. Rate it:

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A Smuggler's Song
Rudyard Kipling
wall, my darling, while the Gentlemen go by! Running round the woodlump if you chance to find LittRate it:

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James Hogg
the eel has ta'en the sand, Aikendrum. Donald's running 'round and 'round, Aikendrum, Aikendrum, DRate it:

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An April Adoration
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
up to God a psalm of praise. Laughed the running sap in every vein, Laughed the running flurries oRate it:

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An Unwritten Tragedy
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Ho, ye that thirst beside the running stream! Love is a running stream, whose waters flow Upon the earth, and who would drink thereof Must bend him...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
shall I tell you? – Nay, that is why I go. I am running away from the battlefield, Turning my baRate it:

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Antwerp To Ghent
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
the road. The thin swift moon Runs with the running clouds that are the sky, And with the runningRate it:

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Aunt Dorothy's Lecture
Ada Cambridge
should not be seen (I don't wish to be harsh) Running wild, like the servant-girls, For a red coat Rate it:

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Babs Malone
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
took up its position With a view of making running on the inside of the track. Oh, Gaylad was a Rate it:

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Backyard Fences
Mario William Vitale
its the cause for religion in certain circles running Light of illumination who gets the getawaRate it:

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Ballade 1
Eustache Deschamps
very proud of his swiftness, Of running ten miles in one breath, And Rate it:

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Cleaning Up
Edward George Dyson
old machine, And the water o'er the sluice is running evenly and clean; When there's thirty load beRate it:

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