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Regina Cœle
Coventry Patmore
Say, did his sisters wonder what could Joseph see In a mild, silent little Maid like thee? And was it awful, in that narrow house, With God for Bab...Rate it:

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La Regina Avrillouse
Ezra Pound
Lady of rich allure, Queen of the spring's embrace, Your arms are long like boughs of ash, Mid laugh-broken streams, spirit of rain unsure, Bre...Rate it:

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Victoria Regina
Sir Henry Newbolt
A thousand years by sea and land Our race hath served the island kings, But not by custom's dull command To-day with song her Empire rings: Not al...Rate it:

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Così fan tutte (Atto secondo)
Lorenzo Da Ponte
Atto secondo Scena prima Camera. Fiordiligi, Dorabella e Despina. DESPINA Andate là, che siete Due bizzarre ragazze! FIORDILIGI Oh, cospett...Rate it:

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A Carrier Song
Francis Thompson
I. Since you have waned from us, Fairest of women! I am a darkened cage Song cannot hymn in. My songs have followed you, Like birds the summer; Ah...Rate it:

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An Orphan's Lament
Anne Brontë
She's gone -- and twice the summer's sun Has gilt Regina's towers, And melted wild Angora's snows, And warmed Exina's bowers. The flowerets twice ...Rate it:

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In Effigiem Oliveri Cromwell
Andrew Marvell
Haec est quae toties Inimicos Umbra fugavit, At sub qua Cives Otia lenta terunt. In eandem Reginae Sueciae transmissam Bellipotens Virgo, septem Re...Rate it:

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Le Monocle de Mon Oncle
Wallace Stevens
“Mother of heaven, regina of the clouds, O sceptre of the sun, crown of the moon, There is not nothing, no, no, never nothing, Like the clashed ...Rate it:

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The Son In Old Age
Victor Marie Hugo
Thy noble face, Regina, calls to mind My poor lost little one, my latest born. He was a gift from God--a sign of pardon-- That child vouchsafed me ...Rate it:

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