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Punch Song (To be sung in the Northern Countries)
Friedrich Schiller
On the mountain's breezy summit, Where the southern sunbeams shine, Aided by their warming vigor, Nature yields the golden wine. How the wondrou...Rate it:

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Song of The Western Countries
Georg Trakl
Oh the nighttime beating of the soul’s wings: Herders of sheep once, we walked along the forests that were growing dark, And the red deer, the gree...Rate it:

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Punch Song
Friedrich Schiller
Four elements, joined in Harmonious strife, Shadow the world forth, And typify life. Into the goblet The lemon's juice pour; Acid is ever ...Rate it:

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Chanson du bol de punch
Victor Marie Hugo
Je suis la flamme bleue. J'habite la banlieue, Le vallon, le coteau ; Sous l'if et le mélèze, J'erre au Père-Lachaise, J'erre au Campo-Santo. ...Rate it:

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Elegy XIV. Declining an Invitation To Visit Foreign Countries
William Shenstone

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Sonnet L: As in Some Countries
Michael Drayton
As in some countries far remote from hence The wretched creature destined to die, Having the judgement due to his offence, By surgeons begg'd, t...Rate it:

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The Punch
Nikhil Parekh
When I punched a bag replete with mud; overflowing to the brim with bountiful food grain, There flew tones of dust in the still air; of which som...Rate it:

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Your Song Has Sung
Kurt Philip Behm
Can you write in spite of comment, can your soul withstand the pain Can you free those words hid deepest, can you shoulder all the blame Can ...Rate it:

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Old Song Re-Sung
Katharine Tynan
I saw three ships a-sailing, A-sailing on the sea, The first her masts were silver, Her hull was ivory. The snows came drifting softly, And lin...Rate it:

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A Song from Shakespeare's Cymbeline Sung by Guiderus and Ar
William Taylor Collins
To fair Fidele's grassy tomb Soft maids and village hinds shall bring Each op'ning sweet, of earliest bloom, And rifle all the breathi...Rate it:

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An Old Song Re-sung
Padraic Colum
As I went down through Dublin city At the hour of twelve of the night, Who did I see but a Spanish lady Washing her feet by candle light. First she...Rate it:

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The Sword Of The Tomb : A Northern Legend
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
'Voice of the gifted elder time! Voice of the charm and the Runic rhyme! Speak! from the shades and the depths disclose, How Sigurd may vanquish hi...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of The Northern Lights
Robert William Service
One of the Down and Out--that's me. Stare at me well, ay, stare! Stare and shrink--say! you wouldn't think that I was a millionaire. Look at my fac...Rate it:

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The northern lights
Robert curran
-- Where clouds banter Where eagles dare Up without a care Some how up The setting sun Goes not there Beyond the moon We’ll see very soon A comet A...Rate it:

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In Memoriam A. H. H.: 83. Dip down upon the northern shore
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Dip down upon the northern shore O sweet new-year delaying long; Thou doest expectant nature wrong; Delaying long, delay no mo...Rate it:

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This Gloomy Northern Day
Robert Louis Stevenson
THIS gloomy northern day, Or this yet gloomier night, Has moved a something high In my cold heart; and I, That do not often pray, Would pray to-nig...Rate it:

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Army Of Northern Virginia
Stephen Vincent Benet
Army of Northern Virginia, army of legend, Who were your captains that you could trust them so surely? Who were your battle-flags? Call the shapes...Rate it:

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I Always Like The Northern Birches
Afanasy Afanasyevich Fet
I always s like the northern birches: Their view, so downcast and grave, The fever, which poor souls scorches, Cools like the mute speech of a gra...Rate it:

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My northern blood exults to face
Alfred Austin
My northern blood exults to face The rapture of this rough embrace, Glowing in every vein to feel The cordial caress of steel From spear-blue air a...Rate it:

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O Dull Cold Northern Sky
Robert Louis Stevenson
O DULL cold northern sky, O brawling sabbath bells, O feebly twittering Autumn bird that tells The year is like to die! O still, spoiled trees, O ...Rate it:

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A Northern Legend
William Cullen Bryant
FROM THE GERMAN OF UHLAND. There sits a lovely maiden, The ocean murmuring nigh; She throws the hook, and watches; The fishes pass it by. A ring,...Rate it:

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A Northern Suburb
John Davidson
Nature selects the longest way,  And winds about in tortuous grooves; A thousand years the oaks decay;  The wrinkled glacier hardly moves. But her...Rate it:

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Blow, Northern Wind
Anonymous Americas
Blow, northerne wynd, Send thou me my suetyng! Blow, northerne wynd, Blou, blou, blou! Ichot a burde in bour{.e} bryht, That...Rate it:

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In A Northern Wood
Katharine Lee Bates
FRAGRANT are the cedar-boughs stretching green and level, Feasting-halls where waxwings flit at their spicy revel, But O the pine, the questing pin...Rate it:

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Northern Farmer: New Style
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Dosn't thou 'ear my 'erse's legs, as they canters awaäy? Proputty, proputty, proputty--that's what I 'ears 'em saäy. Proputty, proputty, pr...Rate it:

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