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Ode To Psyche
John Keats
I dreamt to-day, or did I see The winged Psyche with awaken'd eyes? I wander'd in a forest Rate it:

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Jones Very
I SAW a worm, with many a fold; It spun itself a sliken tomb; And there in winter time enrolled, It heeded not the cold or gloom. Within a sma...Rate it:

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The butterfly the ancient Grecians made The soul's fair emblem, and its only name-- But of the soul, escaped the slavish trade Of mortal life !--Fo...Rate it:

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Speech For Psyche In The Golden Book Of Apuleius
Ezra Pound
All night, and as the wind lieth among The cypress trees, he lay, Nor held me save as air that brusheth by one Close, and as the petals of flowers ...Rate it:

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The Princess (part 3)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
her wont from night to night To rail at Lady Psyche and her side. She says the Princess should haRate it:

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Vachel Lindsay
UNDER THE BLESSING OF YOUR PSYCHE WINGS Though I have found you llke a snow-drop pale, On sunny days have found you weak and still, Though I have...Rate it:

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The Princess (part 7)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
me, more than infants in their sleep. But Psyche tended Florian: with her oft, Melissa came; foRate it:

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To -- -- --. Ulalume: A Ballad
Edgar Allan Poe
roamed with my Soul- Of cypress, with Psyche, my Soul. There were days when my hearRate it:

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A Fable
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
green leaves fluttering Saw Joy uprise on Psyche wing: Eagerly, too eagerly We followed after,--Rate it:

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The Princess (part 2)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
noble. Leave us: you may go: Today the Lady Psyche will harangue The fresh arrivals of the weekRate it:

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The Princess (part 6)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
And grovelled on my body, and after him Came Psyche, sorrowing for Aglaïa. But high upon the palRate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
alone, With your figure carved of fervor, as the Psyche carved of stone, There came to me no murmurRate it:

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Foreboding Providence
Gregory Cicio
clutter corners of my mind. Across my very psyche lay the hopes I've left behind. Loss and fear ofRate it:

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Juliet After The Masquerade. By Thompson
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
the life of earth than that of heaven. 'Twas PSYCHE and her boy-god, so divine They turn'd the terrRate it:

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A Lion Chases
Kurt Philip Behm
upon the fly As man continues onward, his psyche then will grow Until surpassing all he seeks —anRate it:

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A Maiden To Her Mirror
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
full throat would bring despair To Venus or to Psyche. Time and care Will fade these locks; thRate it:

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A million miles from now
Jason Berger (Amarantine)
the magick and the sight. Made of logic and a psyche. Weary traveler, bow your head. Resting on ultRate it:

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A Plan The Muses Entertained
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Muses entertain'd Methodically to impart To Psyche the poetic art; Prosaic-pure her soul remain'dRate it:

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A Vision Of Repentance
Charles Lamb
shades came slow a small and plaintive sound. 'Psyche am I, who love to dwell In these brown shadeRate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
not look where the snail and the slug lie For Psyche's birth. . . . And that is our death! Rate it:

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Cupid Far Gone
Richard Lovelace
III. Jealous of his chast Psyche, raging he Quarrels with student Mercurie, AnRate it:

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George Gordon Lord Byron
who lives, and him who dies. 'Twere sweet, my Psyche! to the last Thy features still serene to seeRate it:

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Henri de Regnier
Le bûcher dressé là pour ce nouvel Hercule, Emplit l’horizon rouge et le ciel empourpré ; Et la nuit s’illumine et tout entière brûle A l’ardente s...Rate it:

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Here But Gone
Kurt Philip Behm
are slower, the flash that accepts What our psyche affirms —now gone and reset (Villanova PennsyRate it:

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Hvis Thorvaldsen Dig saae, o, søde Lykke
Hans Christian Andersen
o, søde Lykke: Han Dig i Marmor gav, — og vi fik Psyche. Rate it:

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