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Nothing But Pretend
Kurt Philip Behm
past and future just a myth, —and nothing but pretend (Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2017)Rate it:

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To Pretend
Kurt Philip Behm
in the end The fodder of memory —and you to pretend (Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2015)Rate it:

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pretending for the sake of others
Paige Morgan
I sit here, and pretend that I can float. I always keep my back against the wall. I hide my tears in a secret room no one can see. I'm afraid if...Rate it:

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Moonlight Sonata
Abinash Parajuli
by tide is so happy that I can’t laugh Can’t pretend to smile can’t pretend to be happy The more I Rate it:

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Lola Ridge
has gone away and left his great coat… so you pretend… you see his face up in the ceiling. WhenRate it:

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another screaming voice, you're no one They pretend not to hear, they pretend it's all right TheyRate it:

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Lines and Squares
Alan Alexander Milne
on a line." And some of the bigger bears try to pretend That they came round the corner to look forRate it:

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Elinor Morton Wylie
us change the theme. Let us at least pretend--it may be true-- That we can close our lips on poisRate it:

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The Alley
Lola Ridge
to be sad when you are four years old, so you pretend you like the bitter gold-pale tea— you pretenRate it:

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The Emulation
Sarah Fyge
Should we attempt the Sciences and Arts; Pretend they were design'd for them alone, So keep us FoRate it:

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The Valediction
William Cowper
Made you a peer, but spoilt you for a friend! Pretend to all that parts have e'er acquired; Be greRate it:

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To Songs At the Marriage Of The Lord Fauconberg And The Lady Mary Cromwell
Andrew Marvell
Reason use. Endymion Though I so high may not pretend, It is the same so you descend. Cynthia TheRate it:

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An Essay On The Different Stiles Of Poetry
Thomas Parnell
Sense. Can things like these to lasting Praise pretend? Can any Muse the worthless Toil befriend? YRate it:

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Eminem Is My Friend
Mario William Vitale
wearing don't try to scare them a need to pretend Slim Shady just left for the Navy working onRate it:

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Dualocity.. Da Da Dun
Ryza Reazon
that it’s all Again and again As time and time pretendRate it:

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Facing Time With The Lord !
Misty Myers
daughter, I’ve always loved you and it’s not for pretend. Then the lord said , If your falling aparRate it:

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William Cowper
rather constellation. No knave but boldly will pretend The requisites that form a friend, A real aRate it:

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Robert William Service
talking rot,--I'm really not As dumb as I pretend; But happiness, I dimly guess, Is whaRate it:

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Just Having Fun
Mario William Vitale
who sound the same with empty thoughts I’d pretend to be from the hood and blast guns but I’d failRate it:

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The Dormouse and the Doctor
Alan Alexander Milne
imagined himself such a pleasant surprise: "I'll pretend the chrysanthemums turn to a bed Of delphiRate it:

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The White Wido
James Stephens
to peep Through the window where I lie, And I pretend to be asleep; But I watch the moon as it Rate it:

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An Extempore
John Keats
many a twist and plait. At last it struck him to pretend to sleep And then the thievish Monkies dowRate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
sun slowly set Shower me with all your love pretending we just met Whenever you need me I'll be theRate it:

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A Confidant Without Knowing It; Or The Stratagem
La Fontaine
prove to be) With various fond attentions, to pretend, He loves me--much beyond a common friend. MyRate it:

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A Description of a City Shower
Jonathan Swift
To Shops in Crouds the dagled Females fly, Pretend to cheapen Goods, but nothing buy. The TempleRate it:

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