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Preaching Vs Practice
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
It is easy to sit in the sunshine And talk to the man in the shade; It is easy to float in a well-trimmed boat, And point out the places to wade....Rate it:

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A Preaching From A Spanish Ballad
George Meredith
I Ladies who in chains of wedlock Chafe at an unequal yoke, Not to nightingales give hearing; Better this, the raven's croak. II Down the Prado ...Rate it:

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Piano Practice
Rainer Maria Rilke
The summer hums. The afternoon fatigues; she breathed her crisp white dress distractedly and put into it that sharply etched etude her impatience f...Rate it:

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Theory And Practice
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The man of God stands, on the Sabbath-day, Warning the sinners from the broad highway That leads to death. He rolls his pious eye, And tells how wi...Rate it:

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Theory And Practice.
Robert Crawford
He has ta'en on a theory, and into it Striven to work his life — a false affair; For every thought and feeling cannot be, Like a mosaic, cut and tr...Rate it:

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A Woeful New Ballad Of The Protestant Conspiracy To Take The Pope’s Life
William Makepeace Thackeray
Come all ye Christian people, unto my tale give ear, 'Tis about a base consperracy, as quickly shall appear; 'Twill make your hair to bristle up, a...Rate it:

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Across the Sea Along the Shore
Arthur Hugh Clough
Across the sea, along the shore, In numbers more and ever more, From lonely hut and busy town, The valley through, the mountain down, What was it y...Rate it:

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Hundreds And Thousands
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
But a scant 2000 folk, no more, Sitting solemn-faced within the pews, While the parsons preach and outward pour, In divers tones, their own peculia...Rate it:

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Liam Ó Comáin
From within the mystery of a Trinity A promised coming to save mankind, Becoming man through a Virgin’s purity- A problem for the human mind For ...Rate it:

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Auri Sacra Fames
George Essex Evans
Now that the gods are dead—where shall we find us a god? Myths of the Greek Olympus have sunk in the surge of Time; And Jehovah, the God of Wrath, ...Rate it:

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Channel Firing
Thomas Hardy
That night your great guns, unawares, Shook all our coffins as we lay, And broke the chancel window-squares, We thought it was the judgement day...Rate it:

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The Character Of A Good Parson. Imitated From Chaucer, And Enlarged
John Dryden
A parish-priest was of the pilgrim-train; An awful, reverend, and religious man. His eyes diffused a venerable grace, And charity itself was in his...Rate it:

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To De Witt Miller
Eugene Field
Dear Miller: You and I despise The cad who gathers books to sell 'em, Be they but sixteen-mos in cloth Or stately folios garbed in vellum. But whe...Rate it:

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Illahi Nama (Book of God)
Farid ud-Din Attar Abu Hamid bin Abu Bakr Ibrahim
In the Book of God (Ilahi-nama) 'Attar framed his mystical teachings in various stories that a caliph tells his six sons, who are kings themselves ...Rate it:

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Ch 08 On Rules For Conduct In Life - Maxim 50
Sa di
A disciple without intention is a lover without money; a traveller without knowledge is a bird without wings; a scholar without practice is a tree ...Rate it:

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Impromptu Lines Addressed To His Cousin, Mrs. Creed, In A Conversation After Dinner On The Origin Of Names
John Dryden
So much religion in your name doth dwell, Your soul must needs with piety excel. Thus names, like well-wrought pictures drawn of old, Their owners'...Rate it:

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Arthur Clement Hilton
I've really done enough of sums, I've done so very many, That now instead of doing sum I'd rather not do any. I've toiled until my ...Rate it:

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Music In The Flat
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
When Tom and I were married, we took a little flat; I had a taste for singing and playing and all that. And Tom, who loved to hear me, said he hop...Rate it:

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Tender Buttons [a Chair]
Gertrude Stein
A CHAIR. A widow in a wise veil and more garments shows that shadows are even. It addresses no more, it shadows the stage and learning. A regular ...Rate it:

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The Farewell
Charles Churchill
_P_. Farewell to Europe, and at once farewell To all the follies which in Europe dwell; To Eastern India now, a richer clime, Richer, alas! in ever...Rate it:

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Ehsan Sehgal
Who has connections, He is great and greeted Who has not, He is minor and mistreated To kill, Innocent Peoples Now it is diplomacy They are keepin...Rate it:

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That's My Final Decision
Mario William Vitale
That's My Final Decision dreams can follow us down to a moment captured in time sub lime in a moment exposed to the message of tender love fr...Rate it:

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Mulholland's Contract
Rudyard Kipling
The fear was on the cattle, for the gale was on the sea, An' the pens broke up on the lower deck an' let the creatures free -- An' the lights went ...Rate it:

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The Call Of The Wild
Robert William Service
Have you gazed on naked grandeur where there's nothing else to gaze on, Set pieces and drop-curtain scenes galore, Big mountains heaved to heav...Rate it:

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The Friar's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer
This worthy limitour, this noble Frere, He made always a manner louring cheer* *countenance Upon the Sompnour; but for honesty* *courtesy No villai...Rate it:

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