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Potato Bug Exterminators
James McIntyre
During the summer of 1883 we were walking along past a large field of potatoes in North Oxford, where we beheld the strange spectacle of a pair of...Rate it:

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Snake and Potato Bug
James McIntyre
A TRUE TALE. 'Can such things be and overcome us like a summer cloud, without our special wonder, '-SHAKESPEAR. In a grocery store in Ingersoll ...Rate it:

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The Potato Harvest
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
A high bare field, brown from the plough, and borne Aslant from sunset; amber wastes of sky Washing the ridge; a clamour of crows that ...Rate it:

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Cat Parody on Poe's
Anonymous Americas
The other night while we lay musing, and our weary brain confusing o'er the topics of the day, Suddenly we heard a rattling, as of serious hosts a-...Rate it:

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The Mountain Whippoorwill
Stephen Vincent Benet
Up in the mountains, it's lonesome all the time, (Sof' win' slewin' thu' the sweet-potato vine.) Up in the mountains, it's lonesome for a child, (W...Rate it:

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Arthur Mcewen
Ambrose Bierce
Posterity with all its eyes Will come and view him where he lies. Then, turning from the scene away With a concerted shrug, will say: 'H'm, Scaraba...Rate it:

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Old Snake-Doctor
Madison Julius Cawein
Once I found an ant-lion's hole And an ant-lion in it: nippers Like a pair of rusty clippers. And I saw a red ant roll In its pit, and, quick as Ne...Rate it:

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She Lost Self-Control at the New York Deli
Sonia Walker
I saw her sitting at a table for one, her hands were slender as she grabbed a sesame bun, which was stuffed with three inches of smoked turkey, oni...Rate it:

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Tender Buttons [Apple]
Gertrude Stein
APPLE Apple plum, carpet steak, seed clam, colored wine, calm seen, cold cream, best shake, potato, potato and no no gold work with pet, a green s...Rate it:

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Song Of The Broad-Axe
Walt Whitman
WEAPON, shapely, naked, wan! Head from the mother's bowels drawn! Wooded flesh and metal bone! limb only one, and lip only one! Gray-b...Rate it:

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The Shepherd's Week (excerpt)
John Gay
MONDAY, OR, THE SQUABBLE Lobbin Clout, Cuddy, CloddipoleCUDDY Hold, witless Lobbin Clout, I thee advise, Lest blisters sore on thy own ton...Rate it:

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The Shepherd's Week : Monday; or the Squabble
John Gay
Lobbin Clout, Cuddy, Cloddipole Lobbin Clout. Thy younglings, Cuddy, are but just awake, No thrustles shrill the bramble-bush forsake No chirping ...Rate it:

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A Bad Night
Ambrose Bierce
DRAMATIS PERSONAE. VILLIAM _a Sen_ NEEDLESON _a Sidniduc_ SMILER _a Scheister_ KI-YI _a Trader_ GRIMGHAST _a Spader_ SARALTHIA _a Love-lorn Nymph_...Rate it:

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She Rode the Train to Glory
Sonia Walker
She rode the train to glory, Her star was shining throughout the territory, They called her the princess with red hair, Her eyes were blue and skin...Rate it:

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Yaksha the Great
Friend of Yakshsa
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the gr...Rate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thousand minstrels woke within me, "Our music's in the hills; "— Gayest pictures rose to win me, Leopard-colored rills. Up!—If thou knew'st who cal...Rate it:

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00:13: Train Ride Inspiration
Kenneth R. Jenkins
The night train moves Quickly in the night's air And the noise from the train Keeps a steady beat lugging home. I gotten a buzz of inspiration ...Rate it:

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A Bush Christening
Andrew Barton Paterson
On the outer Barcoo where the churches are few, And men of religion are scanty, On a road never cross'd 'cept by folk that are lost, One Michael Ma...Rate it:

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A Country Pathway
James Whitcomb Riley
I come upon it suddenly, alone-- A little pathway winding in the weeds That fringe the roadside; and with dreams my own, I wander as it leads. Ful...Rate it:

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A Rabbit As King Of The Ghosts
Wallace Stevens
The difficulty to think at the end of day, When the shapeless shadow covers the sun And nothing is left except light on your fur— There was the...Rate it:

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Bush Christening
Andrew Barton Paterson
On the outer Barcoo where the churches are few, And men of religion are scanty, On a road never cross'd 'cept by folk that are lost, One Michael...Rate it:

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Coffee Talk
Mario William Vitale
Coffee Talk you don't have to say you love me... as a bug snuggled in a rug, aroma...basking in the aroma a time well spent in thought p...Rate it:

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From The Devil's Perspective
Nikhil Parekh
If you viewed the majestic deserts from the forlornly turgid cloud's perspective; they'd seem to be nothing else; but impoverished beggars rotting ...Rate it:

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Lola Ridge
Rock-a-by baby, woolly and brown… (There's a shout at the door an' a big red light…) Lil' coon baby, mammy is down… Han's that hold yuh are steady ...Rate it:

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Mr. Moon: A Song of the Little People
Bliss William Carman
O MOON, Mr. Moon, When you comin' down? Down on the hilltop, Down in the glen, Out in the clearin', To play with little men? Moon, Mr. Moon, When y...Rate it:

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