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The Princess's Finger-Nail: A Tale Of Nonsense Land
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
through the castle went sob and wail, For the princess had broken her finger-nail: The beautiful PrRate it:

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The Young Princess -- A Ballad Of Old Laws Of Love
George Meredith
and dame held gentle sport, There came a young princess to Court, A frost of beauty white. III ThRate it:

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The Princess (part 3)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
rail at Lady Psyche and her side. She says the Princess should have been the Head, Herself and LaRate it:

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Sonia Walker
Princess Maria was spoiled, whenever she didn't get her way, she pouted until her lips protruded as if asking to be kissed, her ladies-in-waiting...Rate it:

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A Royal Princess
Christina Georgina Rossetti
I, a princess, king-descended, decked with jewels, gilded, drest, Would rather be a peasant with her baby at her breast, For all I shine so like th...Rate it:

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Pretty Lil' Princess
A pretty little princess danced before my eyes Soon we shared these loving longing sighs Skin so fair i feared it would shatter If my hand were to ...Rate it:

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The Princess
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
The princess looked down from her bower high, The youth blew his horn as he lingered thereby. "Be quiet, O youth, will forever you blow? It hinders...Rate it:

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Sally The Princess
Mario William Vitale
Sally The Princess Sally was a princess chosen for the throne but riders in the night took her out of sight now she's gone in the darkness they ...Rate it:

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The Bold Princess Royal
Robert Burns
of February we sailed from the land In the bold Princess Royal bound for Newfoundland. We had fortyRate it:

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The Princess (part 1)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
and blade, bethrothed To one, a neighbouring Princess: she to me Was proxy-wedded with a bootlesRate it:

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The Princess (part 2)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
She, curtseying her obeisance, let us know The Princess Ida waited: out we paced, I first, and Rate it:

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The Princess Betrothed To The King Of Garba
La Fontaine
and had lost her heart; But 'twas not known: princesses love conceal, And scarcely dare its whisperRate it:

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The Princess Victoria
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
And art thou a Princess?—in sooth, we may well Go back to the days of the sign and the spell, When a young queen sat on an ivory throne In a shinin...Rate it:

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To Her Royal Highness, the Princess of ***
Abeauteous princess often may Languish in pleasure's season gay; The empty forms of haughty state Oft make life tedious to the great. It must the...Rate it:

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In Honour of that High and Mighty Princess, Queen ELIZABETH
Anne Bradstreet
all valour, and all Majesty) 2.57 Within that Princess to have residence, 2.58 And prostrate Rate it:

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Oh, My Beloved Princess
Ehsan Sehgal
disappear from the scene Oh, my beloved princess Do not try To find me.Rate it:

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Princess Of Love Dynasty
Ehsan Sehgal
have to do that For my sweetheart The Princess Of Love Dynasty Often I open The windows of my eyesRate it:

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Agatha The Princess
Mario William Vitale
heights carrying herself with a song Agatha the princess will lose their influence soaring to new Rate it:

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The Princess (part 4)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
her bosom: but with some disdain Answered the Princess, 'If indeed there haunt About the moulderRate it:

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The Ultimate princess.
Nikhil Parekh
of them on which you ruled as the ultimate princess for times even beyond an infinite more lifetimeRate it:

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The Princess And The Page
Harriet Monroe
There is a legend—you have read it— Of a fair page whom evil spells Held in deep sleep; and men of credit Tried all in vain, the story tells, We...Rate it:

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The Ugly Princess
Charles Kingsley
My parents bow, and lead them forth, For all the crowd to see- Ah well! the people might not care To cheer a dwarf like me. They little know how I...Rate it:

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Epilogue on the Same Occasion (Princess of Cleves)
John Dryden
New ministers, when first they get in place, Must have a care to please; and that's our case: Some laws for public welfare we design, If you, th...Rate it:

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from 'The Princess'
Alfred Lord Tennyson
'Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white; Nor waves the cypress in the palace walk; Nor winks the gold fin in the porphyry font: The fire-fly w...Rate it:

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On Hearing The Princess Royal Sing
Victor Marie Hugo
In thine abode so high Where yet one scarce can breathe, Dear child, most tenderly A soft song thou dost wreathe. Thou singest, little girl-- Thy ...Rate it:

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