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The Wave. (From The German Of Tiedge)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
'Whither, thou turbid wave? Whither, with so much haste, As if a thief wert thou?' 'I am the Wave of Life, Stained with my margin's dust; From the...Rate it:

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A life on the ocean wave
Epes Sargent
A life on the ocean wave, A home on the rolling deep, Where the scattered waters rave, And the winds their revels keep! Like an eagle caged, I pine...Rate it:

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The Pilgrim (And Palmer, grey Palmer, by Galilee's wave.)
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
And Palmer, grey Palmer, by Galilee's wave. Oh ! saw you Count Albert, the gentle and brave. When the crescent waxed faint, and the red cross rush...Rate it:

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Book Of Parables - From Heaven There Fell Upon The Foaming Wave
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
From Heaven there fell upon the foaming wave A timid drop; the flood with anger roared,-- But God, its modest boldness to reward, Strength to the ...Rate it:

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The Brook And The Wave. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Third)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The brooklet came from the mountain, As sang the bard of old, Running with feet of silver Over the sands of gold! Far away in the briny ocean The...Rate it:

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Wardens Of The Wave
Alfred Austin
Not to exult in braggart vein Over a gallant foe, Or boast of triumphs on the main, The Gods alone bestow; Vainglorious clarion, clamorous drum, Fo...Rate it:

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Wave Of Dismay
Ehsan Sehgal
I believed, Love was, as a God Before you came into my life Now, I believe too However, In another context that Love is just a pain And penalty ...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Day after day, week after burning week, A ruthless sun has sucked the forest dry. Morn after anxious morn men's glances seek The hills, hard-etch...Rate it:

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Song of the Wave XVII
Khalil Gibran
The strong shore is my beloved And I am his sweetheart. We are at last united by love, and Then the moon draws me from him. I go to him in hast...Rate it:

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The Sea Bird To The Wave
Padraic Colum
On and on, O white brother! Thunder does not daunt thee! How thou movest! By thine impulse With no wing! Fairest thing The wide sea shows me...Rate it:

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To a Wave
Inez K Hyland
Where were you yesterday? In Gulistan, With roses and the frenzied nightingales? Rather would I believe you shining ran With peaceful floods, wh...Rate it:

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Emily Pauline Johnson
To-night I hunger so, Beloved one, to know If you recall and crave again the dream That haunted our canoe, And wove its witchcraft through Our...Rate it:

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Stanzas To The Po
George Gordon Lord Byron
River, that rollest by the ancient walls, Where dwells the Lady of my love, when she Walks by thy brink, and there perchance recalls A faint ...Rate it:

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The Driver
Friedrich Schiller
"What knight or what vassal will be so bold As to plunge in the gulf below? See! I hurl in its depths a goblet of gold, Already the waters over i...Rate it:

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The Witch Of Mull
Cicely Fox Smith
'Witch of Mull, the strangers here Come to wreak their vengeance drear: Call the wind and call the wrack; Drown them, drive them, beat them back!' ...Rate it:

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A Song Of Three Singers
William Watson
I Wave and wind and willow-tree Speak a speech that no man knoweth; Tree that sigheth, wind that bloweth, Wave that floweth to the sea: Wave and w...Rate it:

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Louis Esson
Blue and gold, and mist and sunlight, Veils of colour blent and blown In melodic monotone. Dark and bright, and white and dun light Clash...Rate it:

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Hampton Beach
John Greenleaf Whittier
THE SUNLIGHT glitters keen and bright, Where, miles away, Lies stretching to my dazzled sight A luminous belt, a misty light, Beyond the dark pine ...Rate it:

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Hero And Leander
Friedrich Schiller
See you the towers, that, gray and old, Frown through the sunlight's liquid gold, Steep sternly fronting steep? The Hellespont beneath them swells...Rate it:

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Francis Scott Key
WHEN the warrior returns, from the battle afar, To the home and the country he nobly defended, O! warm be the welcome to gladden his ear, And loud ...Rate it:

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The Island: Canto IV.
George Gordon Lord Byron
I. White as a white sail on a dusky sea, When half the horizon 's clouded and half free, Fluttering between the dun wave and the sky, Is Hope's las...Rate it:

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The Sea to the Shell
David MacDonald Ross
The sea, my mother, is singing to me, She is singing the old refrain, Of passion, of love, and of mystery, And her world-old song of pain;...Rate it:

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Vision Of Columbus - Book 5
Joel Barlow
Columbus hail'd them with a father's smile, Fruits of his cares and children of his toil; With tears of joy, while still his eyes descried Their co...Rate it:

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Vision Of Columbus - Book 9
Joel Barlow
Now, round the yielding canopy of shade, Again the Guide his heavenly power display'd. Sudden, the stars their trembling fires withdrew, Returning ...Rate it:

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The Star-Spangled Banner
Francis Scott Key
O! say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars thro...Rate it:

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