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Unfulfilled to Observation
Emily Dickinson
Unfulfilled to Observation— Incomplete—to Eye— But to Faith—a Revolution In Locality— Unto Us—the Suns extinguish— To our Opposite— New Horizons—t...Rate it:

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Dorothy Parker
If I don't drive around the park, I'm pretty sure to make my mark. If I'm in bed each night by ten, I may get back my looks again, If I abstain...Rate it:

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Where clockwork angels come to gather And time and space don`t seem to matter Just another inconsistency In the universe`s tapestry Pull causal str...Rate it:

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Solitary Observation Brought Back from a Sojourn in Hell
Louise Bogan
At midnight tears Run in your ears. Rate it:

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To A Lady, Offended By A Sportive Observation That Women Have No Souls
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Nay, dearest Anna! why so grave? I said, you had no soul, 'tis true! For what you are, you cannot have: 'Tis I, that have one since I first had you...Rate it:

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Johnsonian Address
James Brunton Stephens
.“Let observation with extensive view “Survey mankind from China to Peru”— (And whence—permit me in parenthesis To ask—on such historic night as th...Rate it:

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A Confidant Without Knowing It; Or The Stratagem
La Fontaine
what he wants to gain; And this will show the observation just The maxim's such as you may always tRate it:

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A Miller, His Son, And Their Ass
Anne Kingsmill Finch
who, by living long, hast learnt to live; Whose Observation nothing can escape; Tell me, how I myRate it:

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A Poetical Epistle To Lady Austen
William Cowper
perhaps, the slight occasion For our dim-sighted observation; It passed unnoticed, as the bird ThatRate it:

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A Reply To A Letter
Ambrose Bierce
lot alive I know they are from careful observation. If freedom from the terrors of damnation LengthRate it:

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As Sleigh Bells seem in summer
Emily Dickinson
fictitious The individuals do Repealed from observation— A Party that we knew— More distant in an iRate it:

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Chinese Immigration
Charles Thatcher
You doubtless read the papers, And as men of observation, Of course you watch the progress Of Chinese immigration-- For thousands of these pigt...Rate it:

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Constable M‘Carty’s Investigations
Henry Lawson
to overthrow the Crown. But, in spite of observation, Mac received no information And was forced Rate it:

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Et Dona Ferentes
Rudyard Kipling
In extended observation of the ways and works of man, From the Four-mile Radius roughly to the Plains of Hindustan: I have drunk with mixed assemb...Rate it:

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Is It Something More?
Kurt Philip Behm
Is there a difference between judgment and observation Is there a difference between opinion and introspection Is there a difference between ...Rate it:

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John Adams Monarchical Ideas
Mercy Warren
such a suspicion, but from my own judgment and observation soon after your return from Europe in thRate it:

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Jubilate Agno: Fragment A
Christopher Smart
wisdom and providence have contrived to attract observation and to escape it. Let Heman bless witRate it:

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Life Means more
Nikhil Parekh
beyond the absolutely extraordinary, Life means observation; the magical prowess to imbibe the maxRate it:

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Limerick:There was a Young Lady of Sweden
Edward Lear
they cried, 'Weedon Station!' She made no observation But thought she should go back to Sweden. Rate it:

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Lines Addressed To Lieut. R.W.H. Hardy, R.N.
Charles Lamb
home to the nation Pearls of discovery-jewels of observation. Enfield, January, 1830. Rate it:

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Lydia Dick
Eugene Field
my reasoning power got stronger, As my observation grew, I became convinced that mellow, Massic-lovRate it:

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Natural Perversities
James Whitcomb Riley
speak of things as they occur, From simple observation. I notice LITTLE things--to wit:-- I never Rate it:

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On the Way
Edwin Arlington Robinson
and one end here. I’m not so fortified with observation That I could swear that more than half a sRate it:

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One Hundred and Three
Henry Lawson
the lights turned in to the window slits of the Observation Ward. (They eat their meat with their fRate it:

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Orlando Furioso Canto 8
Ludovico Ariosto
own. Nor this by help of spirits from below, Nor observation of the stars is done: But these on heaRate it:

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