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Numa Pompilius
James Clerk Maxwell
O well is thee! King Numa, Within thy secret cave, Where thy bones are ever moistened By sad Egeria’s wave; None now have power to pilfer The treas...Rate it:

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The Romane Monarchy, being the fourth and last, beginningAnno Mundi , 3213.
Anne Bradstreet
reign, Affirm, that by the Senate he was slain. Numa Pompilius. Numa Pompilius next chose they KingRate it:

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Homage To Sextus Propertius - I
Ezra Pound
a Marcian vintage, My cellar does not date from Numa Pompilius, Nor bristle with wine jars, Nor is Rate it:

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Carmen Seculare. For the Year 1700. To The King
Matthew Prior
Thy elder Look, Great Janus, cast Into the long Records of Ages past: Review the Years in fairest Action drest With noted White, Superior to the re...Rate it:

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hastee apnee Hubaab kee see hai
Meer Taqi Meer
hastee apnee Hubaab kee see hai ye numa'ish suraab kee see hai naazukee uss ke lab kee kya kahiye paNkhaRee ik gulaab kee see hai baar-baar u...Rate it:

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The Enthusiast, or the Lover of Nature
Joseph Warton
Ye green-rob'd Dryads, oft' at dusky Eve By wondering Shepherds seen, to Forests brown, To unfrequented Meads, and pathless Wilds, Lead me from Gar...Rate it:

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The Speech Of Flattery
Leon Gellert
See how he lies, still mighty in his ease, The fields' huge fear, the terrifying saint; And nothing needed but his straightened knees, A polished h...Rate it:

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To Giovanni Salzilli, A Roman Poet, In His Illness. Scazons (Translated From Milton)
William Cowper
My halting Muse, that dragg'st by choice along Thy slow, slow step, in melancholy song! And lik'st that pace expressive of thy cares Not less than ...Rate it:

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To The Same (John Dyer)
William Wordsworth
ENOUGH of climbing toil!--Ambition treads Here, as 'mid busier scenes, ground steep and rough, Or slippery even to peril! and each step, As we for ...Rate it:

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Upon the Death of Lord Hastings
John Dryden
Must noble Hastings immaturely die, The honour of his ancient family, Beauty and learning thus together meet, To bring a winding for a wedding s...Rate it:

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