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Nest Eggs
Robert Louis Stevenson
Birds all the summer day Flutter and quarrel Here in the arbour-like Tent of the laurel. Here in the fork The brown nest is seated; For litt...Rate it:

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Poetic Eggs
Ezra Pound
I am a grave poetic hen That lays poetic eggs And to enhance my temperament A little quiet begs. We make the yolk philosophy, True beauty the albu...Rate it:

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A Nut Of Eggs
Amos Bronson Alcott
Compressing courage Sordid as a nut Working intelligence Hush Want Rate it:

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The Magpie's Nest, Or A Lesson Of Docility
Charles Lamb
A FABLE When the arts in their infancy were, In a fable of old 'tis exprest, A wise magpie constructed that rare Little house for young birds, cal...Rate it:

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The Nightingale's Nest
John Clare
Up this green woodland-ride let’s softly rove, And list the nightingale - she dwells just here. Hush ! let the wood-gate softly clap, for fear The ...Rate it:

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Quail's Nest
John Clare
I wandered out one rainy day And heard a bird with merry joys Cry 'wet my foot' for half the way; I stood and wondered at the noise, When from my ...Rate it:

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The Happy Bird’s Nest
George Moses Horton
When on my cottage falls the placid shower, When ev'ning calls the labourer home to rest, When glad the bee deserts the humid flower, O then the...Rate it:

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At crow's nest pass
Emily Pauline Johnson
At Crow's Nest Pass the mountains rend Themselves apart, the rivers wend A lawless course about their feet, And breaking into torrents beat I...Rate it:

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The Wren’s Nest
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
I TOOK the wren's nest;-- Heaven forgive me! Its merry architects so small Had scarcely finished their wee hall, That, empty still, and neat an...Rate it:

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A Wren's Nest
William Wordsworth
AMONG the dwellings framed by birds In field or forest with nice care, Is none that with the little Wren's In snugness may compare. No d...Rate it:

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Hen's Nest
John Clare
Among the orchard weeds, from every search, Snugly and sure, the old hen’s nest is made, Who cackles every morning from her perch To tell the serva...Rate it:

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The Thrush's Nest
John Clare
Within a thick and spreading hawthorn bush That overhung a molehill large and round, I heard from morn to morn a merry thrush Sing hymns to sunrise...Rate it:

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An Empty Nest
James Whitcomb Riley
I find an old deserted nest, Half-hidden in the underbrush: A withered leaf, in phantom jest, Has nestled in it like a thrush With weary, palpitati...Rate it:

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The Emperor's Bird's-Nest. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The First)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Once the Emperor Charles of Spain, With his swarthy, grave commanders, I forget in what campaign, Long besieged, in mud and rain, Some old frontier...Rate it:

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The Exposed Nest
Robert Frost
You were forever finding some new play. So when I saw you down on hands and knees I the meadow, busy with the new-cut hay, Trying, I thought, to se...Rate it:

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The Lark’s Nest
Charlotte Smith
'TRUST only to thyself;' the maxim's sound; For, tho' life's choicest blessing be a friend, Friends do not very much abound; Or, where they happ...Rate it:

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The Firetail's Nest
John Clare
'Tweet' pipes the robin as the cat creeps by Her nestling young that in the elderns lie, And then the bluecap tootles in its glee, Picking the flie...Rate it:

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The Sparrow's Nest
William Wordsworth
BEHOLD, within the leafy shade, Those bright blue eggs together laid! On me the chance-discovered sight Gleamed like a vision of delight. I started...Rate it:

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A Bird's Nest
James McIntyre
An old man, who had charge of field, With pride he saw two birds did build A broad, capacious, warm nest ; Soon full of young with speckled breast....Rate it:

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I Will Take An Egg Out Of The Robin's Nest
Walt Whitman
I WILL take an egg out of the robin's nest in the orchard, I will take a branch of gooseberries from the old bush in the garden, and go...Rate it:

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For every Bird a Nest
Emily Dickinson
For every Bird a Nest— Wherefore in timid quest Some little Wren goes seeking round— Wherefore when boughs are free— Households in every tree— Pil...Rate it:

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The Nest
Edith Nesbit
That was the skylark we heard Singing so high, The little quivering bird We saw, and the sky. The earth was drenched with sun, The sky was drenched...Rate it:

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The Swallow Leaves Her Nest
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
THE swallow leaves her nest, The soul my weary breast; But therefore let the rain On my grave Fall pure; for why complain? Since both will come ag...Rate it:

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Above Crow's Nest [Sydney]
Henry Lawson
A BLANKET low and leaden, Though rent across the west, Whose darkness seems to deaden The brightest and the best; A sunset white and staring On clo...Rate it:

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The Empty Nest
William Watson
I saunter all about the pleasant place You made thrice pleasant, O my friends, to me; But you are gone where laughs in radiant grace That thousand-...Rate it:

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