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Ned’s Delicate Way
Henry Lawson
Ned knew I was short of tobacco one day, And that I was too proud to ask for it; He hated such pride, but his delicate way Forbade him to take me t...Rate it:

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Song be Delicate
John Shaw Neilson
Let your song be delicate. The skies declare No war — the eyes of lovers Wake everywhere. Let your voice be delicate. How faint a thing...Rate it:

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Delicate Flower
Vincenzo D. Bertucci
Delicate Flower She is a delicate flower Flawless in beauty and color Soft whispering musical wind Confesses her love and sins Gentle touches of v...Rate it:

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Delicate Cluster
Walt Whitman
DELICATE cluster! flag of teeming life! Covering all my lands! all my sea-shores lining! Flag of death! (how I watch'd you through the sm...Rate it:

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The Lass With The Delicate Air
John Clare
Timid and smiling, beautiful and shy, She drops her head at every passer bye. Afraid of praise she hurries down the streets And turns away from eve...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
When Ned was a neophyte nobody heeded him. No man could prophesy, none could foretell How, when the day came that the populace needed him, Quite a ...Rate it:

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To Ned
Herman Melville
Where is the world we roved, Ned Bunn? Hollows thereof lay rich in shade By voyagers old inviolate thrown Ere Paul Pry cruised with Pelf and Trade....Rate it:

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Uncle Ned’s Tale: An Old Dragoon's Story
John Boyle O'Reilly
I OFTEN, musing, wander back to days long since gone by, And far-off scenes and long-lost forms arise to fancy's eye. A group familiar now I see, ...Rate it:

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Ned Connor
Charles Harpur
’TWAS night—and where a watery sound Came moaning up the Flat, Six rude and bearded stockmen round Their blazing hut-fire sat, And laughed as on so...Rate it:

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Ned the Larrikin
Henry Kendall
A SONG that is bitter with grief—a ballad as pale as the light That comes with the fall of the leaf, I sing to the shadows to-night. The laugh on ...Rate it:

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Uncle Ned’s Tales: How The Flag Was Saved
John Boyle O'Reilly
‘TWAS a dismal winter's evening, fast without came down the snow, But within, the cheerful fire cast a ruddy, genial glow O'er our pleasant little...Rate it:

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Parody Of “Uncle Ned”
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
DERE was an old nigger, and him name was Uncle Tom, And him tale was rather slow; Me try to read de whole, but me only read some, Because me found ...Rate it:

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Keep A Song Up On De Way
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Oh, de clouds is mighty heavy An' de rain is mighty thick; Keep a song up on de way. An' de waters is a rumblin' On de boulders in de crick, Keep a...Rate it:

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All In a Family Way
Thomas Moore
My banks are all furnished with rags, So thick, even Freddy can't thin 'em; I've torn up my old money-bags, Having little or nought to put in 'em. ...Rate it:

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Show me the Way
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Show me the way that leads to the true life. I do not care what tempests may assail me, I shall be given courage for the strife; I know my strength...Rate it:

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Along the Way
Sheila King
Things have really slowed way down. From dating, school, and running around Working, sleeping, then home again-barley hang out with any friends Bei...Rate it:

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Half Way To Memphis
Kurt Philip Behm
Wasted broke in Kankakee, down from Montreal I’m half way to Memphis, with no one left to call Guitar strings bust or missing, motel clerk a...Rate it:

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The Way Of The Bush
Alice Guerin Crist
A night of storm and wind and rain, Tall trees bowing beneath the blast That shakes and rattles the window-pane, And a thunderous roar as the creek...Rate it:

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The Way of Wooing
William Schwenck Gilbert
A maiden sat at her window wide, Pretty enough for a Prince's bride, Yet nobody came to claim her. She sat like a beautiful picture there, With pre...Rate it:

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The Way Out
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'There must be some way out,' they say. 'There must be some way out! We've fallen on an evil day; That we no longer doubt. But surely there's some ...Rate it:

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That's The Way
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Just a little every day- That's the way! Seeds in darkness swell and grow, Tiny blades push through the snow; Never any flower of May Leaps to blos...Rate it:

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De Way T'ings Come
Paul Laurence Dunbar
De way t'ings come, hit seems to me, Is des' one monst'ous mystery; De way hit seem to strike a man, Dey ain't no sense, dey ain't no plan; Ef trou...Rate it:

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On The Way To Kew
William Ernest Henley
On the way to Kew, By the river old and gray, Where in the Long Ago, We laughed and loitered so, I met a ghost to-day, A ghost that told of you – ...Rate it:

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He Led Them By A Right Way
John Newton
When Israel was from Egypt freed, The Lord, who brought them out, Helped them in every time of need, But led them round about. To enter Canaan so...Rate it:

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His Mother's Way
James Whitcomb Riley
Tomps 'ud allus haf to say Somepin' 'bout 'his mother's way.'-- _He_ lived hard-like--never jined Any church of any kind.-- 'It was Mother's way,' ...Rate it:

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