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Now Moses
Henry Clay Work
Now Moses, what makes you so strange and forgetful? How is it you heed what I tell you no more? Just look at your picture -- who would not be fret...Rate it:

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Moses: A Story Of The Nile (extract)
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Moses sought again the presence of the king: And Pharaoh's brow grew dark with wrath, And rising up in angry haste, he said Defiantly, 'If thy God ...Rate it:

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Of Moses And His Wife
John Bunyan
This Moses was a fair and comely man, His wife a swarthy Ethiopian; Nor did his milk-white bosom change her sin. She came out thence as black as...Rate it:

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On A Picture Of The Finding Of Moses By Pharoah's Daughter
Charles Lamb
This picture does the story express Of Moses in the bulrushes. How livelily the painter's hand By colours makes us understand! Moses that little i...Rate it:

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Thomas Parnell
To grace those lines wch next appear to sight, The Pencil shone with more abated light, Yet still ye pencil shone, ye lines were fair, & awfull Mos...Rate it:

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Moses On The Nile
Victor Marie Hugo
'Sisters! the wave is freshest in the ray Of the young morning; the reapers are asleep; The river bank is lonely: come away! The early murmurs of o...Rate it:

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George Moses Horton, Myself
George Moses Horton
I feel myself in need Of the inspiring strains of ancient lore, My heart to lift, my empty mind to feed, And all the world explore. I know that I ...Rate it:

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Andy Veto
Henry Clay Work
Andy Veto never slept a wink last night; Darkeys, he's your Moses! Andy had to take us extra drink last night; Darkeys, he's your Moses! There was ...Rate it:

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Mons Angelorum
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
MOSES, JOSHUA, THE THREE ANGELS OF THE UNIVERSE Evening: a slope of Pisgah Moses –Our span of life is lessening with the years, Our little sun ...Rate it:

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An Ante-Bellum Sermon
Paul Laurence Dunbar
We is gathahed hyeah, my brothahs, In dis howlin' wildaness, Fu' to speak some words of comfo't To each othah in distress. An' we chooses fu' ouah ...Rate it:

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A Letter
John Greenleaf Whittier
'TIS over, Moses! All is lost! I hear the bells a-ringing; Of Pharaoh and his Red Sea host I hear the Free-Wills singing.* We're routed, Moses, hor...Rate it:

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Hymn 49
Isaac Watts
The works of Moses and the Lamb. Rev. 15:3. How strong thine arm is, mighty God! Who would not fear thy name? Jesus, how sweet thy graces are! W...Rate it:

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Hymn 118
Isaac Watts
Moses and Christ; or, Sins against the law and gospel. John 1:17; Heb. 3:3,5,6; 10:28,29. The law by Moses came, But peace, and truth, and love,...Rate it:

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It always felt to me—a wrong
Emily Dickinson
It always felt to me—a wrong To that Old Moses—done— To let him see—the Canaan— Without the entering— And tho' in soberer moments— No Moses there ...Rate it:

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L'Héautontimorouménos (The Man Who Tortures Himself)
Charles Baudelaire
L'Héautontimorouménos Je te frapperai sans colère Et sans haine, comme un boucher, Comme Moïse le rocher Et je ferai de ta paupière, Pour abreuver...Rate it:

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Of all the dreams on the background of which calamity and fatalism have reigned I still am unable to forget that one with which I began my Tour of ...Rate it:

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Ch 03 On The Excellence Of Contentment Story 16
Sa di
Moses, to whom be salutation, beheld a dervish who had on account of his nudity concealed himself in the sand exclaiming: ‘O Moses, utter a supplic...Rate it:

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Of Love To God
John Bunyan
When I do this begin to apprehend, My heart, my soul, and mind, begins to bend To God-ward, and sincerely for to love His son, his ways, his peopl...Rate it:

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Hymn 56
Isaac Watts
The song of Moses and the Lamb. Rev. 15:3; 16:19; 17:6. We sing the glories of thy love, We sound thy dreadful name; The Christian church unites...Rate it:

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La Priere de Nostre Dame
Geoffrey Chaucer
A. Almighty and all-merciable Queen, To whom all this world fleeth for succour, To have release of sin, of sorrow, of teen! Glorious Virgin! of al...Rate it:

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That Rock Was Christ
John Newton
When Israel's tribes were parch'd with thirst, Forth from the rock the waters burst; And all their future journey through Yielded them drink, and G...Rate it:

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The Jew
Isaac Rosenberg
Moses, from whose loins I sprung, Lit by a lamp in his blood Ten immutable rules, a moon For mutable lampless men. The blonde, the bronze, the rud...Rate it:

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The Scapegoat
Andrew Barton Paterson
We have all of us read how the Israelites fled From Egypt with Pharaoh in eager pursuit of 'em, And Pharaoh's fierce troop were all put "in the s...Rate it:

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A Song to David
Christopher Smart
Sublime—invention ever young, Of vast conception, tow'ring tongue To God th' eternal theme; Notes from yon exaltations caught, Unrivall'd royal...Rate it:

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Blue and Buff
George Canning
Come, sportive Muse, with plume satiric, Describe each lawless, bold empiric, Who, with the Blue and Buffs' sad crew, Now stripp'd in buff, shall l...Rate it:

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