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Tom Moody
William Henry Ogilvie
Whip in hunting-land. ‘ My time is short,’ Tom Moody said, ‘ Master, when I am done and dead, LaRate it:

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Mrs. Moody
James McIntyre
country it was woody, Its great champion, Mrs. Moody, She showed she had both pluck and push, InRate it:

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At Her Window
Henry Kendall
it hastens from the shore. To-night beside a moody window sits A wife who watches for her absent lRate it:

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A Hyde Park Larrikin
Henry Kendall
never foamed at altars, Although he lived ere Moody came -- Ere Sankey dealt in psalters. The Rate it:

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A Legend Of The Blesses Virgin
John Boyle O'Reilly
put her from his sight away. And once, when moody thus within his garden, The gentle girl besoughtRate it:

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A Meditation
Herman Melville
more is mercy due: When Vicksburg fell, and the moody files marched out, Silent the victors stood, Rate it:

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A Mixed Battle Song
Henry Lawson
be little to desire.) I was sulky, I was moody (I’m inclined to being broody) When the news appearRate it:

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A Poet to...
Charles Harpur
was thine. Thine—for though long with a fond moody heed I sought to find it in the beauteous cRate it:

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A Riverina Road
Thomas William Heney
that strange nature moulding Makes man as moody, sad and savage too; Yet in his heart, like heRate it:

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A Spring Carol
Alfred Austin
and darken, And, as came the hills more close, Moody March to wooing Spring Sudden turned a mouth mRate it:

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Absalom and Achitophel
John Dryden
and proves the best. The Jews, a Headstrong, Moody, Murmuring race, As ever try'd th' extent and Rate it:

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Ad Moodium
Ambrose Bierce
Tut! Moody, do not try to show To gentlemen and ladies That if they have not 'Faith,' they'll go Headlong to Hades. Faith is belief; and how can I...Rate it:

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Armenian Folk-Song--The Stork
Eugene Field
woe Befell me when you went. All up in the moody sky (A shifting threat o'er head!) They were breaRate it:

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Doth Then The World Go Thus?
William Henry Drummond
Powers above? Those souls, which vice's moody mists most blind, Blind Fortune, blindly, most their Rate it:

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Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Four
Henry Kendall
silver lights, And darks with Death amongst the moody pines! Then, though you cannot shut a strickRate it:

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Evangeline: Part The Second. III.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
has left me alone with my herds and my horses. Moody and restless grown, and tried and troubled, hiRate it:

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Sydney Thompson Dobell
we only part to meet again! Oh thou moody main, Are thy mermaid cells a-ringing? Are thy mermaid siRate it:

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Adam Lindsay Gordon
pane, Till the glassy splinters fall. A moody knight by the fitful light Of the great hall fire bRate it:

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Henry Kendall
in vain; And amidst this holy splendour can a moody heart remain? Let them pass, those wayward fancRate it:

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Grief sat beside the fount of tears
Richard Monckton Milnes Houghton
fooler!--go--beware,'' Said Grief, in moody tone, ``How thus you frivolously dare Approach my solemRate it:

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In Memoriam~ -- Alice Fane Gunn Stenhouse
Henry Kendall
gusts shoot past the shore And hiss by moor and moody mere - The heralds bleak that come before TheRate it:

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January Morning
William Carlos Williams
houses that brighten with dawn behind the moody water-loving giants of Manhattan. XII Long yeRate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 02 - part 02
Torquato Tasso
and dismay, Changed his cheer, and cleared his moody grace, That had her eyes disposed their looks Rate it:

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John and Freddy
William Schwenck Gilbert
this, they say (The maid was getting bored and moody) A wandering curate passed that way And talkedRate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
swallows nestled 'neath the eaves; And the moody cricket falters in his cry--Baby-bye!-- And the liRate it:

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