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'A Gallant Gentleman'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'im,' sez Trent, 'down by the beach. We put mimosa on the mound uv sand Above 'im. 'Twus the neareRate it:

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Bellambi's Maid
Henry Kendall
hours I never more may hope to know! The low mimosa droops with locks Of yellow hair, in dewy gladeRate it:

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Evangeline: Part The Second. II.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
advance are closed the leaves of the shrinking mimosa, So, at the hoof-beats of fate, with sad foreRate it:

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Farewell to Italy
Walter Savage Landor
soft clime my quiet day And rest my bones in the mimosa’s shade. Hope! Hope! few ever cherish’d theRate it:

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Robert William Service
dawn exultantly discloses My lawn lit with mimosa gold; The joy of January roses Is with me when riRate it:

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Fuji In A Saucer: The Poem
Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin
porcelain shores. But now an unexpected twig - mimosa - Has fallen where its shadow split the skyRate it:

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Morning in the Bush
Henry Kendall
rich lays of countless birds Perched on the dark mimosa trees; Those merry birds, with wings of ligRate it:

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O Soldado Espanhol
Antônio Gonçalves Dias
espanhol. E o espanhol muito amava A virgem mimosa e bela; Ela amante, ele zeloso Dos amores dRate it:

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Katherine Mansfield
walked in the dust street; A scent of a dying mimosa flower Lay on the air, but sweet--too sweet. Rate it:

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Sonnet XXXVII.
Charlotte Smith
gay blossoms of luxuriant spring, With rose, mimosa, amaranth entwined, Shall fabled Sylphs and faiRate it:

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The Beautiful Beeshareen Boy
Mathilde Blind
the riverside, Or where the Soudanese, Under mimosa trees, Chaunt mournful melodies, We've sougRate it:

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The Creole Girl; Or, The Physician’s Story
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
shrink from, as the gentle plant, Fern-leaved Mimosa folds itself away; Suffering and sad;--for eRate it:

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The Man from Snowy River
Andrew Barton Paterson
So he went - they found the horses by the big mimosa clump - They raced away towards the mountaiRate it:

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To My Mother
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
dark misfortune's gales destroy, The frail, mimosa-buds of hope and joy! Rate it:

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