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2 Hearts
Nikhil Parekh
Just because 2 rhapsodic rivers amicably merged with each other; doesn't inevitably apply; that aRate it:

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Love Motives
Arthur Henry Adams
the clean-curved limbs of her lover the beach; Merged in each other quite, Clinging, as in the Rate it:

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The Dropp and The Sea
went looking for Him And lost myself; The dropp merged with the Sea - Who can find it now? LookiRate it:

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Swags Up!
John Le Gay Brereton
night I lay Until the silver stars were merged in grey Our fragrant camp, demand a parting sigh: NeRate it:

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Dualocity.. Da Da Dun
Ryza Reazon
conscious realization To the negative polarity Merged with positive Granting energetic solidarity Rate it:

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The Dark Companion
James Brunton Stephens
through new perfection of appliance, Faith merged at length in undisputed sight, The mystic moRate it:

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A Mood
Frederick George Scott
the evening of their life, and then They merged into the dark, and all was still— 55 Dust under dusRate it:

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A Retort
Ambrose Bierce
studies interrupted once, Ere yet the rogue had merged into the dunce. Back, back to Yale! and, groRate it:

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As I Walked Through London
Robert Laurence Binyon
and made them my own; My bitterest pains Merged in a tenderer sorrow, assuaged and appeased. Rate it:

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At Queensferry
William Ernest Henley
death, two spits of sand between. Water and sky merged blank in mist together, The Fort loomed specRate it:

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Daughters Of War
Isaac Rosenberg
the thewed strength of large beasts Moved and merged, gloomed and lit) Was speaking, surely, as theRate it:

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Esther, A Sonnet Sequence: XVII
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
she was hungry as before, And all the world was merged in an eclipse, Darkening the air around and Rate it:

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Friedrich Schiller
and bond--till in one sea sublime Of love be merged all measure and all time! Friendless ruled GodRate it:

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Wilfred Owen
off to where his wound had bled And almost merged for ever into clay. 'The world is washing out itsRate it:

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Love Sonnet XVII
Zora Bernice May Cross
nigh? I died with you that hour. Or, if not, merged Myself in you, commingling all my life Within Rate it:

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Lux Perdita
William Watson
with their pureness, with their wisdom wise, Merged in their light, and greatly lost in thee. But Rate it:

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Magic Formula
Harry Crosby
day long On things made new After the sunset has merged with the dawn I bring to you These are theRate it:

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Night On Our Lives
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
page revealed which trembling hides your name, Merged in the ultimate wreck of fame and meaner joysRate it:

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Robert Browning
and feeling and soul and sense, Merged in a moment which gives me at last You around me for once, yRate it:

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Song Of The Spirit
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
or allured by the things of this life My soul is merged into its pleasures or strife. When up to tRate it:

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Sunlight And Sea
Alfred Noyes
and death. I hear, I hear, and rest content, Merged in the primal element, The old element whence lRate it:

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The Bow and the Strings
Innokenty Fedorovich Annensky
Bow felt That someone took them and forever merged. ‘How long ago it was – as in a dream – Tell Rate it:

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The Common Question
John Greenleaf Whittier
so I sometimes think our prayers Might well be merged in one; And nest and perch and hearth and chuRate it:

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James Thomson
wide, Inclosing dreary flats of barren sand; So merged at last into the lethal waste That bounds ofRate it:

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The Explorer
John Le Gay Brereton
the dead were united as we, Themselves, and yet merged in the spread of an infinite sea The joy thaRate it:

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