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The Oldest Thing In London
Cicely Fox Smith
folk both great and small, The Oldest Thing in London he changes not at all. The shoutings of the Rate it:

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London Pool
Cicely Fox Smith
London Pool's in London town, Ay, boys! O boys! London Pool's in London town, Where the great ships anchor down! O to shake the canvas free, Hear ...Rate it:

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In Honour of the City of London
William Dunbar
LONDON, thou art of townes A per se. Soveraign of cities, seemliest in sight, Of high renoun, riches and royaltie; Of lordis, barons, and ...Rate it:

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To the City of London
William Dunbar
London, thou art of town{.e}s A per se. Soveraign of cities, semeliest in sight, Of high renoun, riches, and royaltie; Of lordis, baro...Rate it:

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Dear Old London
Eugene Field
When I was broke in London in the fall of '89, I chanced to spy in Oxford Street this tantalizing sign, 'A Splendid Horace cheap for Cash!' Of co...Rate it:

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London Seagulls
Cicely Fox Smith
of grey and grimy walls, The pearl-grey dawns of London, his sky that gleams and glooms, His statelRate it:

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A Ballad of London
Richard Le Gallienne
AH, London! London! our delight, Great flower that opens but at night, Great City of the midnight sun, Whose day begins when day is done. Lamp...Rate it:

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In London
Dora Wilcox
When I look out on London's teeming streets, On grim grey houses, and on leaden skies, My courage fails me, and my heart grows sick, And I remem...Rate it:

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Francis William Lauderdale Adams
CRUEL City, London, London, Where, duped slaves of devils' creeds, Men and women desperate, undone, Dream such dreams, and do such deeds: London, L...Rate it:

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The Cavalier's March to London
Thomas Babbington Macaulay
your tents! snatch up your spears! And ho for London town! The imperial harlot, doom'd a prey ToRate it:

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The London 'Bobby'
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Before a blazing log, I’m thinking of cold London Wrapped in its killing fog; And, like a shinRate it:

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The London Lackpenny
John Lydgate
To London once my steps I bent, Where truth in no wise should be faint; To Westminster-ward I forthwith went, To a man of Law to make complaint. I ...Rate it:

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Book Seventh [Residence in London]
William Wordsworth
space of intermediate time At full command, to London first I turned, In no disturbance of excessiRate it:

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Descriptive Jottings of London
William Topaz McGonagall
As I stood upon London Bridge and viewed the mighty throng Of thousands of people in cabs and 'busses rapidly whirling along, All furiously driving...Rate it:

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In London Town
Walter Learned
pleasure, that can never cloy, Of idly roaming London town, Where such familiar names look down UpoRate it:

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The Little London Girl
Kate Greenaway
country–the beautiful country. Who'd live in a London street when there's the country? I live in aRate it:

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The Rush to London
Henry Lawson
You’re off away to London now, Where no one dare ignore you, With Southern laurels on your brow, And all the world before you. But if you should re...Rate it:

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London in July
Amy Levy
in the street Should wear one woman's face? The London trees are dusty-brown Beneath the summer skRate it:

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As I Walked Through London
Robert Laurence Binyon
As I walked through London, The fresh wound burning in my breast, As I walked through London, Longing to have forgotten, to harden my heart, and to...Rate it:

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London - in Imitation of the Third Satire of Juvenal
Samuel Johnson
the friend, Who now resolves, from vice and London far, To breathe in distant fields a purer air, ARate it:

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London Dawn
Ivor Gurney
Dawn comes up on London, And night's undone. Stars are routed And street lamps outed. Sodden great clouds begin sail again Like all-night anchored ...Rate it:

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London Interior
Harold Monro
slow. The evening will turn grey. It is sad in London after two. All, all the afternoon What can oRate it:

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London River
Cicely Fox Smith
down! - Out to find another ship and sail from London Town! Half a score o' sailormen broke and onRate it:

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London Roses
Willa Sibert Cather
Bayswater, see you and smell you-- Roses of London town, red till the summer is done. Roses, rosesRate it:

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London Stone
Rudyard Kipling
WHEN you come to London Town, (Grieving-grieving!) Bring your flowers and lay them down At the place of grieving. When you come to London Town, (G...Rate it:

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