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William Blake
I wandered through each chartered street, Near where the chartered Thames does flow, A mark in every face I meet, Marks of weakness, marks o...Rate it:

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John Davidson
Athwart the sky a lowly sigh From west to east the sweet wind carried; The sun stood still on Primrose Hill; His light in all the city tarried: The...Rate it:

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Ada Cambridge
The gorgeous stream of England's wealth goes by, Mixed with the mud and refuse, as of old — The hungry, homeless, naked, sick and cold; Want mocked...Rate it:

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Francis William Lauderdale Adams
CRUEL City, London, London, Where, duped slaves of devils' creeds, Men and women desperate, undone, Dream such dreams, and do such deeds: London, L...Rate it:

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Impression de Nuit ( London )
Lord Alfred Douglas
See what a mass of gems the city wears Upon her broad live bosom! row on row Rubies and emeralds and amethysts glow. See! that huge circle like ...Rate it:

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In a London Drawingroom
George Eliot
The sky is cloudy, yellowed by the smoke. For view there are the houses opposite Cutting the sky with one long line of wall Like sol...Rate it:

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In Honour of the City of London
William Dunbar
LONDON, thou art of townes A per se. Soveraign of cities, seemliest in sight, Of high renoun, riches and royaltie; Of lordis, barons, and ...Rate it:

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London in July
Amy Levy
What ails my senses thus to cheat? What is it ails the place, That all the people in the street Should wear one woman's face? The London trees are...Rate it:

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London Children
James McIntyre
We have had the pleasure of hearing and seeing several clever children from the city of London. We commemorate them in the following. Do you unto ...Rate it:

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London To Folkestone (Half-Past One To Half-Past Five)
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
A constant keeping-past of shaken trees, And a bewildered glitter of loose road; Banks of bright growth, with single blades atop Against white s...Rate it:

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London Types: News Boy
William Ernest Henley
Take any station, pavement, circus, corner, Where men their styles of print may call or choose, And there-ten times more on it than Jack Horner- ...Rate it:

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A Ballad of London
Richard Le Gallienne
AH, London! London! our delight, Great flower that opens but at night, Great City of the midnight sun, Whose day begins when day is done. Lamp...Rate it:

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A Ballad Of London - (To H. W. Massinsham)
Richard Le Gallienne
Ah, London! London! our delight, Great flower that opens but at night, Great City of the Midnight Sun, Whose day begins when day is done. Lamp ...Rate it:

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A Letter Written From London To Mrs. Strangeways Hornet
Mary Barber
Say, my Hortensia, in this silent Hour, When the pale Queen of Night exerts her Pow'r, What Guardian--Angels on thy Slumbers wait, To paint the Glo...Rate it:

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A London Fête
Coventry Patmore
All night fell hammers, shock on shock; With echoes Newgate's granite clang'd: The scaffold built, at eight o'clock They brought the man out to be ...Rate it:

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A London Plane-Tree
Amy Levy
Green is the plane-tree in the square, The other trees are brown; They droop and pine for country air; The plane-tree loves the town. Here from my...Rate it:

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A London Thoroughfare. 2 A.M.
Amy Lowell
They have watered the street, It shines in the glare of lamps, Cold, white lamps, And lies Like a slow-moving river, Barred with silver and black...Rate it:

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A March Day in London
Amy Levy
The east wind blows in the street to-day; The sky is blue, yet the town looks grey. 'Tis the wind of ice, the wind of fire, Of cold despair and of ...Rate it:

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A Satire against the citizens of London
Henry Howard
London, hast thou accused me Of breach of laws, the root of strife? Within whose breast did boil to see, So fervent hot, thy dissolute ...Rate it:

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A Wife in London (December, 1899)
Thomas Hardy
I--The Tragedy She sits in the tawny vapour That the City lanes have uprolled, Behind whose webby fold on fold Like a waning taper T...Rate it:

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After London
J D C Fellow
London Bridge is broken down; Green is the grass on Ludgate Hill; I know a farmer in Camden Town Killed a brock by Pentonville. I have heard my...Rate it:

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AN ELEGY Upon the L. Bishop of London John King
Henry King
Sad Relick of a blessed Soul! whose trust We sealed up in this religious dust. O do not thy low Exequies suspect As the cheap arguments of our n...Rate it:

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An Epitaph On Mr. Fishborne The Great London Benefactor, And His Executor
William Strode
What are thy gaines, O death, if one man ly Stretch'd in a bed of clay, whose charity Doth hereby get occasion to redeeme Thousands out of the grav...Rate it:

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Another on "On The University Carrier who sickn'd in the time of his vacancy, being forbid to go to London, by reason of the plague."
John Milton
Here lieth one who did most truly prove, That he could never die while he could move, So hung his destiny never to rot While he might still jogg on...Rate it:

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As I Walked Through London
Robert Laurence Binyon
As I walked through London, The fresh wound burning in my breast, As I walked through London, Longing to have forgotten, to harden my heart, and to...Rate it:

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