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George Herbert
Welcome dear feast of Lent: who loves not thee, He loves not Temperance, or Authority, But is compos'd of passion. The Scriptures bid us fast; t...Rate it:

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First Sunday In Lent
John Keble
refuge crave, One little spot of ground in mercy lent, One hour of home before the grave, Oft in Rate it:

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Fifth Sunday In Lent
John Keble
The historic Muse, from age to age, Through many a waste heart-sickening page Hath traced the works of Man: But a celestial call to-day Stays her...Rate it:

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Fourth Sunday In Lent
John Keble
When Nature tries her finest touch, Weaving her vernal wreath, Mark ye, how close she veils her round, Not to be traced by sight or sound, Nor ...Rate it:

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Second Sunday In Lent
John Keble
lost and won; Tell, Heaven has wrath that can relent no more; The Grave, dark deeds that cannot bRate it:

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The Lent Lily
Alfred Edward Housman
With all the winds at play, And there's the Lenten lily That has not long to stay And dies on ERate it:

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Third Sunday In Lent
John Keble
See Lucifer like lightning fall, Dashed from his throne of pride; While, answering Thy victorious call, The Saints his spoils ...Rate it:

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Emily Pauline Johnson
Lent gathers up her cloak of sombre shading In her reluctant hands. Her beauty heightens, fairest in its fading, As pensively she stands Awai...Rate it:

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Beppo, A Venetian Story
George Gordon Lord Byron
because the name and thing agreeing, Through Lent they live on fish, both salt and fresh. But whyRate it:

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The Belle's Soliloquy
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
the season’s over! Once again we’ve come to Lent! Programme’s changes from balls and parties – Rate it:

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The Peace of Dives
Rudyard Kipling
farms For the King-compelling arms, And Dives lent according to their need. Then Satan said to DivRate it:

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Consolatorium, Ad Parentes
William Strode
now they question. Thinke as you Lent her the world, Heaven lent her you: And is it just then to coRate it:

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D'après Albert Dürer
Victor Marie Hugo
Tinte, Et son bruit tremble en s'envolant Lent. Le son qui dans l'air se disperse Perce La tombRate it:

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Only a Curl.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
For the dark of your sorrow and sin. VI. `God lent him and takes him,' you sigh ; -- Nay, theRate it:

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The Channel Swimmer
Marriott Edgar
To swim in the shelter alee, The Wireless folk lent him a wavelength, And the Water Board lent hiRate it:

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The Cross Roads
Robert Southey
and cheese he took, For now it was mid-day. He lent his back against a post, His feet the brook raRate it:

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The Golden Legend: IV. The Road To Hirschau
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
we have got through with the tedious Lent! Fasting is all very well for those Who have to contend wRate it:

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The Hall Of Justice
George Crabbe
in either spied; It saw them all which Nature lent, It lent them all which she denied. Could I theRate it:

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The Impecunious Fop
Joseph Hall
bravery. The nuns of new-won Calais his bonnet lent, In lieu of their so kind a conquerment. What nRate it:

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A doubt if it be Us
Emily Dickinson
Anguish Until it footing find. An Unreality is lent, A merciful Mirage That makes the living possiRate it:

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My Lute Awake
David McKee Wright
sigh and swoon; Then shalt thou know beauty but lent, And wish and want as I have done. Now cease,Rate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
art, from high, And ev'ry heav'nly favour lent, The world's hard lot to qualify. They knew not howRate it:

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a homeland decrease A kindness has been never lent From those of a kind so malevolent Behind byzanRate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
of lip and pen. For the calm thy kindness lent To a path of discontent, Rough with trial and disseRate it:

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The King's Quire (excerpt)
James I of Scotland
I drewe ryght hastily, And eft-son{.e}s I lent it forth ageyne, And sawe hir walk, that verraRate it:

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