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Leanning on the Lord
Anthony Logan
Lord you have brought me into another trying day With your work on my mind I know you will allow me time to play ...Rate it:

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Psalm VIII: O Lord, Our Lord
Isaac Watts
O Lord, our Lord, how wondrous great Is thine exalted name! The glories of thy heav'nly state Let men and babes proclaim. When I behold thy works ...Rate it:

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A Poem To His Magesty, Presented To The Lord Keeper. To The Right Hon. Sir John Somers, Lord Keeper
Joseph Addison
If yet your thoughts are loose from state affairs, Nor feel the burden of a kingdom's cares; If yet your time and actions are your own; Receive ...Rate it:

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Epistle Of Condolence From A Slave-Lord To A Cotton-Lord
Thomas Moore
Alas ! my dear friend, what a state of affairs ! How unjustly we both are despoil'd of our rights ! Not a pound of black flesh shall I leave to my ...Rate it:

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Lord Robert
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Tall and young and light of tongue, Gallantly riding by wood and lea, He was ware of a maiden fair And turned and whispered, 'Remember me.' (Oh Lor...Rate it:

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Bound for the Lord-Knows-Where
Henry Lawson
'Where are you going with your horse and bike, And the townsfolk still at rest? Where are you going, with your swag and pack, And the night still i...Rate it:

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Unassailable Lord almighty
Nikhil Parekh
These impoverished eyes were irrefutably mine; but every ray of peerlessly benign goodness that they selflessly radiated; was that of the Omnipote...Rate it:

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Facing Time With The Lord !
Misty Myers
Facing two misdemeanors and a felony 3 I was hurting like lighting struck a tree. Then the lord came to me. He said he’ll set my spirit free. He dr...Rate it:

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Lord William
Robert Southey
No eye beheld when William plunged Young Edmund in the stream, No human ear but William's heard Young Edmund's drowning scream. Submissive all the...Rate it:

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The Loving Ballad Of Lord Bateman
Andrew Lang
Lord Bateman was a noble lord, A noble lord of high degree; He shipped himself all aboard of a ship, Some foreign country for to see. He sailed ea...Rate it:

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Listen, Lord: A Prayer
James Weldon Johnson
O Lord, we come this morning Knee-bowed and body-bent Before Thy throne of grace. O Lord--this morning-- Bow our hearts beneath our knees, And our ...Rate it:

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You Only Tell Me What To Do; O! Almighty Lord.
Nikhil Parekh
On one hand you say; that I should indefatigably worship my parents; more than I could've worshipped the greatest of Gods, On the other hand you...Rate it:

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Lord May I Come?
Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal
Life and night are falling from me, Death and day are opening on me, Wherever my footsteps come and go, Life is a stony way of woe. Lord, have I lo...Rate it:

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The Lord Will Provide
John Newton
Though troubles assail And dangers affright, Though friends should all fail And foes all unite; Yet one thing secures us, Whatever betide, The scri...Rate it:

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Lord Robert's Triumphal Entry into Pretoria
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year of 1900, and on the 5th of June, Lord Roberts entered Pretoria in the afternoon; His triumphal entry was magnificent to see, The ...Rate it:

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Sketch of Lord Byron's Life
Julia A Moore
"Lord Byron" was an Englishman A poet I believe, His first works in old England Was poorly received. Perhaps it was "Lord Byron's" fault And perhap...Rate it:

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Lord Lundy
Hilaire Belloc
Who was too Freely Moved to Tears, and thereby ruined his Political Career Lord Lundy from his earliest years Was far too freely moved to Tears. ...Rate it:

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Lord Randall
Anonymous Americas
"Oh where ha'e ye been, Lord Randall, my son! And where ha'e ye been, my handsome young man!" "I ha'e been to the wild wood: mother, make my bed so...Rate it:

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Psalm LXXIII: Now I'm Convinced the Lord Is Kind
Isaac Watts
Now I 'm convinced the Lord is kind To men of heart sincere; Yet once my foolish thoughts repined, And bordered on despair. I grieved to see the w...Rate it:

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The Day of The Lord
Charles Kingsley
The Day of the Lord is at hand, at hand: Its storms roll up the sky: The nations sleep starving on heaps of gold; All dreamers toss and sigh; The n...Rate it:

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The Maid Of Ocram, Or, Lord Gregory
John Clare
Gay was the Maid of Ocram As lady eer might be Ere she did venture past a maid To love Lord Gregory. Fair was the Maid of Ocram And shining like th...Rate it:

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Joe Golightly - Or, The First Lord's Daughter
William Schwenck Gilbert
A tar, but poorly prized, Long, shambling, and unsightly, Thrashed, bullied, and despised, Was wretched JOE GOLIGHTLY. He bore a workhouse brand; ...Rate it:

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Lord Rubadub
Menella Bute Smedley
'Neath the shade of a daisy, just two inches high, A poor little fairy sits weeping alone; She says, “What a desolate creature am I, My Lord Rubadu...Rate it:

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Lord Thomas And Fair Annet
Andrew Lang
Lord Thomas and Fair Annet Sate a' day on a hill; Whan night was cum, and sun was sett, They had not talkt their fill. Lord Thomas said a word in ...Rate it:

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The Lord of Burleigh
Alfred Lord Tennyson
IN her ear he whispers gaily, 'If my heart by signs can tell, Maiden, I have watch'd thee daily, And I think thou lov'st me well.' ...Rate it:

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