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Time After Time After Time. Each Time. Everytime.
Nikhil Parekh
It really didn't matter to me even an infinitesimal trifle; if there wasn't the most optimistically Omnipotent of Sun outside my door; to timelessl...Rate it:

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The Leaders
Ehsan Sehgal
I am, yes I am The voice, and expression Of the broken, sad And deprived hearts Of those people Who sleep with hopes And awake For new, and the b...Rate it:

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The Leaders Of The Crowd
William Butler Yeats
THEY must to keep their certainty accuse All that are different of a base intent; Pull down established honour; hawk for news Whatever their loose ...Rate it:

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The Bridge Across the Crick
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Joseph Jones and Peter Dawking Strove in an election fight; And you'd think, to hear them talking, Each upheld the people's right. Each declared he...Rate it:

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Across The Fields
Hermann Hesse
Across the sky, the clouds move, Across the fields, the wind, Across the fields the lost child Of my mother wanders. Across the street, leaves blo...Rate it:

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Across And Through
Kurt Philip Behm
Crawling across the desert, Running through the wilderness, Walking across the ice —searching for the truth (Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2016)Rate it:

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Ferry Me Across The Water
Christina Georgina Rossetti
‘Ferry me across the water, Do, boatman, do.’ ‘If you've a penny in your purse I'll ferry you.’ ‘I have a penny in my purse, And my eyes are b...Rate it:

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Saša Milivojev - ACROSS THE RIVER
Saša Milivojev
With the music As if it were spring I wandered into the woods Riding a stag Deprived of time and love There Where shadows grew vivid Where black sn...Rate it:

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Across The Door
Padraic Colum
THE fiddles were playing and playing, The couples were out on the floor; From converse and dancing he drew me, And across the door. Ah! strange we...Rate it:

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I Step Across The Mystic Border-Land
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I step across the mystic border-land, And look upon the wonder-world of Art. How beautiful, how beautiful its hills! And all its valleys, how surpa...Rate it:

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Across The Red Sky
Katherine Mansfield
Across the red sky two birds flying, Flying with drooping wings. Silent and solitary their ominous flight. All day the triumphant sun with yellow b...Rate it:

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Across the Sea Along the Shore
Arthur Hugh Clough
Across the sea, along the shore, In numbers more and ever more, From lonely hut and busy town, The valley through, the mountain down, What was it y...Rate it:

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Nicholas Gordon
Each truth is just a scrim across the darkness. We cannot see what most we’d like to know. We drive among sheer cliffs in pale moonlight Unsure of ...Rate it:

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It's Forth Across The Roaring Foam
Robert Louis Stevenson
IT'S forth across the roaring foam, and on towards the west, It's many a lonely league from home, o'er many a mountain crest, From where the dogs o...Rate it:

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The House Across the Way
Ralph Hodgson
The leaves looked in at the window Of the house across the way, At a man that had sinned like you and me And all poor human clay. He muttered: ...Rate it:

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To look across at Moira gives me pleasure
Lesbia Harford
To look across at Moira gives me pleasure. She has a red tape measure. Her dress is black and all the workroom's dreary, And I am weary. But th...Rate it:

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We Flash Across The Level
William Ernest Henley
We flash across the level. We thunder thro' the bridges. We bicker down the cuttings. We sway along the ridges. A rush of streaming hedges, Of jos...Rate it:

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Wild Geese Across the Moon
Muriel Stuart
REEDS, snake-like, coiled in the mist Where the low fog drives: The muddy cough of the stream that strives To free its throat from the clot of r...Rate it:

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Looking Across the Fields and Watching the Birds Fly
Wallace Stevens
Among the more irritating minor ideas Of Mr. Homburg during his visits home To Concord, at the edge of things, was this: To think away the gras...Rate it:

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Across The Pampas
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Dost thou remember, oh, dost thou remember, Here as we sit at home and take our rest, How we went out one morning on a venture In the West? Hast t...Rate it:

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Across the Sea
Frederick George Scott
THE confines of our being are not these White limbs of sense. Our true selves broader are And higher than the path of furthest star. Beyon...Rate it:

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Composed After A Journey Across The Hambleton Hills, Yorkshire
William Wordsworth
DARK and more dark the shades of evening fell; The wished-for point was reached--but at an hour When little could be gained from that rich dower Of...Rate it:

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To One Across The Way
Ambrose Bierce
When at your window radiant you've stood I've sometimes thought-forgive me if I've erred That some slight thought of me perhaps has stirred Your he...Rate it:

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The Widow's Party
Rudyard Kipling
"Where have you been this while away, Johnnie, Johnnie?" 'Long with the rest on a picnic lay, Johnnie, my Johnnie, aha! They called us out ...Rate it:

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The Anti Christ Political Party.
Liam Ó Comáin
The Irish Democratic Unionist Party Formed by Dr. Ian Paisley- a departed Person who apparently placed much Emphasis on the Christian Bible but Did...Rate it:

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