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La Conscience
Maurice Rollinat
La Conscience voit dans nous Comme le chat dans les ténèbres. Tous ! les obscurs et les célèbres, L’impie et le moine à genoux, Nous cachons en va...Rate it:

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Belated Conscience
Robert William Service
To buy for school a copy-book I asked my Dad for two-pence; He gave it with a gentle look, Although he had but few pence. 'Twas...Rate it:

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John Boyle O'Reilly
I CARE not for the outer voice That deals out praise or blame; I could not with the world rejoice Nor bear its doom of shame— But when the Voic...Rate it:

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Gavin Douglas
QUHEN halie Kirk first flurist in Ȝouthheid, Prelatis wer chosin of all perfectioun; For Conscience than the brydill had to leid, And Conscience ma...Rate it:

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Henry David Thoreau
Conscience is instinct bred in the house, Feeling and Thinking propagate the sin By an unnatural breeding in and in. I say, Turn it out doors, ...Rate it:

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Conscience And Remorse
Paul Laurence Dunbar
'GOOD-BYE,' I said to my conscience — 'Good-bye for aye and aye,' And I put her hands off harshly, And turned my face away; And conscience smitten ...Rate it:

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Margaret Steele Anderson
Wisdom am I when thou art but a fool; My part the man, when thou hast played the clod; Hast lost thy garden? When the eve is cool, Harken!, 'tis I ...Rate it:

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Dialogue Between Hamlet And His Conscience
Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva
- She's- She's in the riverbed, in algae And weeds...She went to them To sleep, - but there's no sleep there, either! - But she's the one I loved L...Rate it:

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Fragment, Or The Triumph Of Conscience
Percy Bysshe Shelley
'Twas dead of the night when I sate in my dwelling, One glimmering lamp was expiring and low,-- Around the dark tide of the tempest was swelling, A...Rate it:

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On the New Forcers of Conscience under the Long Parliament
John Milton
Because you have thrown off your Prelate Lord, And with stiff vows renounced his Liturgy, To seize the widowed whore Plurality, From them whose ...Rate it:

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Sonnet 151: Love is too young to know what conscience is
William Shakespeare
Love is too young to know what conscience is; Yet who knows not conscience is born of love? Then, gentle cheater, urge not my amiss, Lest guilty of...Rate it:

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The Case Of Conscience
La Fontaine
THOSE who in fables deal, bestow at ease Both names and titles, freely as they please. It costs them scarcely any thing, we find. And each is nymph...Rate it:

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The Physical Conscience
Ada Cambridge
The moral conscience — court of last appeal — Our word of God — our Heaven- sent light and guide — From what high aims it lures our steps aside! To...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
Can I not sin, but thou wilt be My private protonotary? Can I not woo thee, to pass by A short and sweet iniquity? I'll cast a mist and cloud upon ...Rate it:

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What Conscience Is To Shame
Kurt Philip Behm
Joplin was to Southern Comfort, what Hendrix was to smack Morrison was to masquerade, what Dylan never lacks Woodstock was to 69,’ what music was ...Rate it:

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