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The Knight's Leap: A Legend of Altenar
Charles Kingsley
him me round to the door: He must take such a leap to-night perforce, As horse never took before. Rate it:

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Hart-Leap Well
William Wordsworth
Such sight was never seen by human eyes: Three leaps have borne him from this lofty brow, Down tRate it:

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Let Us Make A Leap, My Dear
Thomas Hood
Let us make a leap, my dear, In our love, of many a year, And date it very far away, On a bright clear summer day, When the heart was like a su...Rate it:

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The Leap Of Roushan Beg. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fifth)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
ivory shine, Polished bright; O, life of mine, Leap, and rescue Kurroglou!' Kyrat, then, the stroRate it:

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When Runnels Began To Leap And Sing
Alfred Austin
When runnels began to leap and sing, And daffodil sheaths to blow, Then out of the thicket came blue-eyed Spring, And laughed at the melting snow. ...Rate it:

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The Coleraine Salmon Leap
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Melt into a sunny flow: Mid the bright waves leaping forth Comes the salmon from the north. Rate it:

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The Last Leap
Adam Lindsay Gordon
ALL is over! fleet career, Dash of greyhound slipping thongs, Flight of falcon, bound of deer, Mad hoof-thunder in our rear, Cold air rus...Rate it:

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The Leap Of The Dog
Liam Ó Comáin
Roe’ - its name based upon An Irish wolfhound leaping Across the latter’s flow. Not far from wherRate it:

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Edward Thomas
Four miles at a leap, over the dark hollow land, To the frosted steep of the down and its junipers black, Travels my eye with equal ease and deligh...Rate it:

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L’Apprenti Sorcier
Clive Staples Lewis
with a deeper roar Than all the tides that leap and run With us below the real sun: Because the plaRate it:

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Home Burial
Robert Frost
from that very window there, Making the gravel leap and leap in air, Leap up, like that, like that,Rate it:

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Sappho - A Monodrama
Robert Southey
Argument. To leap from the promontory of LEUCADIA was believed by the Greeks to be a remedy for hopeless love, if the self-devoted victim escaped ...Rate it:

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The Three Singers To Young Blood
George Meredith
as feathers; would you feed, Take the leap that springs the need. II Contemplate the rutted road:Rate it:

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To Flush, My Dog
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
bland Kindling, growing larger, Up thou leapest with a spring, Full of prank and curveting, Rate it:

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The Bridge: Atlantis
Harold Hart Crane
strings! O Thou steeled Cognizance whose leap commits The agile precincts of the lark’s return; Rate it:

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A Company of Fiends
Joseph Mark Ippolito
Auld Nick fell frae glory grace Tae’ leap this orb o’ step times three Consume the timb’r o’ the tRate it:

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Athabaska Dick
Robert William Service
half-breed Cree, from the boat to the bar they leap; And then when the long flotilla goes, and the Rate it:

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Barb-Wire Bill
Robert William Service
in their wake. The river swept and seethed and leapt, and caught us in its stride; And on we hurledRate it:

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By Loe Pool
Arthur Symons
The pool glitters, the fishes leap in the sun With joyous fins, and dive in the pool again; I see the corn in sheaves, and the harvestmen, And t...Rate it:

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Danube And The Euxine
William Edmondstoune Aytoun
thou Red and raging to my caves? Wherefore leap thy swollen waters Madly through the broken waves? Rate it:

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Daughters Of War
Isaac Rosenberg
be broken-broken for evermore, So the soul can leap out Into their huge embraces, Though there are Rate it:

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Halfdan Kjerulf
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
the sunshine is playing,- Poetry also shall leap with new life, If it, though failing, is faithful Rate it:

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James Whitcomb Riley
fly, And that blear-eyed, fur-whiskered elf Leap, as though frightened at himself, And quiveringly Rate it:

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Just Unite
Nikhil Parekh
irritate; just idolize, Don't latch; just leap, Don't hijack; just heal, Don't jabber; just joy,Rate it:

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Lily's Menagerie
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
the ring, Over the palings to spring! Vainly I leap and climb; I feel a leaden spell. That pinionRate it:

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