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Ambrose Bierce
Jack Doe met Dick Roe, whose wife he loved, And said: 'I will get the best of him.' So pulling a knife from his boot, he shoved It up to the hilt i...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
October, 1918 Across a world where all men grieve And grieving strive the more, The great days range like tides and leave Our dead on every shore....Rate it:

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Georg Trakl
Huts of childhood are in autumn, Decayed hamlet; dark shapes, Singing mothers in the evening wind; At windows Angelus and hands fold. Still bir...Rate it:

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God's Justice
Ehsan Sehgal
I always buried my love In the heartbeats of my heart Since the world's insincerity That crucified my love With the rope of selfishness, Lies, dece...Rate it:

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Justice That Doesn't Exist
Ehsan Sehgal
The truth becomes a challenge When I realize, and bear The liars, cheaters And opportunists I travel; I live And breathe, Facing such ones I avoid;...Rate it:

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Divine Justice Amiable
William Cowper
Thou hast no lightnings, O thou Just! Or I their force should know; And, if thou strike me into dust, My soul approves the blow. The heart, that v...Rate it:

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A Friendly Apology For A Certain Justice Of Peace By Way Of Defence Of Hartley Hutcheson, Esq. By James Black-Well, Operator For The Feet
Jonathan Swift
But he by bawling news about, And aptly using brush and clout, A justice of the peace became, To punish rogues who do the same. I sing the man ...Rate it:

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Before A Court Of Justice
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
THE father's name ye ne'er shall be told Of my darling unborn life; "Shame, shame," ye cry, "on the strumpet bold!" Yet I'm an honest wife. To w...Rate it:

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Bush Justice
Charles Harpur
A Dealer, bewitched by gain-promising dreams Settled down near my Station, to trade with my Teams, And to sell to, my men too! from whom, through t...Rate it:

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En justice de paix
Maurice Rollinat
Le vieux, contre la fenêtre, Fauve, en train de ruminer, Soudain s’entend condamner Au profit de ses trois maîtres. Il semble alors que son œil le...Rate it:

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Hymne A La Justice
Andre Marie de Chenier
A LA FRANCE France! ô belle contrée, ô terre généreuse, Que les dieux complaisants formaient pour être heureuse, Tu ne sens point du nord les glaç...Rate it:

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Justice Arnett
Edgar Lee Masters
It is true, fellow citizens, That my old docket lying there for years On a shelf above my head and over The seat of justice, I say it is true That ...Rate it:

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Justice Denied In Massachusetts
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Let us abandon then our gardens and go home And sit in the sitting-room Shall the larkspur blossom or the corn grow under this cloud? Sour to the f...Rate it:

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Justice For All
Mario William Vitale
crack pipe out on the street old man peeing off to side condoms in war zones we call schools the righteous get torn by the wicked a woman in need s...Rate it:

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Love, Justice, Respect
Ehsan Sehgal
My life purpose is Love My conception is Justice My vision is Respect And Truth Such feelings inspire And reveal I am a real human Otherwise, I can...Rate it:

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Of Justice
John Denham
'Tis the first sanction Nature gave to man, Each other to assist in what they can; Just or unjust, this law for ever stands; All things are good by...Rate it:

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On A Group Of Justice And Charity
Bessie Rayner Parkes
WHAT do the scales of Justice hold, Poised even in that steady hand?-- What is that measure closely scanned? Is one side weighted down with gold...Rate it:

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The Country Justice
La Fontaine
TWO lawyers to their cause so well adhered, A country justice quite confused appeared, By them the facts were rendered so obscure With which the tr...Rate it:

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The Hall Of Justice
George Crabbe
Part I VAGRANT. Take, take away thy barbarous hand, And let me to thy Master speak; Remit awhile the harsh command, And hear me, or my heart will...Rate it:

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The Justice's Tale
Rudyard Kipling
Chauser With them there rode a lustie Engineere Wel skilled to handel everich waie her geere, Hee was soe wise ne man colde showe him naught And o...Rate it:

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The World’s Justice
Emma Lazarus
If the sudden tidings came That on some far, foreign coast, Buried ages long from fame, Had been found a remnant lost Of that hoary race who dwelt ...Rate it:

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