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Jacob Goodpasture
Edgar Lee Masters
When Fort Sumter fell and the war came I cried out in bitterness of soul: "O glorious republic now no more!" When they buried my soldier son To the...Rate it:

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Jacob Homnium’s Hoss
William Makepeace Thackeray
One sees in Viteall Yard, Vere pleacemen do resort, A wenerable hinstitute, 'Tis call'd the Pallis Court. A gent as got his i on it, I think 'twill...Rate it:

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Jacob Charles Twiney
Sonia Walker
Jacob Charles Twiney, a carpenter by trade, journeyed to Alaska to seek him a fair maid, he met Twila Lindsey at Scotty's Cafe, she was the waitres...Rate it:

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Jacob's Ladder
John Newton
If the Lord our leader be, We may follow without fear; East or West, by land or sea, Home, with him, is everywhere; When from Esau Jacob fled, Thou...Rate it:

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John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Anonymous Americas
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, His name is my name too. Whenever we go out, The people always shout, There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt....Rate it:

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My Name Is Jacob
John Newton
Nay, I cannot let Thee go, Till a blessing thou bestow; Do not turn away thy face, Mine's an urgent pressing case. Dost thou ask me, who I am? Ah...Rate it:

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Fragment of a Character of Jacob Tonson, His Publisher
John Dryden
With leering looks, bull-faced, and freckled fair, With two left legs, and Judas-coloured hair, And frowzy pores that taint the ambient air. Rate it:

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Jacob Godbey
Edgar Lee Masters
How did you feel, you libertarians, Who spent your talents rallying noble reasons Around the saloon, as if Liberty Was not to be found anywhere exc...Rate it:

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Wrestling Jacob
Charles Wesley
FIRST PART. Come, O thou Traveller unknown, Whom still I hold, but cannot see; My company before is gone, And I am left alone with thee; With thee...Rate it:

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Saltbush Bill on the Patriarchs
Andrew Barton Paterson
Come all you little rouseabouts and climb upon my knee; To-day, you see, is Christmas Day, and so it’s up to me To give you some instruction like...Rate it:

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The Deserted Cottage
Mary Darby Robinson
Who dwelt in yonder lonely Cot, Why is it thus forsaken? It seems, by all the world forgot, Above its path the high grass grows, And through its th...Rate it:

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Joseph’s Dreams and Reuben's Brethren [A Recital in Six Chapters]
Henry Lawson
CHAPTER I I cannot blame old Israel yet, For I am not a sage— I shall not know until I get The son of my old age. The mysteries of this Vale of Te...Rate it:

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The King of the Vasse
John Boyle O'Reilly
A LEGEND OF THE BUSH. MY tale which I have brought is of a time Ere that fair Southern land was stained with crime, Brought thitherward in reeki...Rate it:

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Anna Akhmatova
When Jacob and Rachel met for the first time, He bowed to her like a humble wayfarer. The herds were raising hot dust to the skies, The little wel...Rate it:

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The Deliverance
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Master only left old Mistus One bright and handsome boy; But she fairly doted on him, He was her pride and joy. We all liked Mister Thomas, He was...Rate it:

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Like This
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
If anyone asks you how the perfect satisfaction of all our sexual wanting will look, lift your face and say, Like this. When someone mentions the...Rate it:

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A little East of Jordan
Emily Dickinson
A little East of Jordan, Evangelists record, A Gymnast and an Angel Did wrestle long and hard— Till morning touching mountain— And Jacob, waxing s...Rate it:

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Aunt Chloe
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
. I remember, well remember, . That dark and dreadful day, . When they whispered to me, "Chloe, . Your children's sold away!" 1. It ...Rate it:

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Church Building
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Uncle Jacob often told us, Since freedom blessed our race We ought all to come together And build a meeting place. So we pinched, and scraped, and...Rate it:

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Codex Honoris
Ambrose Bierce
Jacob Jacobs, of Oakland, he swore: 'Dat Solomon Martin-I'll haf his gore!' Solomon Martin, of Oakland, he said: 'Of Shacob Shacobs der bleed I vil...Rate it:

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Goliath Of Gath
Phillis Wheatley
SAMUEL, Chap. xvii. YE martial pow'rs, and all ye tuneful nine, Inspire my song, and aid my high design. The dreadful scenes and toils of war I wr...Rate it:

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Psalm 46 part 2
Isaac Watts
God fights for his church. Let Zion in her King rejoice; Though tyrants rage, and kingdoms rise, He utters his almighty voice, The nations melt, t...Rate it:

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Psalm 76
Isaac Watts
Israel saved, and the Assyrians destroyed. In Judah God of old was known; His name in Isr'el great; In Salem stood his holy throne, And Zion was h...Rate it:

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Psalm XLVI: God Is the Refuge
Isaac Watts
God is the refuge of his saints, When storms of sharp distress invade; Ere we can offer our complaints, Behold him present with his aid! Let mount...Rate it:

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Sweethearts of the Year
Vachel Lindsay
Sweetheart Spring Our Sweetheart, Spring, came softly, Her gliding hands were fire, Her lilac breath upon our cheeks Consumed us with desire. ...Rate it:

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