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Islet The Dachs
George Meredith
Our Islet out of Helgoland, dismissed From his quaint tenement, quits hates and loves. There lived with us a wagging humourist In that hound's arch...Rate it:

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The Islet And The Palm
Archibald Lampman
O gentle sister spirit, when you smile My soul is like a lonely coral isle, An islet shadowed by a single palm, Ringed round with reef and foam, bu...Rate it:

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Geist's Grave
Matthew Arnold
Four years!--and didst thou stay above The ground, which hides thee now, but four? And all that life, and all that love, Were crowded, Geist! into ...Rate it:

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Fragments Of An Unfinished Drama
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Scene.--Before the Cavern of the Indian Enchantress. The Enchantress comes forth. Enchantress. He came like a dream in the dawn of life, He fled ...Rate it:

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Con large comme un estuaire
Guillaume Apollinaire
Con large comme un estuaire Où meurt mon amoureux reflux Tu as la saveur poissonnière l'odeur de la bite et du cul La fraîche odeur trouduculière F...Rate it:

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La cueillette
Guillaume Apollinaire
Nous vînmes au jardin fleuri pour la cueillette. Belle, sais-tu combien de fleurs, de roses-thé, Roses pâles d'amour qui couronnent ta tête...Rate it:

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La Jolie Rousse
Guillaume Apollinaire
Me voici devant tous un homme plein de sens Connaissant la vie et de la mort ce qu'un vivant peut connaître Ayant éprouvé les douleurs et les jo...Rate it:

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Le temps perdu
Rene Francois Armand Prudhomme
Si peu d'oeuvres pour tant de fatigue et d'ennui ! De stériles soucis notre journée est pleine : Leur meute sans pitié nous chasse à perdre haleine...Rate it:

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A Sweet Landscape
James Montgomery
Sweet was the scene! apart the cedars stood. A sunny islet open'd in the wood; With vernal tints the wild-brier as thicket glows, For here the des...Rate it:

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Jean Cocteau
Grave mouths of lions Sinuous smiling of young crocodiles Along the river's water conveying millions Isles of spice How lovely he is, the son Of th...Rate it:

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A Maori Girl's Song
Alfred Domett
"Alas, and well-a-day! they are talking of me still: By the tingling of my nostril, I fear they are talking ill; Poor hapless I -- poor little I ...Rate it:

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Address To The Sunset
Robert Nichols
Exquisite stillness! What serenities Of earth and air! How bright atop the wall The stonecrop’s fire and beyond the precipice How huge, how hushe...Rate it:

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Ballade Made In The Hot Weather
William Ernest Henley
Fountains that frisk and sprinkle The moss they overspill; Pools that the breezes crinkle; The wheel beside the mill, With its wet, weedy frill; Wi...Rate it:

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Burial Of A Fairy Queen
Mary Eliza Perine Tucker Lambert
On a verdant summer islet I beheld a wondrous scene, In a trance of dreamy waking- Burial of a Fairy Queen! First I heard some small pipes playing,...Rate it:

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Down Stream
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Comrades, up! Let us row down stream in this first rare dawnlight, While far in the clear north-west the late moon whitens and wanes; Before us the...Rate it:

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Lines Written In The Album At Elbingerode, In The Hartz Forest
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
I stood on Brocken's sovran height, and saw Woods crowding upon woods, hills over hills A surging scene, and only limited By the blue distance. Hea...Rate it:

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Morris Island
William Gilmore Simms
Oh! from the deeds well done, the blood well shed In a good cause springs up to crown the land With ever-during verdure, memory fed, Wherever freed...Rate it:

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William Gilmore Simms
I Do ye quail but to hear, Carolinians, The first foot-tramp of Tyranny's minions? Have ye buckled on armor, and brandished the spear, But to shrin...Rate it:

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Sea Sunset
Lucy Maud Montgomery
A gallant city has been builded far In the pied heaven, Bannered with crimson, sentinelled by star Of crystal even; Around a harbor of the twiligh...Rate it:

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Thomas Love Peacock
Hark! o'er the silent waters stealing, The dash of oars sounds soft and clear: Through night's deep veil, all forms concealing, Nearer it comes,...Rate it:

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The City of Dreadful Night
James Thomson
Per me si va nella citta dolente. --Dante Poi di tanto adoprar, di tanti moti D'ogni celeste, ogni terrena cosa, Girando senza posa, Per tornar s...Rate it:

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The Destroyers
Rudyard Kipling
The strength of twice three thousand horse That seeks the single goal; The line that holds the rending course, The hate that swings the whole; The ...Rate it:

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The Domain
John Le Gay Brereton
The bulging cloud mounts lazily In shade where sunlight glances through, And sweeping lightly from the tree Melts indolently in the blue. The scan...Rate it:

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The Exile's Choice
Victor Marie Hugo
Since justice slumbers in the abysm, Since the crime's crowned with despotism, Since all most upright souls are smitten, Since proudest souls are b...Rate it:

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The Four Queens (Maoriland)
Arthur Henry Adams
Wellington. HERE, where the surges of a world of sea Break on our bastioned walls with league-long sweep, Four fair young queens their lonel...Rate it:

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