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The Island Of Endless Play
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Willie to Tom 'Let us hie away To the wonderful Island of Endless Play. It lies off the border of Rate it:

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A Meditation On Rhode-Island Coal
William Cullen Bryant
wandering all that fertile region o'er-- Rogue's Island once--but when the rogues were dead, Rhode Rate it:

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An Island
Edwin Arlington Robinson
this For one the stars have disinherited? An island, I have said: A peak, where fiery dreams anRate it:

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The Enchanted Island. By Danby
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
AND there the island lay, the waves around Had never known a storm; for the north wind Was charm'd from coming, and the only airs That blew brought...Rate it:

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The Golden Island: Arran From Ayr
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
sea laughs with light all o'er,-- The lovely Island disappears. O vanished Island of the blest! Rate it:

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The Island Of The Scots
William Edmondstoune Aytoun
I. The Rhine is running deep and red, The island lies before- 'Now is there one of all the host Will dare to venture o'er? For not alone the river...Rate it:

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The Island
Edith Nesbit
a moonless night, And dashed it ashore on an island wondrous and warm Where all things fair anRate it:

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The Island & The Cloud
Kurt Philip Behm
Between freedom and Instagram there is an island, where men go to be alone An island of words in arresting colors, with meaning indicted—b...Rate it:

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No Man Is An Island
John Donne
No man is an island, Entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent, A part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the les...Rate it:

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Sakira Has Bought an Island
Sayeed Abubakar
man- not I can understand. Sakira has bought an island; has it made her happier? Isn't she more valRate it:

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"No Man Is An Island"
Kurt Philip Behm
comes to call Though Donne said, “No Man Is An Island” —you’re marooned there adrift toward the faRate it:

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A Song of Pitcairn's Island
William Cullen Bryant
of yore: I'll sing, in his delighted ear, The island lays thou lov'st to hear. And thou, while staRate it:

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An Island Of Loose Sand
Nikhil Parekh
I buried myself deep into an island of loose sand; sprawled in abundance on the solitary street, Warm moisture clinging to mud; like the vise like...Rate it:

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Description of a Tropical Island
Charles Harpur
thought Of her sin-ruined Paradise. A summer island! There the trees, Of glorious forms, unseenRate it:

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There is an island, not without a camera on, blare out assuredly with no doubt, May give them support! And so shall dole out the services of its na...Rate it:

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R. S. S., At Deer Island On The Merrimac
John Greenleaf Whittier
in all men had, Whose pleasant memory, to that Island clings, Where a dear mourner in the home he lRate it:

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The Devil Of Pope-Fig Island
La Fontaine
shall be as easy as a glove. ON t'other hand an island may be seen, Where all are hated, cursed, aRate it:

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The Island Hawk
Alfred Noyes
my wings and sail? For I am the hawk, the island hawk, Who knoweth my pitiless breast? Who watchethRate it:

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Robert Herrick
young eternity, Uniting In that whiter Island, where Things are evermore sincere: Candour here, anRate it:

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We Explore Our Island
Stone Fox
Without the Night, Many days had been hellishly humid and hot. Everyone loudly soluted what was to be the rising moon-now secretly vanished from ...Rate it:

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At Bay Ridge, Long Island
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Pleasant it is to lie amid the grass Under these shady locusts, half the day, Watching the ships reflected on the Bay, Topmast and shroud, as in...Rate it:

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Blue Island Intersection
Carl Sandburg
Six streets come together here. They feed people and wagons into the center. In and out all day horses with thoughts of nose-bags, Men with shov...Rate it:

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Caliban upon Setebos or, Natural Theology in the Island
Robert Browning
"Thou thoughtest that I was altogether such a one as thyself." (David, Psalms 50.21) ['Will sprawl, now that the heat of day is best, ...Rate it:

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For The Spot Where The Hermitage Stood on St. Herbert's Island, Derwentwater.
William Wordsworth
If thou in the dear love of some one Friend Hast been so happy that thou know'st what thoughts Will sometimes in the happiness of love Make the ...Rate it:

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Great housekeeping Steenen Island
Spring season cleansing is not merely trite to clear away dust as well as dirt. But our company need to have to conduct an review of winter...Rate it:

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