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Iseult Of Brittany
Dorothy Parker
So delicate my hands, and long, They might have been my pride. And there were those to make them song Who for their touch had died. Too frail ...Rate it:

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Tristram And Iseult
Matthew Arnold
loveliness— The sweetest Christian soul alive, Iseult of Brittany. Iseult of Brittany?—but where IsRate it:

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Yvonne of Brittany
Ernest Christopher Dowson
In your mother's apple-orchard, Just a year ago, last spring: Do you remember, Yvonne! The dear trees lavishing Rain of their starry blossoms To ma...Rate it:

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Ogrin The Hermit
Edith Wharton
Ogrin the Hermit in old age set forth This tale to them that sought him in the extreme Ancient grey wood where he and silence housed: Long year...Rate it:

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Sir Galahad, a Christmas Mystery
William Morris
It is the longest night in all the year, Near on the day when the Lord Christ was born; Six hours ago I came and sat down here, And ponder'd sadly,...Rate it:

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Edwin Arlington Robinson
“Gawaine, Gawaine, what look ye for to see, So far beyond the faint edge of the world? D’ye look to see the lady Vivian, Pursued by divers omino...Rate it:

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How We Beat The Favourite
Adam Lindsay Gordon
A Lay of the Loamshire Hunt Cup 'Aye, squire,' said Stevens, 'they back him at evens ; The race is all over, bar shouting, they say ; The Clown o...Rate it:

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Tant ai mo cor
Bernard de Ventadorn
Tant ai mo cor ple de joya, tot me desnatura. Flor blancha, vermeilh'e groya me par la frejura, c'ab lo ven et ab la ploya me creis l'aventura, per...Rate it:

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Clive Staples Lewis
Roland is dead, Cuchulain's crest is low, The battered war-rear wastes and turns to rust, And Helen's eyes and Iseult's lips are dust And dust the ...Rate it:

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Unser Gott
Karle Wilson Baker
They held a great prayer-service in Berlin, And augured German triumph from some words Said to be spoken by the Jewish God To Gideon, which signifi...Rate it:

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Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, Canto X, 91-99
Alan Seeger
Ruggiero, to amaze the British host, And wake more wonder in their wondering ranks, The bridle of his winged courser loosed, And clapped his spu...Rate it:

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La Fiancée Du Timbalier (The Cymbaleer's Bride)
Victor Marie Hugo
' Monseigneur le duc de Bretagne A, pour les combats meurtriers, Convoqué de Nante à Mortagne, Dans la plaine et sur la montagne, L'arrière-ban...Rate it:

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Orlando Furioso Canto 9
Ludovico Ariosto
ARGUMENT So far Orlando wends, he comes to where He of old Proteus' hears the cruel use But feels such pity for Olympia fair, Wronged by Cymosco, w...Rate it:

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Michael Drayton
NEAR to the silver Trent SIRENA dwelleth; She to whom Nature lent All that excelleth; By which the Muses late And the neat Graces Ha...Rate it:

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The Birds
Gace Brulé
The birds, the birds of mine own land I heard in Brittany; And as they sung, they seemed to me The very same I heard with thee. And if it were...Rate it:

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The Midnight Mass
Ada Cambridge
An incident of the French Revolution. The light lay trembling in a silver bar Along the western borders of the sky; From out the shadowy dome a lit...Rate it:

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