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Every night I hurry home to see
Lesbia Harford
Every night I hurry home to see If a letter's there from you to me. Every night I bow my head and say, 'There's no word at all from him today.' ...Rate it:

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I Was Ardently Dying To Die
Nikhil Parekh
Neither was I in a hurry to reach even the most swankiest corporate office; even as countless were ready to work under the faintest swish of my thu...Rate it:

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Gene McSweeney
HOMELIGHT By Gene McSweeney Hurry now! The sun is hiding behind dark, distant hills, And creeping shadows stretch and grow Into mysterious caves, ...Rate it:

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Mr. Moon: A Song of the Little People
Bliss William Carman
Mr. Moon, When you comin' down? O Mr. Moon, Hurry up your stumps! Don't you hear Bullfrog Callin' Rate it:

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A Song Of Exmoor
Sir Henry Newbolt
thanks not God That ever his body was born! So hurry along, the stag's afoot, The Master's up and aRate it:

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The House Of Dust: Part 04: 02: Death: And A Derisive Chorus
Conrad Potter Aiken
tear her secret out . . . We laugh, we hurry, We go our way, revolving, sinister, slow. She blinks Rate it:

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Friend of Yakshsa
a donkey fly! Seize him! Get him! This way! Hurry! You there. Ogre. -I. By the order of loRate it:

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The King Of Denmark’s Ride
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
WORD was brought to the Danish king (Hurry!) That the love of his heart lay suffering, And pin’d for the comfort his voice would bring; ...Rate it:

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The River
Frederick George Scott
WHY hurry, little river, Why hurry to the sea? There is nothing there to do But to sink into the blue And all forgotten be. There is nothing on tha...Rate it:

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The River And The Road
Roderic Quinn
cease to worry And say, 'I love but you' — 'O hurry, hurry, hurry!' And 'Adieu, Adieu, Adieu!' ThisRate it:

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A Grey Mood
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
As we hurry away to the end, my friend, Of this sad little farce called existence, We are sure that the future will bring one thing, And that ...Rate it:

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Against the Wind
Jim Richardson
this wind blow At my back and push me ever on Hurry Lord hurry my spirit is Almost gone Rate it:

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Amours de Voyage, Canto IV
Arthur Hugh Clough
her; For the sense of the thing is simply to hurry to Florence, Where the certainty yet may be leRate it:

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Bride Song
Christina Georgina Rossetti
And concourse of the street. There was no hurry in her hands, No hurry in her feet; ThereRate it:

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Camped By The Creek
Henry Kendall
chestnut, but don't take a week; And, Jack, hurry off with the billy And fill it. We'll camp by tRate it:

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Not Heat Flames Up And Consumes
Walt Whitman
heat flames up and consumes, Not sea-waves hurry in and out, Not the air, delicious and dry, Rate it:

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On the Road to Jericho
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Is he left to die? On the road to Jericho Hurry, hurry, priest! 'Twere a sin wert thou away From Rate it:

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past tense..tension and worry..hatred and fury..hurry please hurry..there is no time..the day ..theRate it:

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Scenes In London I - Piccadilly
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
street, Its tumult and its throng, The hurrying of the thousand feet That bear life's caresRate it:

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The Fatal Sisters
Thomas Gray
falchion wield; Each bestride her sable steed. Hurry, hurry to the field! Rate it:

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The Flood of Years
William Cullen Bryant
who strive, and they who feast, and they Who hurry to and fro. The sturdy swain— Woodman and delverRate it:

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The House Of Dust: Part 03: 12: Witches' Sabbath
Conrad Potter Aiken
dreams, like something remembered . . Let us hurry! beloved; take my hand, Forget these things thatRate it:

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The Land Of The Gone-Away Souls
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
faster and faster, year on year, My comrades hurry from sight. They hurry away to the Over-There, Rate it:

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The Light o' the Moon
Vachel Lindsay
man has sought For half a hundred years: Men hurry so they have no griefs, Nor even idle tears: Rate it:

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The Locomotive
Julian Tuwim
mountains and tunnels and meadows and woods, Now hurry, now hurry, deliver your goods. Keep up yourRate it:

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