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An Ode To Mr. Howard
Matthew Prior
Dear Howard, from the soft assaults of love Poets and painters never are secure; Can I untouch'd the fair one's passions move, Or thou draw beauty,...Rate it:

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On Mr. Howard's Account Of Lazarettos
William Lisle Bowles
Mercy marks the vast design, And proudly cries--HOWARD, the task be thine! Already 'mid the darksomRate it:

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Howard At Atlanta
John Greenleaf Whittier
their Northern teacher, Stood the soldier, Howard. He listened and heard the children Of the poor aRate it:

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The Grave Of Howard
William Lisle Bowles
Virtue, or the good man's honoured name. HOWARD! it matters not, that far away From Albion's peacefRate it:

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Fairies On The Sea Shore. By Howard
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
FIRST FAIRY. MY home and haunt are in every leaf, Whose life is a summer day, bright and brief,-- I live in the depths of the tulip's bower, I wea...Rate it:

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Henry Howard Brownell
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
They never crowned him, never dreamed his worth, And let him go unlaurelled to the grave: Hereafter there are guerdons for the brave, Roses for ...Rate it:

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Jefferson Howard
Edgar Lee Masters
My valiant fight! For I call it valiant, With my father's beliefs from old Virginia: Hating slavery, but no less war. I, full of spirit, audacity, ...Rate it:

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To Mr. Edward Howard on His New Utopia
Charles Sackville
Thou damn'd antipodes to common sense! Thou foil to Flecknoe! Prithee tell from whence Does all this mighty stock of dullness spring, Which in s...Rate it:

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To Mr. Edward Howard, on his Incomparable, Incomprehensible Poem Called The British Princes
Charles Sackville
Come on, ye critics! Find one fault who dare, For, read it backward like a witch's prayer, 'Twill do as well; throw not away your jests On solid...Rate it:

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The Revenge - A Ballad of the Fleet
Alfred Lord Tennyson
sighted fifty-three!” Then sware Lord Thomas Howard: “’Fore God I am no coward; But I cannot meRate it:

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Signior Dildo
Lord John Wilmot
then be contented with Signior Dildo. Red Howard, red Sheldon, and Temple so tall Complain of his Rate it:

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The Southern Scourge
Julia A Moore
duty, With hearts filled with despair. The Howard Association Have been doing all they can, To keeRate it:

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A Tumbler Of Claret
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
there was Tom Smithers-you killed him! Will Howard you made a poor knave. Both my friends! and I miRate it:

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Admirals All
Sir Henry Newbolt
in Cadiz Bay With the galleons fair in sight; Howard at last must give him his way, And the word waRate it:

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Baseball and Writing
Marianne Moore
catcher's, as, with cruel puma paw, Elston Howard lumbers lightly back to plate.(His spring de-wiRate it:

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Father's Letter
Eugene Field
mill; Old Deacon Skinner's dog licked Deacon Howard's dog last week, And now there are two lambkinsRate it:

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Give Your Heart To The Hawks
Robinson Jeffers
taking Mary Abbey; The Dolmans came, and Will Howard with two girls, And Leo Ramirez with his siRate it:

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Jesse James
Anonymous Americas
that dirty little coward that shot Mister Howard, Has laid Jesse James in his grave. It was RobertRate it:

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Judge Selah Lively
Edgar Lee Masters
became the County Judge? And Jefferson Howard and Kinsey Keene, And Harmon Whitney, and all the giaRate it:

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Peddling Round the World
Henry Lawson
she called Drake, and Raleigh too— Essex, Howard, and the rest Of the pirate crew; “See what you caRate it:

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what it is............................david howardRate it:

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Reflections On Having Left A Place Of Retirement
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
for use ? Sweet is the tear that from some Howard's eye Drops on the cheek of one he lifts from earRate it:

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The Challenge: A Court Ballad
Alexander Pope
with you lady Rich, And sometimes mistress Howard; For virgins, to keep chaste, must go Abroad withRate it:

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The Chapel Royal St. James’s, On The 10th February, 1840
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
VI. There, with her spotless name, The gentle HOWARD, good, and fair, and mild, And bright-eyedRate it:

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The Lay of the Last Minstrel: Canto IV.
Sir Walter Scott
The tidings of the English foe: 'Belted Will Howard is marching here, And hot Lord Dacre, with mRate it:

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